Ishq Tamasha Episode 23 Review-Whateven!

Ishq Tamasha is trying to reach the new heights of trash. After watching a drama for 23 episodes, one wants to see something happening in the favour of the heroine (who needs to be super bechari for the sake of ratings). Mirha is a girl who somewhat deserves what is happening to her. She has shown zero IQ growth since the start and an even lower self-esteem also. Overall Ishq Tamasha has zero character development. People should outgrow their weaknesses and most importantly the heroine, who is mostly shown as a role model to young viewers. But showing a woman can go out for dinners with a man who slanders her character. He does not do it just once but keeps on repeating it. Isn’t it natural for a man to never forgive or forget a situation like that? Yes, it is. It is extremely common in our society. But is it natural for that woman to keep forgiving him and dating him? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Character is a thing no one should compromise on and this should not be shown as a normal behaviour in dramas what Mirha is doing.

Ishq Tamasha Episode 23 Review-Whateven!

Rushna’s Main Na Manoon Haar has become too annoying to even look tolerable. Kinza has done a fabulous job though. Saying dialogues like Aap meri mohabbat paa karr khud parr Rashk kareinge with full emotions deserve an award. Why is it so difficult for her to put two and two together? Your husband is telling you that he hates you because of his brother’s death and the lady is till stuck on Mirha. And why do they have to show Rushna yelling at Sabira again and again? We already know how horrible she is. No more reminders needed. Her whole Mirha Wahaj wedding proposal is non-comprehendable. You are marrying off your brother to your cousin so she stops bothering your husband. Try to marry her off to some stranger, that would have met the purpose more effectively.

Palwasha finally became another Rushna. She has gotten Mirha caught up in the whole situation and bechari Mirha having no IQ has gone with her schemes. Why is uncle Ghufran trying to trick Palwasha instead of going and convincing his family for the marriage? All the men in Ishq Tamasha have won in the competition of causing Tamasha from the women.

And one word for Mehrab: LAZY! Lazy in realizing the graveness of the matters, lazy in rectifying mistakes and no lazy in punishing the evil lady!

Pakeeza Dar

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  • I’m watching this one late but going through the episodes and these reviews, I think Ishq Tamasha’s story was meant to be a shorter one, but it was dragged on to meet the minimum number of episodes a TV show must have.
    That hardly excuses the flawed tracks, but at least tells something about how technicalities may adversely impact the quality of the story. I’m currently on episode 20, and until I’ve watched more episodes, I’ll include the Palwasha-Ghufran track and Mirha’s ‘homecoming’ as among the scenes just inserted to prolong the play. I think Rushna’s realization is being delayed for similar reasons.