Ye Dil Mera Episode 30 Story Review – Filler Episode Filled With Loud Music

Ohkay so, I will give credit where it’s due before talking about all the things that didn’t work for me. This episode indeed had a fraction of important scenes to its credit, however yet again, the story did not move forward & they showed all the things that the viewers have memorized by now. Nothing, absolutely nothing takes away the fact that both Ahad Raza Mir & Sajal Aly have given brilliant performances but honestly speaking, now at this stage of the drama, especially after watching this episode, I felt even their stellar performances were unable to salvage this drama which has completely turned out to be a drag. Although as much as I liked the two scenes of Amaan & Ana, I feel the director relied a lot on them to do the heavy-lifting & wow the viewers – & they did what was expected from them but when the story fails to move forward & everything is just stuck in a rut, nothing works.

Filler Episode Filled With Noise Pollution

The setting in which Bua continued to tell Farhana Khala all the gruesome details about Nilofer’s death was so off-putting. Please tell me where this happens on a way to northern areas, while sitting at a ‘khokha’ as they call it in their native language, two people get to talk about such confidential matters so openly. Plus, this is Pakistan that we’re talking about, I couldn’t really wrap my head around the fact that two ladies were crying their hearts out & no one bothered asking them what happened. We all know how courteous & concerned people usually are, so no one dared ask them what was happening or what they were going through.

Natasha Hussain was the biggest mistake the casting directors made because if the writer had something this important that Farhana was finally going to be a part of at this stage of her life & the drama, she should’ve been someone with some acting skills up her sleeves. As much as Naima Khan played her part well while talking about her guilt & regrets, the robotic & constipated (yes I said it) expressions of Natasha Hussain took away the impact this entire scene & confession deserved to make.

Ye Dil Mera Episode 30 Story Review - Filler Episode Filled With Loud Music

Once again, it remains to be seen whether they are going to actually show how Nilofer was shot & who pulled the trigger in the remaining episodes or they just got done with her end just like that because I actually had to rewind thrice to actually understand that I wasn’t missing on how she died. It was absolutely random where the cars just left & cut to the next scene, they had her corpse with Ali Baksh handing sleeping Ana to Nargis Bua. If they really wanted to show the train scene, now was the time but I guess they are going to leave it till the last episode where it will be Ana who will remember everything. Anyhow, going by how everything was shown in this episode, it seemed totally random & haphazard.

This also happened to be one of the loudest episodes of Ye Dil Mera in terms of the background music because I can still feel my ears ringing. Be it the scene where Nilofer was running away with Ana, or the scene with Amaan & Meer Farooq exchanging yet another empty threats, or with Ali Baksh & his goons searching for Nilofer & then finding her or Nargis Bua & Farhana Khala finally making it to Amaan’s cottage, the music was the loudest which was actually deafening!

Meer Farooq’s change of location is another interesting point to be noted. Not sure why he isn’t in his home anymore from the last few episodes. Obviously they shot these scenes in the lobby of one of the hotels they were shooting in the northern areas, but at least they should’ve made it believable or similar to his house by showing him in one of the rooms. All these factors actually take away the charm & end up being too distracting.

Ana decided to show to the viewers of Pakistani drama industry that she had this level of acting in her, hats off to Sajal Aly for such phenomenal performance but that’s all there’s to it. Sadly, the crux of it was just that one fine day, at the comfort of her cottage & after having a proper hair care & blow dry session, she realized that all the dreams that she saw were not mere dreams. How did actually Ana put the pieces of the puzzle together that Ana & Amaan’s mothers used to be friends? How did she reach this conclusion? Yes, it is good that they are showing that gradually she is regaining those memories from the past but how so especially when she has not once left her room & stumbled upon evidence waiting for her on the sidewalks of Daryabgah? From the last few episodes, Ana gets a scene or two which happens to be the randomest of all & then the writer expects the viewers to take her character seriously?

