Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 24 Story Review – We Need Answers

Opening Thoughts – We Need Answers:

Ohkay so, this episode did not have any flow whatsoever. The editing was choppy & none of the scenes seemed correlated, which made it hard to keep my interest alive while watching this episode. I feel they should now stop with the hints, clues & guesses & just reveal the story because that day isn’t far away when the viewers will start chanting ‘ye tabah hua, ye fanah hua, drag ho ho ke ye drama sua hua’. They have kept the viewers in the dark & have left quite a lot to their imagination for a long long time, therefore it’s high time they should reveal everything & end this drama tameez se because now it is getting burdensome tuning to it.

Choppy Editing & Boring Episode:

Gauhar wanted to know more about Sameer but he could not tell her what she wanted to know. Sameer still underestimates Gauhar thinking that she will not be able to deal with the truth about his 2nd personality. To be honest, as much as I was excited to see Gauhar dealing with Sameera, the way things happened in this episode just did not make much sense. At the beginning of the episode Gauhar was looking for answers & she was confused about the lies Sameer was fabricating, then she met Kashif Donia, she had a conversation with Sabeeha, she met Akbar & the very next moment, she was applying lipstick on Sameer’s lips? Am I missing something here or in the middle of replaying flashbacks, they forgot to shoot those important, defining & explanatory scenes where they could have shown Sameer becoming comfortable enough around Gauhar to allow her in his personal space? That scene made it look like they have been married for months now where Gauhar slowly & steadily broke the ice & made Sameer comfortable? I know they have shown Gauahar as Ms. Fix-it, a wonder woman who sorts everything with an invisible magic wand but this one was too sudden & abrupt! They have been skipping a lot of important scenes & are expecting viewers to miraculously & magically understand everything that they have not been shown! Convenience much?

All the other scenes such as Sabeeha’s conversation with Gauhar, Kashif & Donia’s visit at her place & even her conversation with Akbar didn’t hold my interest. I am glad that a lot happened in this episode but the way things were laid out did not work for me at all. This episode in simple words was boring despite showing a lot.

I am not sure how I feel about the fact that they are now trying to humanize Shakira. Also, I am glad that the very last scene made things clear & put things into perspective but before speaking about that, I want to mention that while watching this episode, I was wondering what difference would it make if the woman Akbar is taking care of is Sameer’s biological mother & not Shakira? They have invested a lot of time in showing Shakira, so that old lady better be her because otherwise I don’t think viewers will have any reason to warm upto that woman purely based on the fact that she happens to be Sameer’s biological mother who was non-existent in the entire drama. On the other hand, they have made Shakira’s character an integral part of the drama, so I am sure like I suspected after watching the 20th episode, the woman that Akbar is taking care of is Shakira!

The very last scene suggested that Shakira was abused by her boss probably Ehsan, she had a baby, that boss took that baby from her & sent her away. So, now are they trying to suggest that Ehsan had Sameer with Shakira out of wedlock & Shakira actually happens to be Sameer’s mother? I am fine with this development, like I wouldn’t mind if she is Sameer’s mother but going by what they have shown right from the beginning, where Shakira kept on messing up with Sameer’s personality & his impressionable mind, I feel even if she was his mother, why would a mother do that to her son? If Shakira came back & got the opportunity to take care of Sameer under Sabeeha’s supervision, why would she waste her time teaching him all those things that he’d have a hard time unlearning for the rest of his life? IF Shakira actually is Sameer’s mother, that development is totally fine but if being a mother she deliberately messed up with his brains, then I am not sure what to feel about it & also the fact that they are trying to humanize her character!!!

