Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 22 Story Review – Weak Episode

Opening Thoughts – Weak Episode:

Opening Thoughts – Weak Episode:

Ohkay so, this episode just did not work for me at all. I will start off by saying that it is perfectly alright if it worked for the rest of the viewers but for me, it just did not. It seems to have become a pattern of these ending episodes now where they end it with a cliffhanger & the rest of the episode is totally filled with filler & repetitive scenes. I get it, I totally do that Shakira has left a long-lasting impression on Sameer, so much so that he has imbibed her personality traits but to show a handful of scenes repeatedly, again & again & again & again & again is just not needed. It is like they are brain feeding the viewers now like see, this is what Shakira was like, this is what she used to say & this is how she used to look at Sameer.

It is unfortunate that the drama which has such a unique story is now being stretched because obviously, it became popular so now unnecessary repetitive scenes have been edited in to prolong the episodes. This episode did have some developments to its credit but because the episode in general was so poorly edited & had repetitive scenes, everything else that actually should’ve mattered lost its impact. I totally believe this drama could’ve ended in next 5 episodes but oh well, my wishful thinking!

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 22 Story Review - Weak Episode

The Actual Developments:

Akbar was caught red-handed but not sure why he decided to do this now. Yes, it was a slow-poison but with Gauhar by his side, he should’ve waited for the right time & opportunity where Gauhar will get to share everything with Sameer & then Akbar will get to show him the real picture. Akbar took matters in his hands & ended up getting caught. Noora seems to be quite loyal to Sabeeha Begum, even though she herself seems to know a lot about her but then again, the baggage that Akbar carries is something that no one will be able to quite understand. I am actually wondering when will Sameer actually find out about Surraiya Begum & how long are we going to wait to see that happening. I so hope they are not saving that for the last.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 22 Story Review - Weak Episode

Kashif is upset & he is unable to deal with the news of Gauhar’s marriage with Sameer. Kashif was never fine since the day he turned back but he seemed fine when he was the one who got engaged but ever since he has found out about Gauhar’s engagement, he is having all sorts of thoughts. Kashif is guilt-stricken but he also thinks he can do something. Donia is showing her vulnerable side to Kashif day by day, may be because she herself has picked up the detail that she is the one who is into this relationship emotionally & mentally whereas Kashif is still stuck in the past. Donia also asked for Kashif’s validation & when she didn’t get one, she decided to validate herself by saying that she will make the promise that she wanted Kashif to make. For now, Donia thinks she has the energy & the capacity to make this relationship work but slowly she will realize that it is not easy when your partner is emotionally absent & has nothing to offer.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 22 Story Review - Weak Episode

It was interesting to see how they have shown the lack of chemistry between these couples. They seem forced & this is exactly what the truth behind these engagements is, Kashif is compromising because of Donia & Gauhar is doing that because of Sameer. Sameer & Donia are the only ones who are happy in these relationships but still, they don’t get the same kind of love & affection reciprocated by Gauhar & Kashif.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 22 Story Review - Weak Episode

So, Sameer & Gauhar got married. Sameer was once again thinking about all of his complexes, he himself has misjudged Gauhar that she is getting married to him because of his wealth. Even though these things are shown to be coming from Shakira but in reality, these are Sameer’s own feelings which he channels out from another personality of his – so in this, he is solely responsible for feeling this way. Sameer obviously will have a hard time accepting the fact that he has made Gauhar a part of his life, the life where he is already so mentally scattered. I am happy with the preview though, because finally now after repetitive scenarios & everything being in the shadows, Gauhar will get to face Sameer & Sameera’s personalities, so the real deal will be shown, which I am interested to see now!

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 22 Story Review - Weak Episode

Oh yes, another good development was that Shakira did not molest or abuse Sameer in anyway, this is the reason why Sameer finds comfort in her thoughts. If she had done something horrendous of that sort, it would’ve scarred or scared Sameer for life but instead, he is actually in love with the woman who treated him with love. This is another reason why Sabeeha is getting engulfed in guilt day by day because she knows she is responsible for what happened with Shakira as she pushed her to that limit where she ended up taking her own life. Let’s see if Sabeeha will ever admit & confess or we’ll have to wait for season 2 to see that happening because this one seems to be dedicated to the repetitive flashbacks!

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 22 Story Review - Weak Episode

The Fillers:

The rest of the episode was filled with fillers like Bushra & Kamran’s scenes, Jahangir’s scene & all those flashbacks which showed Dargah & Shakira & Sameer’s interactions – we get it. We have seen it all, so it’s about time that they skip those scenes & just move the story forward. They have established the mysterious element of the story really well, so there’s absolutely no point in showing those scenes again & again. The interaction of Sameer & Sameera where she is feeding it to him that Gauhar married him for wealth was the kind of scene which was perfect when it was shown before because it left an impact, so there’s no point in using it again to highlight Sameer’s fears. I think the drama-makers are underestimating & insulting the intelligence of the viewers by literally brain-feeding them with the repetitions because though new, the drama buffs are very much capable of grasping this concept & story!

