Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 24 Story Review – We Need Answers

Opening Thoughts – We Need Answers:

Ohkay so, this episode did not have any flow whatsoever. The editing was choppy & none of the scenes seemed correlated, which made it hard to keep my interest alive while watching this episode. I feel they should now stop with the hints, clues & guesses & just reveal the story because that day isn’t far away when the viewers will start chanting ‘ye tabah hua, ye fanah hua, drag ho ho ke ye drama sua hua’. They have kept the viewers in the dark & have left quite a lot to their imagination for a long long time, therefore it’s high time they should reveal everything & end this drama tameez se because now it is getting burdensome tuning to it.

Choppy Editing & Boring Episode:

Gauhar wanted to know more about Sameer but he could not tell her what she wanted to know. Sameer still underestimates Gauhar thinking that she will not be able to deal with the truth about his 2nd personality. To be honest, as much as I was excited to see Gauhar dealing with Sameera, the way things happened in this episode just did not make much sense. At the beginning of the episode Gauhar was looking for answers & she was confused about the lies Sameer was fabricating, then she met Kashif Donia, she had a conversation with Sabeeha, she met Akbar & the very next moment, she was applying lipstick on Sameer’s lips? Am I missing something here or in the middle of replaying flashbacks, they forgot to shoot those important, defining & explanatory scenes where they could have shown Sameer becoming comfortable enough around Gauhar to allow her in his personal space? That scene made it look like they have been married for months now where Gauhar slowly & steadily broke the ice & made Sameer comfortable? I know they have shown Gauahar as Ms. Fix-it, a wonder woman who sorts everything with an invisible magic wand but this one was too sudden & abrupt! They have been skipping a lot of important scenes & are expecting viewers to miraculously & magically understand everything that they have not been shown! Convenience much?

All the other scenes such as Sabeeha’s conversation with Gauhar, Kashif & Donia’s visit at her place & even her conversation with Akbar didn’t hold my interest. I am glad that a lot happened in this episode but the way things were laid out did not work for me at all. This episode in simple words was boring despite showing a lot.

I am not sure how I feel about the fact that they are now trying to humanize Shakira. Also, I am glad that the very last scene made things clear & put things into perspective but before speaking about that, I want to mention that while watching this episode, I was wondering what difference would it make if the woman Akbar is taking care of is Sameer’s biological mother & not Shakira? They have invested a lot of time in showing Shakira, so that old lady better be her because otherwise I don’t think viewers will have any reason to warm upto that woman purely based on the fact that she happens to be Sameer’s biological mother who was non-existent in the entire drama. On the other hand, they have made Shakira’s character an integral part of the drama, so I am sure like I suspected after watching the 20th episode, the woman that Akbar is taking care of is Shakira!

The very last scene suggested that Shakira was abused by her boss probably Ehsan, she had a baby, that boss took that baby from her & sent her away. So, now are they trying to suggest that Ehsan had Sameer with Shakira out of wedlock & Shakira actually happens to be Sameer’s mother? I am fine with this development, like I wouldn’t mind if she is Sameer’s mother but going by what they have shown right from the beginning, where Shakira kept on messing up with Sameer’s personality & his impressionable mind, I feel even if she was his mother, why would a mother do that to her son? If Shakira came back & got the opportunity to take care of Sameer under Sabeeha’s supervision, why would she waste her time teaching him all those things that he’d have a hard time unlearning for the rest of his life? IF Shakira actually is Sameer’s mother, that development is totally fine but if being a mother she deliberately messed up with his brains, then I am not sure what to feel about it & also the fact that they are trying to humanize her character!!!

Closing Thoughts – Ruining The Otherwise Perfect Drama:

I feel now in order to drag this drama & by adding more details, they are now ruining what otherwise was a perfect drama with intriguing storyline & different yet dynamic characters. They have decided to change the ending, that is fine but I feel the writer was may be pushed to change the storyline & he was forced to tamper the vision that he had for this story & the direction he wanted Sameer & Shakira’s track to take, this is why it is coming across quite unconvincing & uninteresting. I am not too pleased with the fact that even though the drama is in its final stage, we are still left guessing & wondering at the end of every episode? When are they going to give us solid answers respecting the time we have invested in this drama already? It is unfortunate but even Zahid Ahmed’s convincing acting could not save this episode at all. Anyways. I am not sure how others feel but I cringe every time I hear Bushra or Gauhar’s mother calling her GOGO? Pleaseee! Also, it seemed while shooting these last episodes, Sonya Hussyn barely had 5 minutes to get ready because her makeup looks messy & poorly done. Not the look she should sport considering she is a newly wedded bride. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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