Closing Thoughts – Ruining The Otherwise Perfect Drama:

I feel now in order to drag this drama & by adding more details, they are now ruining what otherwise was a perfect drama with intriguing storyline & different yet dynamic characters. They have decided to change the ending, that is fine but I feel the writer was may be pushed to change the storyline & he was forced to tamper the vision that he had for this story & the direction he wanted Sameer & Shakira’s track to take, this is why it is coming across quite unconvincing & uninteresting. I am not too pleased with the fact that even though the drama is in its final stage, we are still left guessing & wondering at the end of every episode? When are they going to give us solid answers respecting the time we have invested in this drama already? It is unfortunate but even Zahid Ahmed’s convincing acting could not save this episode at all. Anyways. I am not sure how others feel but I cringe every time I hear Bushra or Gauhar’s mother calling her GOGO? Pleaseee! Also, it seemed while shooting these last episodes, Sonya Hussyn barely had 5 minutes to get ready because her makeup looks messy & poorly done. Not the look she should sport considering she is a newly wedded bride. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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  • Perfect review zahra..
    Exactly what i thought, like seriously bus kerdo ye guessing game khelna… and it was so hotch potch episode.. ail teraf valima ki baat hori he.. dosri teraf itney din guzar gae shaadi ko.. then gauher pehly itni khafaa un k personality disorder se and aglay lamhay makeup horaha…
    And while watching at gohars eyes and lips.. i was thinking the same.. na eyeliner sahi laga na hi lipstick… i soo wanted to remove the eyeliner and applying it again myself.. lol…
    Fone un k pass tha nhi… phir akbar ne kaiasy call ker k bulaya unhey?
    The drama was going so good in pace and everything but to drag they ruined it.. dil hi nhi kiya dekhney ka..

    • Thank you so much Saiqa. Lol @ wanting to do her eyeliner again, hai na, it was quite a cringe. Waqay hi, none of the scenes gelled well together & half of the episode had filler scenes. Sabeeha telling Sameer’s newly wedded bride that she should pack up & leave, like kyun jee? Abb inhain khatam kar dena chahiye.

  • Spot on review fatima….I too was feeling the same way and am hoping they dont ruin the perfect drama. Our expectations have built up to such an extent…do so hope it doesnt fizzle out into an anti climax…that would be criminal.High time mysteries be solved, queries answered and director give the ending which the play deserves.

    • Thank you Maliha. The drama is being reviewed by me though. Yes, high time they start unfolding the truth & tying the lose ends. Kafi time le liya hai.

  • Ab tou humhein aayee ray aayee nindiyaan aayii Wali situation mein dhaal diya hai jiska na sar hai na pair hai. Pata nahin kis taraf jaa rahi hai story. You noticed correctly when sameer’s gogo was getting ready at room he had different earrings but when donia and dukhi aatima kaashif came he had another piece of earrings. Bhai koi batayega ho kya raha hai. Meiney tou forward karkey dekha ufff boring episode. Aapka review hee tasty laga. Nice review aapi

  • I beg to differ. I found it to be a fabulous episode! Gauhar’s change in attitude is explained by the fact that she only realized the extent of Sameer’s problem after talking to his mother. Consider the difference between thinking “oh it’s all in your head” VS. knowing that “it’s a medical disorder that quite a few top notch doctors have tried to treat”. Once she knew the latter, she probably understood that Sameer can’t be blamed for it (hence her earlier attitude would no longer be justified) and so she approached him like a patient of a medical illness for the first time.

    Also, I take qualms with the way you’re passing judgment on Shakira that why would she treat her own son like that or influence his mind in such a way… Please don’t forget that Shakira is a rape-victim who has been both physically and mentally traumatized; not only was she physically abused, she was also forcefully separated from her new-born! I quite honestly question YOUR sanity for questioning hers. :)

    I don’t think the plot of the story has been altered at all actually. I feel it’s reaching its pre-ordained end. You only had to look closer to know all along that Shakira is Sameer’s biological mother. In an earlier episode she even mentions that “bheriye ka bachaa bhi tu bheriya hee ho gaa naa”. That was a very clear hint that she has been wronged by Sameer’s father. And the reason why she doesn’t want Sameer to grow up to be a man. She would rather that he stays her friend ‘Sameera’. All this was hinting that she herself is mentally disturbed in some way because of some traumatic incident in her past. I, for one, feel it’s unfair to expect her to play the perfect responsible mom and feel that they’ve shown a very realistic depiction of her character.