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 22 Story Review - Weak Episode

Closing Thoughts – Say No To Flashbacks:

This episode just did not work for me & it is sad that I had to look out for actual developments in the sea of flashbacks that flooded my TV screen. Also, another observation, why is everyone white-washed in this drama? As far as Yumna Zaidi is concerned, that kind of makeup goes well with the vibe of her character but everyone else like Zahid Ahmed, Jinaan Hussain, Khalid Malik, Zarnish Khan, Saad Azhar, other supporting characters & at times Sami Khan too, they all look white washed? No wonder why Sonya Hussyn stands out for her natural & realistic looking makeup which matches her skin tone. This episode for me was off-putting because of the loud background unnecessary added music & the flashbacks, which are obviously dragging the story & are slowing down the pace of the drama. The editing in particular was choppy & poor too, like the scene where Bushra asked Kamran for money, while I waited for his reply, they switched to Sabeeha & her guilt pangs. Please share your thoughts & if this episode worked for you, please don’t hesitate in stating that either, it’s perfectly fine.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

PS: Added all of Shakira’s screenshots to let the drama-makers know that WE GET IT, just in case they think otherwise.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 22 Story Review - Weak Episode

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  • Hahahaha, very well articulated sister, yes it was strange of episode of IZN they are relying on flashbacks to drag it. I am baffled up with so much usage of ost, ab tou hifz hogayi hai, kabhi kabhi tou subha saweray murshid hai tun mein hoon tera mureed automatically meray zehen mein chalti rehti hai,, 🙈🤣😁🤭. Apart from this, they must stick to the story without stretching it.. good review..

    P.s: aayi ray aayi pata nahi kab aayegi qist jis mein sameer key aagay sab clear hoga.

    • Areee mm me b yhi baat ki, comment mn…. Ye sbhi k sath ho rhaaaa, murshid hai tu mn teraaaaa mureeeeeed…. Lol

    • Thank you so much Waqar. I am sure this is happening with you & everyone who is watching Ishq Zahe Naseeb, ya to chalo OST acha ho tab bhi baat hai, mujhe to shuru din se hi ye OST acha nahi laga so imagine the pain I go through while listening to this song being overused in every single episode. Abb to waqay hi bas ho rahi hai, kaam ki baat pe ana chahiye, flashbacks kafi ho gaye.

  • I so agree with u on the flahbacks thing, Zahra. I literally have to skip these scenes when I watch it online. But we have to appreciate the fact ke akhir ask ki aepisode mein to Gauhar aur Kashif ka necklace wala scene nahi dekhaya gaya ;)
    However,(as usual) the last scene was really good, the interaction btw Sameer, Sameera and Gauhar for a second gave me goosebumps!! ( Though I didn’t understand that Sabeeha, who appeared normal to me— Why wasn’t her reaction to Sameer’s marriage shown? Obviously, she is living under the same house(*_*)(*_*).
    P.S Zahra, just a small request. I am free these day, so can u recommend me some quality Pakistani dramas to watch. Really trust in ur choice!👍

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim. LOL, app ne sahi kaha, waqay hi wo necklace wala scene nahi tha, phewww. ;)
      The last scene was nicely done no doubt but wohi baat hai, ye itni dafa promos mai dikha diya gaya aur abb jab asal mai story wahan tak ai, episode tha hi itna bura ke is scene ne wo impact nahi kiya jo karna chahiye tha.

      Oh as far as recommendations go, I think you should definitely watch Malal, Diyar e Dil, Daam, Doraha, Digest Writer. :) These are the ones that I can think of right now. :)

  • Spot on for the apt review!
    For me last three episodes are sucha drag with same scenes & Shakira’s face. Aaj tou hadd hi hogai. Itni chirr aari thee bar bar Shakira ki shaqal dekh k and u have captured the same in your review 🤣🤣
    I hope next episode is more in present then past n flashbacks!

      • Yes now enough of Shakira, we don’t need to know anymore of her now! Pls concentrate on Sameer and Gauhar and the family please
        I have started getting irritated with Yumna’s scenes actually

  • Salam Zahra… Bilkul sach kaha, itna dragging episode…. Drama ka sara maza khrab kr rhy hn yaar ye….. Totally disappointed. Repetitive scenes, flash backs, too much ost Uff kya yaar, mere zhn mn hr wqt yhi chlta rehta, murshid hai tu mn tera mureeed, aai re aaai nindia aai, or ye aai re aai to kbhi kbhi irrelevant hota hai. Farooq rind ne, pukar k sath b yhi kia tha. Itne melodious osts hm hum chahte hn k hum baad mn b sunen pr quota yhin poora ho jaye ga….. Or zahra 21st episode was also not so good. Achank jahangir ka aana restaurant mn or forn tasweer bnanaa, q bhaeee, or wo camera wale bhai jo hr wqt camera saaf krte hn r saima zoya ki czn unko kese ta jahangir ka…….

