Imran Abbas In USA For Charity Events

Imran Abbas is an old soul and loves to work for humanity. While talking to Samina Peerzada during his latest interview, he told the audiences that it is something that makes him feel peaceful. Imran finds happiness in making others happy and doing little gestures of kindness. As a star and celebrity, he has been taking his responsibility very seriously and is trying to play his part wherever he could.

Imran Abbas was in the USA for charity work. He has been touring different cities gathering funds which will later be used for orphans, widows and the underprivileged. He was travelling to Washington DC from Nw Jersey when he made a live video and educated people about this fund and how it will help many others. This is how Imran travelled and this is what he has to say about this tour:

Being a celebrity does come with a responsibility towards the society which makes you a star and gives you so much love. Imran has been taking this role very seriously and returning back the love he has gotten!

Pakeeza Dar