Iqra Aziz’s Real Age – The Mystery Is Solved

Yes, Iqra Aziz’s real age indeed is a mystery for many people. Iqra Aziz’s real age became a mystery when she posted her picture after she got the HUM Style Award. The comments under this picture about Iqra Aziz’s real age stirred an unnecessary controversy which took the limelight away from her actual achievement. People started questioning what Iqra Aziz’s real age was and there were many people who said that Iqra Aziz’s real age was a mystery since she always lied about her age. People have been quite inquisitive about Iqra’s real age since then, even more than her career or anything else she has done so far.


While talking to Momin Munshi on his show One Take, the first thing Iqra did was to clear this confusion once and for all. She made it quite clear that her real age was 20 years. She said that she was going to turn 21 this year. Iqra Aziz also cleared the confusion about her birthday, she said that her birthday on Wikipedia was wrong and that her birthday was 24th November, 1997. She said that on Wikipedia her birth year is 1993- 1994 which is absolutely wrong.


Iqra Aziz also said that she was not going to show anyone who doubted her, her NIC or her passport because such people are not going to get convinced any way! Iqra said that people who are going to doubt her, will say that she paid someone to change the year on her NIC and passport in order to fool them, therefore she thought there was no point proving things to such people. She also said that the actors have a life, they don’t have enough time to worry about these things since they don’t matter.

Hopefully, this will put Iqra Aziz’s real age controversy to rest.