Ye Dil Mera Episode 30 Story Review - Filler Episode Filled With Loud Music

I so wanted Amaan to give her alllllllll the answers that she was looking for, but he just sat there stunned as if all the things she was saying were so new that even Amaan didn’t know how to respond? Amaan brought Ana to Daryabagh to remind her of all those memories, so now when she is picking up the pieces, instead of serving her with numerous glasses of water & countless cheese omlettes, he should just tell her the truth. Keeping her in the lurch only after telling her that her father is a murderer isΒ  not making much sense anyways!

Some of the things were made clear that the letter that Nilofer wrote to her father was posted by Nargis Bua after her death & then he kept it a secret from the rest of his family members, this is why Farhana never really knew what went wrong & she didn’t have much reason to hold Meer Farooq accountable for Nilofer’s death for so many years. It was until she visited Pakistan for Ana’s wedding when she started to sense something plus Amaan continued to steer her thoughts & forced her to think about the mystery surrounding Nilofer’s death.


This episode was a filler & it is sad how long they have stretched this drama. Farhat Ishtiyaq is an experienced writer, therefore it is unfortunate to see that she couldn’t foresee what might go wrong if she didn’t contain the script within limited number of episodes. When it comes to dramas like Yakeen Ka Safar, they do have a margin to stretch & prolong but with thrillers like these, this sort of treatment is a no no but sadly, this is what Ye Dil Mera has come down to.

It seems next week we’ll have to tune in to see how far & fast can Ana run because once again, she will behave irrationally even after finding out the truth that eventually made it to her without even moving a muscle. Also, the exchange of expressions between Amaan, Farhana Khala & Nargis Bua in the last scene was so cold & unconvincing it was as if Amaan wasn’t even shocked to see them & Farhana Khala was giving him a side-eye saying jante ho mai kaun hoon? Looks like Meer Farooq is going to lose his sanity, hmmm let’s just hope the writer does not opt for the easy way out & actually shows him staying sane & paying the price for what he did, that too legally along with Sahib Ali Baksh. I absolutely understand this episode might’ve worked for a lot of viewers, but it just didn’t work for me. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ye Dil Mera.

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  • Brillaint Review Zahra but boring episode this drama is overrated I don’t know why this website mentions it in the best dramas of the year or of all time list your reviews are better than this drama. Adnan Siddiqui is also giving brilliant perfomance but you are not praising him why? By the way are you watching Jeeto Pakistan League? If yes than who do you think will win the final

    • Thank you so much Sami. Actually Ye Dil Mera was quite interesting in the beginning but sadly the way it was treated has taken away the charm. The writer tried to come up with a psychological thriller but at this stage, there’s nothing psychological or thrilling about it. I have praised Adnan Siddique in quite a lot of reviews & nope, I am not watching Jeeto Pakistan. :)

      • I know you have praised his perfomance in alot of episodes I’m saying why you didn’t praised him in this review I think his perfomance was great in this episode the way he potrayed the fear of losing his daughter was great and please please it is my request review Zebaish when this drama ends

  • Nazreen aap nay daikha k detective farhana khoobsorat areas ki sair kartay huye aakhir Ana tak puhunch hi gai …..
    Ab detective farhana ka next step kia hoga is k liye wait karain next episode ka

    • Aur how did you forget k bua ji ne gaari se bahir nikal k aapi farhana ko daryabagh dikhaya aur dubara se gaari me bitha diya πŸ˜‚

      • HAHAHAHHA i was waiting to read this πŸ˜… mtlb itne crucial time me b utr kr scene dekh rai hain. Wo to shukr hai wahan koi dhaba nai tha wrna donon ne chaye mngwa leni thi 🀭

  • Constipated expressions πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ itna lamba safar kar k ayi hain to yeh to hona hi tha…. zahra aap kahan say dhond kar laati hain yeh words main aap k reviews ko buhut enjoy karti hon

