Sang e Marmar Episode 26 Review – Blatant Lies!

Ohkay so, this episode of Sang e Marmar was quite interesting because every other situation & scenario was revolving around Shireen. Shireen has become such a focal point at this stage of the drama that every single person around her is thinking about her, but it is only Gulistan who wishes well for her, whereas the rest of them are just targeting her because of their own insecurities & personal vendettas. This episode had few developments to its credit but I am most certainly waiting for some fireworks which the precap of the next episode most certainly promised so I am already excited!

Gulistan had to face his worst fears because he got confronted by Aurang & he actually assumed that it was Shameem who told him everything but it was good that the entire misunderstanding got sorted out & Aurang himself told his mother that he overheard when Gulistan was confessing his sins. Gulistan tried to come clean but looks like he couldn’t convince Aurang. At first I thought that may be after being emotionally & mentally shattered, Aurang would leave everything but like I felt, now that Aurang has Gulistan’s weak point in his hand, he got the courage to openly tell Gulistan what his plan of action in the future is going to be. Just because Aurang confronted Gulistan, he has found this new confidence in himself where he can put forth his opinion in front of his father because he knows that firstly Gulistan is guilty & secondly, Aurang has lost a bit of respect he had for Gulistan in his heart which actually forced him to surrender in front of him every-time he suggested something before. Aurang not only told his father that he intended to make a hospital & a school in the village but also that he intended to get married to Palwasha. Even though Gulistan has given Aurang complete authority over what he wants to do & decide for the village & its matters but he most certainly wants his son to get married to Shireen!

Gulistan once again spoke to the wrong guy with the the wrong tone. Gulistan might have changed but the habitual chauvinism still remains that is why very conveniently in front of Torah, Gulistan blamed Palwasha for instigating the love angle with Aurang whereas he never once confronted Aurang & told him that he wouldn’t approve of the love marriage that Aurang was planning for. Gulistan knows that his children aren’t saints but he does everything to cover their deeds even if Gulistan doesn’t agree with any of them, that is why Gulistan told Torah to stop Palwasha in stead of speaking to Aurang about it. Torah immediately thought of a way to come back at Gulistan because he felt insulted & everyone knows what Palwasha means to Torah so it’s a done deal that he won’t sit still & allow his enemy to insult his sister & blame him for something even his son is guilty of. It was good to see Bulbul but the things he said didn’t suggest that he intends to go against Torah Khan, in fact he gave him an idea that he would tell his mother to spread the rumor. I don’t think at this stage, Bulbul being a naive soul even understands the trump card he has in his hand which is Torah’s secret but let’s see if he will turn the table or he will continue to act all naive right till the end because I feel if there’s any chance for Torah to get exposed, it completely depends on Bulbul!

It was actually quite distasteful seeing Pari spewing one lie after another just because she hated Shireen & the way she involved Holy Qur’an to convince Sherbano that everything that she was saying was the truth sealed the deal. Sherbano despite knowing that Pari was lying got the validation she wanted because even she is against Shireen herself & that is the moment when for the first time, Shireen gave up & ended up cursing Pari because she has had enough. Pari got a result of her lies & that entire scene was quite depressing but yes, I didn’t feel any sympathy for her because she invited this upon herself!

I really felt bad for Shireen when Aurang rejected her & chose not to understand her love. Even though Aurang on his own is justified & he resorted to honesty & truth when he was telling everything to Shireen about what he feels for her & what he has felt for Palwasha all his life but I still felt really bad for Shireen because she spent her entire life dreaming about her one-sided love only to find out that despite everything being in her favor, Aurang wasn’t ready for it. I know Aurang & Palwasha are justified in loving each other but I do feel bad for Shireen & for the first time after such an upfront rejection, I really think Shireen shouldn’t get married to Aurang because he & meesni Palwasha deserve each other!

Overall, this episode was interesting but was once again on a slower side. It was hard seeing every single person be it Pari, Gul Begum, Sherbano, Bulbul, Torah & to some extent Palwasha being against Shireen. I actually smirked when I heard Torah speak about Insaaf & Allah, like these words didn’t seem appropriate coming from a murderer’s mouth so let’s see, whose side luck’s going to be. The preview of the next episode surely got me excited, I think just like Pari got bitten by karma, Torah will meet the same fate but Sherbano is someone who Shireen will take down herself & I guess that would be enough of a humiliation for Sherbano. Everyone acted really really well in this episode & Kubra Khan surely made me feel so bad for Shireen but I really think she had a hard time acting in the scene where she had to deliver the dialogues while crying, nonetheless, she has flawlessly conveyed Shireen’s struggles & pain every step of the way, that is why till date, I don’t feel for any character as much as I feel for her. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Sang e Marmar.

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