Iman Ali’s Latest Photo Shoot

Iman Ali has been associated with the modeling industry in particular for a long time but she has also been part of Pakistani cinema in the recent past which has made her even more popular. She enjoys acting and modeling both but is selective about the projects she chooses to work in. Iman Ali gave a brief interview to Women’s Own magazine. She was also the cover girl for their May issue and did a photo shoot for them.

Iman Ali is also known for not caring much about what people think about her. She gives very few interviews but whenever she does she is dead honest. Lately she has been the talk of the town because of her film Mah-e-Mir in which she plays the leading role alongside Fahad Mustafa.

When asked who her favorite person was Iman Ali said,

“My super cute, overly bubbly mom and one of my closest friends Fizza Ali Meerza. I am also really obsessed with Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Treudeau.”

Iman Ali also told in detail about her present and all time favorite songs. She said,

“My favourite songs are connected to some of my favourite memories. Right now I am in love with the Qawalli from Mah-e-Mir called Jag Musaffir by Fareed Ayaz and Abu  Mohammed. Another song I love is “Hello” by Lionel Richie my father once played it on repeat on a road trip to Abbotabad when I was a child. I also love Sajjad Ali’s Tum Naraz Ho because his voice is like a dream and the words are beautiful.”

Iman Ali also said that she loves being home in Pjs more than anything else. She is also a fan of Game of Thrones.

Here are some pictures from her photo shoot:

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