  • I will admit something today that i was never a fan of Farhat Ishtiaq. Idk why you or everybody else think she is a really good writer like Umera Ahmad, KRQ or Faiza iftikhar. For me she is an average writer who tries to write simple stories and be logical. Actors have to do the heavy lifting and along with director create magic. Diyar e dil was great because of actors and director. YKS was below average for first 15 episodes and then it elevated because of Sahad. Even this play was good in the start but it’s not a new story at all. We pretty much knew what happened. Only suspense was relation between Mir Farooq and Humera. I think 2 to 3 episodes are still left so they didn’t have any other choice. There has to be filler episodes.
    I agree with your review though. It was a filler episode. Other than Nilo climbing down or few scenes, there was nothing knew. Anna is the least important character in the drama

    • Ughhh… Finally someone said it. I am also not a Farhat Ishtiaq fan. She is just a good writer but she can definitely not create magic like the writers above mentioned

    • Exactly my thoughts! She is a good writer who writes some good dialogues but not a brilliant writer. Diyar e dil was brilliant. Yakeen ka safar was great but dragged with alot of mistakes regarding doctors. And I have always hated Humsafar. Can’t understand the hype. But I loved YDM in start. I thought it might be a hit like Diyar e dil but it has been disappointing now.

      • YKS worked because of good direction, good acting, and good pacing and so on. It was not boring as such (except initial one or two ep). YKs was still sympathetically written and directed and sahad stuff was very cool. Humsafar I never understood the fuss about. Mahira Fawad track was very engaging – but the rest didnt find engaging… ZGH on othr hand was quite engaging thruout when i first watched it first except maybe one episode…

    • Someone said it shabash. I don’t know for some reasons the reviewers don’t criticize her for all her shortcomings. They blame everything on the director. Maybe because they are afraid of the dislikes and you weren’t. Farhat Ishtiyaq is the sort of writer who ruins her own stories, makes people hate dramas they once loved and her scripts have more holes than Swiss cheese! This is the third time I regret falling for her trap that involves few good episodes and then all this nonsense. We are fools.

    • Farhat Ishtiaq is a great writer I love her and her work a lot. she knows how to make a viewer and reader engaged and in suspense

    • I agree. Most of her stories rely on death of main characters to move forward. Some of the themes inspired by Daniele Steele novels. This idea of marrying the murderer of your parents is not new either. Have seen similar story on Sony entertainment.

  • tbh this ep was so boring. I even had to watch nargis bua and Farhana’s scene on fast speed all they did was repeat stuff. I wish they wouldshow something else now.

  • Train wala scene isliye nhi dekhaya gaya kyun ke flashbacks bua g k the aur unhone ne qatal nhi dekha tha
    But yes wo ana ke khawab me scene IS EPISODE me dekha sakte the
    Next episode me ye scene acha hoga ke aman mir farooq ko jalti hui jeep darya me girte dikhaye ga which is good i guess

  • Farhana Khala was giving him a side-eye saying jante ho mai kaun hoon?

    Here i laughed so hard. Can’t tell you. πŸ˜‚
    Totally dragged and ruined. Sara maza khrab kr dia drama ka. Yar esa q krte hn ye drama makers. Natty khala ko acting classes ki zroort h, fashion sense b nhi h aakhir amreeeka mn reh lr aao hain. Ab aa k mjy amaan se chir hone lg gaee h. Specially us scene mn jis mn ana use pooch rhi hoti h k mn garhi khuda bkhsh mn reh chuki hoon na?

    He’s like: ana baby aap kya keh rhi ho mjy to kuch b nhi pta.

    Abay bolo to sahi k haan theek keh rhi ho. Annoying.
    Bua or khala ne jo bore kia h mn kehta hun kisi k bs ka kaam nho tha ye esa level ka bore kia h sara episode skip kr k dekha h mn ne.
    Apt review zahra!

