Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 19 Story Review – Secrets Revealed

Opening Thoughts – Spellbinding Performances:

Ohkay so, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb kept the entire focus on Sameer & Sabeeha, which was great. I enjoyed watching this episode because of the spellbinding performances as well as the secrets of the past that were revealed. I must commend the writer for keeping Ishq Zahe Naseeb interesting so far, where he has intelligently & strategically given away important details every step of the way to build the story. Ishq Zahe Naseeb happens to be such drama where the story is being told carefully & is still keeping the interest of the viewers alive.

The Confrontation & The Proposal:

Sameer has come to such a stage where he is losing patience & getting tired of Sabeeha’s antics. Sameer has stayed quiet for a long long time, probably all his life. May be Sameer accepted this as his fate & he got accustomed to the monotony that Sabeeha curated for him but not any more. The transition took place after he met Gauhar because she showed him a very different way of leading a life. After Gauhar came in Sameer’s life, he learnt that he deserved so much better. Sameer also realized that Gauhar was the one who saw him for who he was, she tried to understand him, sympathized with him as well & didn’t really bother about the things that were said about him because she believed in getting to know him herself. Gauhar saw Sameer as a human being who just wanted some comfort, support & love & this is the reason why Sameer’s love for Gauhar is so strong that he didn’t think twice before taking a stand for her in front of his controlling step-mother.

It is interesting that Sameer isn’t oblivious of what Sabeeha had been upto all these years. Sabeeha didn’t give him a reason to confront her but now with Gauhar in the picture, Sameer has all the reasons to go against her. One of the biggest secrets were revealed in this episode that Sabeeha was her husband’s secretary & she paved a way in his life based on manipulation. I loved the way Sameer said everything to her face because I really wanted to see how she would react hearing the truth loud & clear. Sabeeha is unable to deal with the new Sameer. She actually thinks she can still control him but she is mistaken. Sameer is proving her wrong every single time & this is what is making her frustrated.

Sabeeha definitely is the twisted one in this picture. I love how the writer has now shifted the focus from Sameer onto Sabeeha because at first we were made to think that Sameer has certain issues, which he still has obviously but the real culprit is Sabeeha. She just wanted Sameer to all by herself because of the property & wealth that he inherited from his father. Sabeeha always made sure to keep him secluded, away from any such figure that will give him comfort, because that could turn Sameer into a rebellion & this is exactly what is happening now. Sabeeha accused Shakira of child molestation & it goes to show how sick she can get to achieve her own goals. I wouldn’t be surprised if later it will be revealed that Sabeeha killed Zoya but guilt-tripped Sameer into thinking that he pushed her. This is another tactic that Sabeeha has relied on all this while & a little hint of it was shown in this episode where after the confrontation, Sabeeha faked her sickness. She knows that Sameer is kind-hearted, she knows that Sameer will never turn a blind eye towards her that is why she once again decided to guilt-trip him. Basically, Sabeeha is failing miserably, she is slowly realizing that she has lost control over Sameer – none of her strategies work & this is why, she decided to give it a last try.

Sameer has finally learnt how to be strong. Zahid Ahmed was phenomenal in that scene in particular where Sameer was shaken after finding out that Sabeeha was unwell & he wanted to go see her but because he knew what she was capable of, he decided not to. Sameer being the nice & big-hearted person that he is, obviously found it hard to ignore Sabeeha’s fake cry for help. Finally, Sameer is done with her, that is why he stopped himself & decided to send her a clear message that none of this was going to work on him anymore.

Sameer proposed to Gauhar & that was another highlight of this amazing episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb. Gauhar was unable to figure out how to react but at that moment she went along because she knew that Sameer was just saving her from Sabeeha. However, Gauhar has pretty much made up her mind that she will get married to Sameer. The news of Kashif & Dunia’s engagement has also played a huge part in Gauhar’s decision but still, she thinks she knows Sameer enough to spend the rest of her life with her. Gauhar is once again putting Sameer as well as her family ahead of her, she has done this before & she is going to do it again.

Jahangir’s entire scenario is uninteresting because it is stagnant & there’s nothing much to it anyways. He is in jail & his father is trying to bail him out. Akbar finally hinted something & Noora couldn’t help but wonder what went wrong that Akbar was finally doing the talk. I so hoped that they will show us the conversation that Akbar & Gauhar had but then they are saving it for another day.

