Ishq e Laa Episode 5 Story Review – Change of Mind

Tonight’s episode of Ishq e Laa showed a major shift in Azlaan’s character which was definitely debatable. The spiritual element of the drama is also reinforced in every episode. I must say that although I look forward to watching Ishq e Laa, the characterizations are not impressive enough. Even though the story moves forward with every episode, there are certain scenes that are often more or less the same. Also, the side tracks are not interesting enough. So far, Kanwal and Abid’s track has to be my least favorite. Tonight’s episode laid the foundations for some of the most important developments in the upcoming episode.

Important Developments

This episode opened with Azka’s brother Sultan selling his bike and later on the viewers were shown how Kanwal continued to have issues with Azka and her mother. I hope there is a good reason why these scenes are being shown in such detail! The dynamics in Azka’s house have been pretty much the same since the beginning, there is little to ‘explore’ there. I am glad Azka is finally over that incident with Azlaan. She is the kind of girl who can stand up for herself and will not allow anyone to humiliate her in any way. The scene we watched tonight, yet again, showed just that. Her character or her track, does not give you a lot to talk about though. Perhaps because the dialogues and situations are not impactful enough. In fact, her mother stands out more than any other character in that family. She is a wise and level-headed woman who always gives her bahu the benefit of the doubt even though she does not deserve it. I must say that Seemi Raheal always makes her scenes a treat to watch and I do feel that even some of the best actors in this drama do not appear as ‘natural’ on screen as they often do.

The most important development in this episode had to be Azlaan’s change of mind mainly because of his mother! I am tired of watching these seemingly well-educated and open-minded mothers forcing their sons to marry girls they wish to see as bahus without thinking about the consequences. Even though Azlaan went out of his way to make Shanaya say yes to the marriage proposal, I do feel that he made this decision only because he did not want to take a chance! When his mother made him realize that Shanaya might not be a friend to him anymore and would certainly not be as available as she was right now, he decided to propose to her. This was his way of making sure that Shanaya was always there with him, for him. This entire situation was actually interesting because unexpectedly Azlaan was more than honest with Shanaya. He told her the actual reason why he was proposing and he was willing to go ahead with discovering Shanaya’s world with her. Shanaya’s response also came as a pleasant surprise even though it was quite apparent that she desperately wanted to get married to Azlaan but she did not say yes instantly. She also wanted to understand his reasons. Therefore, all of this made this proposal unlike any other. I must say that I felt for Fahad since he came across as such a likable person. These two also looked good together. Just like the mothers in the drama, I found myself rooting for them.

Ishq e Laa Episode 5 Story Review – Change of Mind

Although Shanaya’s mother has always been supportive of her, tonight she proved that she was a really ‘cool’ mother who cared only for Shanaya’s happiness. She was more than okay with Shanaya rejecting Fahad’s proposal and was genuinely happy for her daughter. Even with all his problematic personality traits, Azlaan definitely does want Shanaya in his life and tonight Shanaya also proved that she is not going to be a doormat. Azlaan’s conversation with his mother showed that he was still confused and scared. His feelings were easy to connect to and I am also waiting to see how their relationship goes forward. The scene at the gol gappa stand was cute! For a second I forgot just how controlling Azlaan was and that this wasn’t the best decision for Shanaya because she deserves better!

The scene at the shrine, I am certain, is going to be one of those scenes which will perhaps come to haunt Azlaan in particular. Right now, he does not take any of what he heard or saw seriously but something tells me that he might end up being another Farhad from Khuda Aur Mohabbat, as the story progresses but I hope that this journey will be covered more convincingly. Even though Shanaya and Azlaan are all set to get married, I am still wondering if they will actually be getting married in the upcoming episode.

Final Remarks

I enjoyed watching Azlaan and Shanaya’s scenes tonight, more than any other. The conversations were well written and executed. The preview of the next episode suggested that there will be two weddings next week. Kanwal will do the unthinkable to get Azka married to Abid. Will Shanaya and Azlaan get married next week? I am waiting to find out.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Ishq e Laa? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • TBH I didn’t understand this 360 degree turn in Azlan’s decision, despite them showing whatever his mother said the reason behind it, especially when just in last episode he was saying ‘2 din main divorce ho jae gi maximum’ with so much surety. Wasn’t believable for me at all.
    I agree with you totally, the characterization is not impressive and almost all the characters are very confusing. Now after reinforcing how loving and trusting Azka’s brother is again and again, if they are going to show he does not believe Azka and thinks that Azka is having an affair with Adnan Samad’s character, that would not make sense at all too, just like Azlaan’s decision today.
    I honestly don’t like Azaan’s performance at all, that proposal scene, he was so stiff, he is leaving Usman Mukhtar behind. On the other hand, despite being an annoying track, that scene between Sohail Sameer and Uzma Hassan was so well done!

    PS: Are you going to review Khel Khel Mein?

    • I am guessing because he is a control freak who wants to have the final words..get what he wants, he did whatever was needed! The character is confusing so far, hopefully, there’s a reason for it. I guess that is why the evil bhabhi has been getting so much screen time, don’t like these tracks at all!

      I find Azlan okayish as far as performance is concerned, especially because this is his first project but I really think that he needs a makeover. I find his hairstyle extremely distracting – just like Usman Mukhtar’s wig LOL!! They do have a lot in common ;)

      I would have loved to but honestly, I am avoiding cinemas because COVID is still a reality and we try to do whatever we can to avoid gatherings especially with closed spaces. If you watch it do share your views here.

      BTW why didn’t you comment on Parizaad, I hope my comment about the spoiler was not the reason.

      • Yes they do! :p
        I can understand. I am also still skeptical but let’s see!

        NO! I mean Never😂 I was very busy. Have not watched the episode yet. Might watch tonight! I prefer to watch Parizaad sakoon sey. Ishq e Laa tou TV pe lagay lagay dekh liya!

  • Hmmm so shanaya who seems an intelligent girl can’t predict the self centered nature of azlaan strange?? Azka , when her Bhabi will take an oath on her daughter’s head then I guess even Azka‘a mom is going to believe as it’s not easy for a mom to do so just to get her nand married. So this track is logical.
    The idea of relation between Allah and insan is portraying very badly, these shrines etc has nothing to do with it. Azlaan is big write that they make people fool by saying such things. I hope but I doubt they will continue this same as in many other dramas.