    Apt review ZM

    • Walaikum Asalam & thank you so much Ali. Haha, I am sure waqay hi ye haunting scores appke mind mai rehte honge. Pukaar mai bhi waqay hi OST ke saath yehi hua tha jabke it was such a nice song but they turned it into a buzzkill. Waqay hi, abb to ye saray episodes ajeeb hi lag rahay hain because kuch ho hi nahi raha aur sirf flashbacks!

  • I agree not only this but the last one two had alot pf flashbacks. I like whatever progress is taking place but its veryyyy slow. And yes har epi ke baad lagti hai this will be THE episode but no..i hope the pace can inc now. I heard they have shot more scenes or something. Hate it when they do this! And yes the bg music is sooo louddddd . Next epi ka promo does look promising but cant say!

    • Yes, the progress has been quite slow & they have brainfed us all the scenes of Shakira, so not sure why they keep on repeating them continuously. If they are shooting more scenes then I guess they should’ve also added a few more scenes of Shakira because puranay walay to kafi dafa dekh liye hain. I am not too happy that every single episode ends with a cliffhanger but when the next episode starts, it’s all about jumbled up & unnecessary scenes.

  • A little disagreement of mine with an otherwise perfect review- the last scene in my view was amazingggg!!!
    The way they showed that conversation with Sameer’s eyes (Yumna/Shakira saying the dialogues) & with Gohar’s eyes (Zahid/Sameera saying the dialogues), I found it brilliant!
    But I agree with the fact that some flashbacks are totally unnecessary!

    • Thank you Fatimah. I know that scene was such a crucial & defining moment of the story but because they have shown that in the promos so many times & because it unfortunately was added in an otherwise weak episode, it didn’t leave as much of an impact as it should have. Let’s hope Sameer & Gauhar’s interactions are interesting.

  • Can this drama for once stop repeat of scenes and concentrate on the future
    We prefer Sameer getting proper ending

  • Thank you for the review. Some scenes were not required at all like Bushra’s since it is already established that Kamran is a loser. The scene which worked most for me for Gahuar’s meetup with Sameera. And there was editing flaw between the scene where Akbar was witnessed missing poison and he being arrested. I also feel Akbar could have got Noorah on his side by telling her how his sister was destroyed by Sabeeha, without revealing that Surraiya was alive. Again Mazar scene was baba saying u are two was not needed. It is already understood.
    Zahid act so well so Sammera, his expressions were same as Yumna.

    • You’re most welcome. Yes, this entire episode was filled with either flashbacks or unnecessary scenes & not to forget the poorest editing I have seen in a long time didn’t help either. Yes, Akbar could’ve done so much or at least waited for Gauhar since he knew that she was getting married to Sameer soon.

  • Yep I agree they should end this drama now instead of dragging. Same I will say about Gul e Gulzar. Gul e Gulzar is worse drama too much dragging for no reason.

    • I haven’t watched Gul e Gulzar but I am not surprised, Hum TV in fact all of the channels do this with the dramas that become popular or do good in terms of ratings.

  • Perhaps you don’t know but they are still shooting it. Something Haute interviewed Zahid Ahmad on the sets and they were shooting a scene which went on air in the next episode. I think they didn’t shoot the whole play and now adding fillers and flashbacks to buy time. 1 another thing is that they making us fool with Sameer’s dual personality. It feels like it’s about the ilness, instead they are using it to drive the story. Plus they are re-shooting the ending because of the popularity they might change the ending because from the ost and promos, we know Sameer will die but now he might not. Flashbacks are a problem from the start and excessive use of OST. If you cut the flashbacks and OST i think they will end up compiling 4 episodes.

    • I am sure this is what is happening Ahsan. They do that often with a lot of dramas where they see what the viewers want & then change the ending. This happened before with Nazr e Bad & I am sure Ishq Zahe Naseeb won’t be any different. The scene which they showed in this episode where Sameer introduces himself as Sameera to Gauhar was shown in the initial promos so they shot these crucial scenes before but now they must be doing some changes.

  • I agree. The drama has a really good storyline but they keep dragging it and they keep making it over dramatic.

