Indian Composer Admits that Pakistani Musicians are Better than Bollywood.

India might be considered ahead than us in a lot of things when the Entertainment Industry of both the countries are compared but according to Raghav Sacha Pakistani Music is much better than India’s. Sacha told a foreign news agency,

Pakistan comprises a mammoth independent music segment and its musicians are much more evolved as there is lesser ‘bastardisation’ of a musician in the neighbouring country as compared to Bollywood.

Raghav has spent 15 years of his life as a music composer, composing for Bollywood hits like Rustam, Kabul Express and One Two Three. In addition to these, he has also worked on several independent projects.

He also praised the segregation of different music genres in Pakistan.

They (Pakistan) have a very big independent segment. There is Sufi, rock and more. They attempt songs and give them a different light because there is lesser ‘bastardisation’ of a musician.

He also mentioned the problems with Bollywood music:

In Bollywood, what happens is that you are making a song for a film which is directed by a person. Even the director is probably not much involved in music making. It’s basically the producer who is putting in the money and then the label. So, by the time the music is made by the music director to the release time, there are multiple changes made to the song and it ends up losing soul because too many cooks spoil the broth.

He further said that if the Coke Studio of Pakistan and India are compared, the vast difference in the quality of the product is very visible. He believes that the reason for this is that independent music is given a lot of importance in Pakistan.

Arsala Khalid

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