  • the 2 women had a 6 hour car drive to talk in but they decided to sit outside & waste more time
    my guess is that since Anna has stopped taking the medicine, she has now started to remember everything
    i too nearly went back to find out what happened to the train station, i thought i had missed it somehow, what difference does it make if they showed it now or when Ana remembers it? another thing i thought was that maybe it wasn’t her mother’s body since Meer Farooq didn’t see her face & neither did we, but that’s probably wishful thinking on my part
    lovely review as usual

  • An average episode and an apt review! Though they did show a few scenes into how Nilofer ran away with Ana and Ana’s relation to that bridge. But other than that, it didn’t have any other development. Nargis Bua and Farhana Khala could’ve reached Daryabagh in the last episode had they not wasted too much time sitting and talking. The 2 minute halt, to show ‘Ye hai Daryabagh’ was just unnecessary, unless the director was trying some tourism ads here.

    Farhana khala’s heavy and unnecessary make-up was even more evident when she wiped her tears. I agree with you Zahra, they should’ve taken a better actor to play her character.

    The reason Nargis bua gave for hiding this truth from everyone was just plain. Her wafadari mattered to her more than saving someone’s life or getting the culprit punished. I would agree if she had said that she did this for Ana, but no!

    I think it was fair to not show the train station scene as Nargis bua didn’t know what transpired there and what we were seeing was her perspective. What actually happened there can only be revealed through Ali Bakhsh (which doesn’t seem to be happening) or through Ana’s memories. However, they should’ve shown another scene in between because Meer Farooq didn’t move from his place and it looked like they got into the car and immediately came out with Nilo’s body. Even, I had to rewind and see if I missed something.

    Ana suddenly recalled few pieces of her memory but I didn’t understand what was there for her to cry considering she didn’t even remember anything substantial. The fact that both their mothers were friends was no reason to cry about. For once I thought they showed her recalling her memory, all of it, just like that but turned out it wasn’t anything important and still she was crying heavily. They could’ve shown her waking up in between her dream and then crying with all this info, it would’ve made more sense.

    The promo suggests that even after 2 more people telling her the truth, Ana is going be in denial and would run run run…may be….all the way to her house and only then, probably, would recall everything. Nargis bua did mention that they didn’t clear Ana and Nilo’s stuff from the house, but considering Meer Farooq and Ali Bakhsh’s planning they shouldn’t show any of their stuff still lying there. It would just be unconvincing that Meer Farooq cleared all evidences but didn’t clear their stuff from the house. It just remains to be seen how many episodes they are going to take to execute this.

    P.S. – The story line, in a wider perspective, seems parallel to the bollywood movie, Baazigar. Not sure if you’ve watched it. In the end both the girl’s father and the hero (SRK) die killing each other, which also seems an apt end for this story.

    • Generally Farhat ishtiaq ne ager kisi ko maarna ho to wo bilkul starting me maarti hai, end me hero ko kill kerne ka style umera ahmad ka hai. Hopefully damaad jinzinda rahaim gay aur sassur ji pagal khanay chalay jayen gaπŸ˜‚

      • He would commit suicide. The theme.of this same as one on Sony entertainment whereby father of the girl who had murdered hero’s dad commits suicide at the end. Highly likely!

          • Yeh piyar nahi tau kiya hai. It was prolonged just like Indian dramas are usually but the suspense factor was way better than this drama and the lead girl had a nice role.

  • Well i am surprised if aapi farhana was going to rescue her niece, why didn’t she just keep on traveling. Matlab is tarah ki situation me kis qadar tasalli se raah jaatay tashreef rakh k qatal k baray me discussion???Where did amaan go in the last episode when he asked Abdul Rehman to take care of Aina?? Was he out just to make a call to sassur ji? It took a whole day (two weeks for us) for two ladies to travel to DaryaBagh and everyone else would go there in all of a sudden??? I means we are hung in a single day from past 2 episodes?
    How did Aina realize the truth out of no way?
    Farahana Baji’s repetition if “ittnaaa barraaaa zulmm” was irritating. Wasn’t it quite good if they spent two minutes of crying silently instead of wasting words. I mean it is obviously understood that she has lost her sister and at least she must had shown in shocked condition so wasn’t it better to keep her quiet and letting cry πŸ˜‚
    There were so many loop holes yet I must appreciate Bua ji’s and also Ali Bakhsh’s acting as well. Both of them have well acted in accordance with their character. I don’t know who is playing the role of Ali Bakhsh but he deserves an appreciation as a loyal servant of Meer Farooq.

