Imran Abbas Spends Time With Cancer Patients

The most important gesture a star could give is always respecting the love of his fans and creating awareness through his/her stardom. Imran Abbas is the heartthrob of this generation. He has garnered immense fame and a lot of love from his fans. People are always eagerly waiting for Imran’s projects t go on air and appreciate them to the nines. His role in Khuda Aur Mohabbat will always remain in the hearts of the audiences. He also mesmerized his fans with Mohabbat Tum Se Nafrat Hai and is wowing them right now with Koi Chand Rakh.

Imran took time out of his busy schedule and visited cancer patients at a hospital in Karachi. He not only met a lot of his fans at the hospital but also drew pictures there with some children. A boy made a sketch of Imran which he thoroughly appreciated. Imran was overwhelmed by the experience and wants to do it more often.











Imran later shared his feeling about the said visit on his Instagram. This is what he said:


This is indeed a great gesture by the star. With celebrities doing these meet and greets, more and more people want to do the same thus creating a very healthy society!

Pakeeza Dar