Closing Thoughts – One of The Best Episodes So Far:

Overall, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was one of the best episodes so far. Zahid Ahmed’s performance was spellbinding & he was absolutely convincing as the stern & rigid Sameer, as well as the son who was feeling bad for his step-mother. Sameer & Sameera’s conversation was portrayed brilliantly, Sameer feels he has done something to Zoya but then again, it has been left untouched deliberately that he has such tendencies or not. I feel Sameer on his own is not but Sabeeha plays her cards & she makes Sameer do such things, let’s see. Really looking forward to the rest of the story. I do enjoy Dunia & Kashif’s track just as much but it kind of felt nice to have a little break. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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  • As usual, a fantastic review and what a power-packed episode!! The first scene, I felt was over dramatic and slow, but the very next scene, regarding the conversation btw Sabeeha and Sameer was phenomenal. Finally the writer has she’d some light on the date of Shakra and as usual, Yumna Zaidi was outstanding in her acting 👌🏼. Really looking forward to the next ep of IZN.
    P.S Zahra, who will be reviewing Yeh Dil Mera?

  • Exactly this one was tge best episode of IZN. I just wanna see how will gauhar react when she’d come to know sameer’s secret. Zahra you are right, this drama has us hooked since 1st episode. I desperately wait fpr every episode. The most unique concept on screen for the first time.
    On point reviews Z-mirza!

  • I think Sameer will kill himself as the inner self will want to kill Goher but he is so much in love with Goher that, to get rid of Shakra ( which is his another personality), he may end up killing himself
    But today’s episode was very interesting and the scene where he puts ring to Goher and confrontation with his mom was wonderful

  • Perfect review as usual. Hashim Nadeem has really penned a brilliant script. I’m in love love love with Yumna Zaidi’s performance. She is undoubtedly a powerhouse of the. It is very difficult to leave an impact on audience in such little screen time but she is nailing it to the core. Her expressions are beyond perfect and she deserves a special award for this. (waise aap nay ab tk kisi review mein Yumna ki performance per comment kyun nhi Kiya? 🤔)
    Allah waqt ko aap per meherbaan rakhy

  • Excellently written depiction of the episode 19 of ishq Zahe haseeb.
    I enjoyed reading it more than watching the episode.

    Nothing left untouched covering all by providing context with little bit prediction too.

  • What a intense episode with power packed performances especially Zahid Khan. What an actor he has turned out to be. Very very real and witty review sister. Hashim Nadeem has edge over storytelling and i am pretty convinced that he will give such types of dramas ahead too. I feel people love watching dramas like ghar titli ka per, yaariyan, koi chand rakh. Such dramas have mediocre stories but views were 4 to 5 million, whereas ishq zahe naseeb type dramas fail to get such type of viewership. Ishq zahe naseeb is best drama of humtv for 2019. Hopefully zahid ahmed will get award for his performance not ahad raza mir

  • Plz do not prove that mazaar and all these baba saying are correct for Allah’s sake prove it wrong we are muslim

  • Mind blowing episode…right from beginning…
    Zahid ahmed…nailed it…the scene when he put ring(his expression..he was secretly so pleased)…
    When he was sitting in front of her mother and “bhool gayi aap mama? Waqai nahi yaad aapko..yaad dilao..”..excellent
    I was glad to see that finally gohar has taken a decision..but her
    Till now I think the Best episode…love it!!!

  • Nice review Zahra
    I must say that the writer came with such an interesting and unique story. It has love angle, suspense, thriller and some unrevealed secrets. Thoroughly i am enjoying watching this serial. Looking forward to coming episodes.

  • For me, this episode completely belonged to Zahid Ahmed. Every single dialogue, facial expression, was just flawless. I could really feel the pain Sameer was going through. His stepmother really is wicked.

    I was happy the episode was just about Sameer and Gauhar as I feel the Dunia / Kashif track is slightly ahead. I have more interest in the Sameer track bit cant wait for them to both clash!

    Great episode, fantastic review as always.

    Roll on next friday.

  • Nice review Zahra, I just read ur reviews and watch it in parts for my fav Zahid Ahmed. Cant understand why he spoiled his nose. In this episode , it seems there was some change agn, its v distracting. He used to be so good in Gustakh ishq days.

  • Thank u so much for your review. i love to read your review about ishq Zahenaseeb,would like to know why r u not reviewing this drama Main na Janoo . i am from india and big fan of Zaahid ahmad .can you please also give ur review to this drama. Thank u so much

  • I humbly request with writer and director that,
    Please do not prove that mazaar and all these babas saying are correct for Allah’s sake prove it wrong we are Muslim.

  • Hi Zahra, very good review. I liked the episode, now it is untwisting. I liked Sameer’s intervention to handle the awkward situation for Gauhar in office. Brilliantly directed. Gauhar’s shock was perfectly managed by Sonya. Throughout the episode, Sonya did marvellous job, in fact i never liked her acting in Main Hari Piya, but here. I did miss Kashif- Donya today, especially Sami khan.

  • You forgot to mention that the old woman in the nursing home who Gohar mistakes for Sameer’s mother is Shakira. If you check out the sequence with flashback of Shakira being whisked away by the police, they show the old lady sitting insensate in her wheel chair in the sabr sequence.

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