    • Farhana Baji rona chahti thi lekin phir unko yad aya k amreeeeka say laya hua expensive makeup kharab ho jaye ga so bas robot ban kar baithi raho….
      Agar makeup kharab ho jata to Ana ko kia mun dikhati?

  • Excellent review Zahra, I agree 100%. Even the story is not moving since last few episodes, but this episode was atleast expected to be fast, but even at this stage having a filler episode is a huge disapp. Few good episodes in the beginning of drama, after that the director is not able to handle this. Only the performances by Sahad and AS saves it. Adnan only has a perfect well defined role, even sahad’s characters, sometimes behave ott bcoz at times the writing and direction are not in sync. I don’t blame Farhat Ishtiaq as she has proved her mettle more than once, her stories are never knew but always touches ur heart , whether humsafar or yaqeen ka safar, they are always filmy overall entertaining. Ahson Talish is a king of drag. I remember watching Deewana at the peak of my fan following of Iqra after Suno Chanda, and that was such a drag, it deserved max 20 to 23 episodes but was dragged to 45+, same with Tabeer which was such a bore. Now this thriller is also turned into a drag by AT, so I blame him more than writer.

    The biggest disapp is also the promo of next episode which agn doesn’t seem to move much ahead, still Aana is repeating the same thing. How the hell she got some memories back, and why was she crying so much, and why didn’t Amaan tell her that ye, he knows her from childhood, and reveal everything. There is no excuse, it just to increase the number of episodes and overall killed the whole thrilling expirience

  • Perfect reviews Zahra. I Can’t even express my disappointment in words.
    Sab kuch choren, Daryabagh say 5 minute pehlay gaari se nikal Kay Daryabagh ka Farhana Khala ko haseena nazara karanay ki kya zarurat thi πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈI don’t even want to talk about Natty’s acting. Constipated is the right word.
    As Farhan a Khala says Haye Allah itna Bara zulm (dramay par aur hamaray par) πŸ˜’

  • this episode worked for me more than the other episodes of the past because of all the developments and htings moving towards culmination. enjoyed acting performances of everyone, all the characters – father, to ali, to buaji to khala to sahad.

  • on the other hand, i came to find khala’s acting acceptable – and this episode convincing.. i figured maybe tht was her speaking style…like something childish and youthful abt it. i have seen characters like her – i thought she looked like a perfect nrp (non rsident pakistani) – slim – a little analytical – like an american – it worked for me — even her make up – i thought she fit the part. only her role in the story was strange at times like how she never doubted before and later she did…i didn’t mind the acting, only the writing and the story

  • Thanks for the review Zahra! As always, you’ve covered everything comprehensively. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought they had missed the actual death scene! As much as the acting from the leads has been the saving grace of this play, Sajal Aly’s break down in this episode really didn’t work for me. I thought she was quite over the top and loud. Maybe it was just because of the repetition of the scenes so frequently!!

  • Nice comment zhara!!! This episode didn’t work for me also…Sahad’s performance continue to be absolutely amazing. The way Amaan was looking at Ana was so annoying , it was a puzzled and surprised expression, he should’ve told her everything right there…Were exactly did Ana get the clues?? I didn’t know…the only amazing and new part was that where Nilofer ran away and then they came back with a dead body…. Farhana Khala and Bua ji’s conversation was annoying…they were going to save Ana…why did they stop in a khokha and had that conversation? They could’ve gone to Daryabagh and Bua could’ve told Ana and Farhana khala all the details related to Nilofer’s death.. One more thing that these types of thrillers require proper handling and less episodes… And Ana shows zero growth… the preview of next episode suggested that even after hearing the truth from 3 ppl she won’t believe that her father killed someone…i find it sooooo soooo soooo annoying….