Ishq Tamasha Episode 25 Review Story – Flashbacks!

This episode was an amalgamation of Mirha flashbacks. We all are familiar now with how good Mirha is. She is an expert in household chores, giving relationship advice and being a bechari all the time. And all the characters were busy remembering her talents in the episode.

Mehrab is totally in love with her. He thinks and dreams about her. And the bond of his love is so strong that he even dreamt about her hardships. The reason he married Rushna has been lost in all this dreaming and he is not really doing anything to make her pay for her sins. It would have been better if he could have married Mirha instead. Rushna will pay for Arham’s death with her headache which she would still have gotten had Mehrab not married her.

Ishq Tamasha Episode 25 Review Story - Flashbacks!

Aqeela is still repetitive in her behaviour. She is doing what she had done to Mirha and Rushna in the past. Palwasha is openly admitting her love for Ghufran and Aqeela is still trying to marry her off to someone else. Rushna’s whole plan about calling and lying was again a very desperate attempt. But this time it didn’t go in her favour like the past. Aqeela behaved with her the same way she behaved with Mirha and threw her out of the house.

Wahaj was, is and will be a loser. This is the weakest character I have seen in a long time. You are realizing your mistakes and then you will repeat them. This guy has still not tried to find out why Mirha was living at Mehrab’s place. How he ended up marrying Rushna and not Mirha. And after all this mess he still keeps confessing his love for Mirha which sounds useless and absurd. Wahaj needs to grow some spine and know what is actually happening in his house.

Th episode was more of a drag and with the dialogues like Rushna tum marr kyun nahin jati? And Ammi aap mera mara muun dekhein, Rushna’s death is becoming inevitable. A convenient end for a bad character!

Pakeeza Dar