Imran Ashraf On His Criteria Of Choosing Roles

Something Haute recently caught up with Imran Ashraf and asked why he goes for the daring roles like Shammo and Bhola. He said, “For a guy like me, who has no connections in the industry, neither a chiseled jawline nor six packs and who is straightforward and at times blatantly honest, the decision to act itself is a risk. My career started with a risk and I believe it will continue to be at risk. So yes, I don’t think my acting choices are much of a problem,”

He revealed that he is often by the casting directors that if they cast him in the led role who would do the supporting ones. He said, “Luckily now I get offers for lead roles as well, but strangely enough recently I was offered a play in which I felt the supporting role has much more meat. So there is no criterion or perhaps there is one: Instagram followers.”

Now that everybody is wanting to do films, he was asked what was his take. He said, “Pakistan is recognized for its TV drama and it’s also my priority. I will do a film only if I will be offered something truly amazing. However, if I will be offered an exceptional role in a movie and a drama simultaneously, I will opt for a TV play. I don’t have any idea how to act in films, so first I should know the skill or at least learn the basics.”

Sohayl Ahmed