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Ishq Tamasha 1

Ishq Tamasha Episode 14 Review-Repeat!

This episode focused on how children take after their parents. Since the start, we were introduced to Chachi Jaan as a character who is selfish and rude to her core and today’s episode established that her daughter is a hundred percent copy of her. She is rotten to her core and her worry for Mirha was merely a facade. Arham has turned a blind eye to every whim of her as he is hopelessly in love with her. He is the one coming after her and not even caring about his self-respect. But Rushna still leads him on. She goes to meet him every second day and eats lunch with his money. Instead of cutting off all ties, she keeps calling him for one thing or another. And still, her DHOKAYBAAZ is not getting away. How could you imagine marrying the brother of a guy you were in a relationship with? Moreover, the way they are showing Rushna behaving with her potential in-laws is something so unbelievable. Why does Aqeela who is always shouting on everything has nothing to say to Rushna’s rude behaviour with Arham’s family? At this point, it seems like Rushna has only complicated things for herself.

In 14 episodes, it is established that Arham is a very bad driver. Why does his family leave him to take off when they know about his driving issues. He is a typical mashriqi hero who will bend in front of the heroine and will never raise his voice for the right thing neither will he use his brain to understand the circumstances. His situation is in a cliffhanger right now since we do not know whether Arham survived the car crash or not.

Mirha is happily settled in Mehrab’s house. There is no hope left for her from Wahaj’s side and the remainder further went down the drain when Wahaj saw her with Mehrab. The story is not progressing from her end.

I am actually looking forward to how Rushna is further lowering herself to get Mehrab or Arham as she is a unique character with no remorse or presence of mind!