  • Zahra, I completely agree with your review, I hope that this does signal the trend of the drama and take it down from the quality production it once was. I’m in the odd circumstance (for me) of watching several dramas at the same time right now, and this is the one I look forward to the most, but absolutely agree that this episode was replete with unnecessary fillers and flashbacks.

    They started something and then dropped it without concluding, and the transition between the lead up events and Gauhar suddenly appearing in Sameer’s room as his bride was so sudden and choppy. By far this was the most disappointing episode yet. If there is perhaps a ray of hope it is that the promo promises some intense scenes – Sameer getting Gauhar from the corner she is huddled in, the confrontation between Sabiha and Gauhar, the threat from Sameer (yikes :~o ).

    The only scene that really left a positive impression on me (unexpectedly) was Donia’s conversation with Kashif. It was intelligent, vulnerable, self-aware and very mature. Instead of accusations, pleading, histrionics, she was truthful, perceptive and mature. This is the first drama I am watching with Zarnish Khan, and from the first few episodes I saw the actress as another foreign-return who is trying to make it in the PK drama industry, mostly because she is eye candy. However, that one scene was really believable and heart-touching and made me feel for Donia.

    The other leads happen to be my FAVORITE actors (which is why I initially tuned into this drama), and I think Sonya, Zahid and Sami are doing a tremendous job with their characters. *** Prediction: the catatonic character that Akber is claiming as his sister is not Suraiyya begum, I think it is actually Shaakira. If you notice the head tilt and subtle smile, that is classic Shakira, which is why I think they keep feeding us those flashbacks (Producers/Editors: please stop!).

  • Totally agree Zahra. You are so on point. I’m fed up of the OST, which I loved at the beginning. I’m fed up of slow motion frames and repeated scenes. This drama deserves a good, complete finish without being rushed or loose ends being left.

    Only scene which was amazing was the last one in the bedroom.

    It completely did not make sense that Akbar mamoo was rushing for his revenge now.

    I dont understand what Shakira actually did to annoy Sameer’s step mum? Why go to the extreme of putting her in jail? Also, why does she make the tiger face noise when talking about the outside world. She scares sameer I think. I dont understand this scene and its purpose ? Can you shed any light.

    • Thank you so much Azmat. Yes, this is exactly what happens when the OST is overused. It gets to me now because it sounds more like a noise rather than a background score. The last scene was good but because they had shown it in the promos & it came at the end of a weak episode, it didn’t make an impact but it still was good.

      Akbar Mamu ko koi coverage hi nahi mili whereas he happens to be one of the most important character in this entire equation. What I take from that scary scene of Shakira as a tigress is that she was a woman with some issues herself, because no other reason why someone would say that to a child who is already lonely & scared from the world.

      • Oh I see, yes I think your right. That would make more sense, and the way she turns her head slightly and smiles would all suggest this. Thank you.

        I love your review and in depth analysis.

        I wish you were able to review yeh mera dil starring Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly would love to hear your views and analysis.

  • The inside scoop is that they completely changed the second half of the story. Supposedly Sameer was to die but they have changed it. Stopped watching this drama a few episodes ago because it has become torture

    • I am not sure if the new ending will be fitting or not but I just want them to get over with this drama soon now because the repetition is getting to the viewers.

  • You should get a reality check…this episode was as beautiful…far better than the crappy “thora sa haq” and “tum mere paas hi” which show such deprecation of womanhood and yet wlk away with 3/4/5 stars… shame!!

  • Highlight of the episode was Donias terrible wig. Also I guess Kashif got kicked out of “baanglo” because his sisters were sleeping in their old room again

  • Aa Zahra. Spot on review. This episode didn’t work at all and it was the highlight of the poor editing that has been going on throughout. Hum tv as usual is master in ruining dramas in the final stretch. Really hope it doesn’t come to that.

  • Very good review. Perfect 10 on 10. The concept is good but story telling is not there. The editor and director are doing very shoddy work. I think story writer should ve strong enough to stop director and editor making his work look shabby.
    Was it not enough for Sameer to run flash backs of Sameera that Amma ji too start having flash backs of her house help !
    They wasted time in flash backs they could have shown shadi and Used the day where Sameer could have brought Guhar home introduced her as his bride to his step mom and staff. made her comfortable before jumping to wedding night and introducing Sameera and Guhar.
    Repatetive scenes :
    1) Sameer in blue kurta/dress
    2) lady’s prediction
    3) kashif’s seeing his sister sleeping on bunker bed
    4) Salim remembering Gauhar’s dialogues or Sameer’s condition
    5) kasif’s crying controlling tears face impressed first time few episodes back, but it is repeated so many times that it irritates now.

    households looks
    disconnected – shadi kab hai, kab hai Shadi? Amma baba Gauhar Bushara kisi ko nahin pata , bus Sameer and Salim ko pata hai. What type to household is this?

  • >