Indian Journalist Tweeted About Ertugrul

Indian Journalist recently took twitter to write about the popularity of Dirilis: Ertugrul in Pakistan.

She wrote: ” Now that Pakistanis, after watching Ertugrul in Urdu, have finally found an identity that they can adopt to hide their Indian roots & history, Pakistan should now officially declare its merger with Turkey, kneel before the Caliph Erdogan & rename itself as Greater Turkistan.

Well such a non sense thing it is to say. As a Muslim we all are very well aware of our roots and we remember our glorious past. We remember how Muslim ruled the sub-continent. We also remember the scuffles of our leaders and their triumph in the from Pakistan an Independent Islamic State. We don’t have to conceal our roots we are proud of them. We are proud that we belong to Indian sub-continent, which was ruled and governed by our ancestors.

If our nation is falling for the noble Muslim history we all are OK with it. If our youth is encountering how coruscating Muslim leaders were, we are happy with it. At least they are not wasting their time watching the idiotic content proposed by your country that isn’t tolerable by any sensible person at all. We respect all the nationalities and praise good work done by anyone. You must go and do something more productive rather than pin pointing thing you don’t even have any idea of. Lastly, instead of keeping an eye on what is happening in Pakistan it would be better if you give some constructive ideas to your drama industry as well because the stuff they are producing is as doltish as your statement.

Hina Saleem

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