    Just like an art movie, maybe this drama isn’t for everyone and requires a certain kind of enjoyable patience. I quite appreciate the way they’re unraveling the story and think they did a wonderful job in today’s episode of finally shedding light on Shakira’s character.

    Qudos to Zahid Ahmed and Sonya for yet another super strong performance!!!

    • That’s perfectly fine to disagree & have your own opinion but not sure about the notion of questioning someone’s sanity? I won’t question yours for seeing Shakira differently so you should be kind enough to not do that too.

      If they had kept it a revenge story where after being raped/abused by Ehsan, Shakira decided to ruin his son’s personality, it would’ve made a lot more sense because now showing her as a mother & humanizing all that she did is a little hard to accept. Anyways, the suspense is not over yet, let’s see how the truth unfolds.

      • You are right Zahra. I’m sorry for that rude bit there. Actually I was so disappointed by the review (not that being rude is justified) that how can Shakira’s character be so misunderstood by a reviewer? She’s the victim here. Her behavior never had any malicious intent. I guess my disappointment stems out of the fact that finally a drama comes along that beautifully highlights the complexities of life and mental health and here we are demanding things to be black and white! They’re not. Life never is. Humans come in all shades of grey and are a product of their experiences.

        In my opinion making it a revenge story would miss the mark by a mile. The true big win is to sadly accept that when such injustice is done to an individual (like what was done to Shakira), it’s an injustice to the whole society because it affects numerous people and that ripple – effect is exactly what has been shown here. Sameer’s father is the real monster whose actions eventually affected the lives of so many ppl including poor Zoya who died.
        Wouldn’t you agree that would be a far superior message than a simple revenge story?

        • Maria you make a great reviewer
          You were bang on and unbiased
          I think you have better sensibility to be a reviewer
          Perfect episode reviewed perfectly

          • Thanks for your kind words Cho! I genuinely felt the episode deserved a better rating so figured I’d share and explain my thoughts. Glad to know I’m not the only one who felt this way. :)

          • Wow what a review Maria well-done!!! But still confused why would a biological mother make his son a split personality patient??? Applying lipstick to him

        • Maria, like I have said, they have just started humanizing Shakira’s character, so I am sure a lot of people will be needing some time to grasp everything. This was not the last review of of the last episode, there’s a lot more explanation that is left & is needed to put things into perspective. Yes, what they have tried to show through this drama is absolutely necessary & has been done in a brilliant way but I guess its about time they start revealing everything.

          It’s okay to feel disappointed, this is exactly why comment section is open to public where you guys can come & share your opinions. Review is my opinion & your comment reflects yours. This is how discussions happen. There’s no need to jump down on each other’s throats if there’s a little disagreement.

          I have been totally on Sameer’s side & I definitely need time & more explanations to make up my mind about Shakira. This episode did not work for me because the actual scenes which had some meaning were few. I have heard they have changed the ending where now they won’t kill Sameer & when I heard that, I was actually quite happy because I want Gauhar to stay with Sameer, help him with his issues, overcome his fears & complexes & help him with the unlearning. I have praised all the characters & the drama throughout, even I am allowed to be disappointed.

          • Clearly they are dragging the drama to make most money from it. Story is good undoubtedly, execution was good too. But unnecessary stretching is ruining it now. Also i think shakira did not want to make sameer a mentally disordered patient. She just wanted him to not become a man like his father. She herself needed a companion, a friend. It may be the separation from shakira, the lonliness of the childhood that pushed sameer to become sameera.

        • Maria totally Agree with your Review they are now showing us the mental stress shakira hsve gone through and it is ery tough for her to be a normal mother or it could be like that she dont know that sameer is his son a possibility could be there as well since she said that his son have gone far awayyy

    • Completely and wholeheartedly agree.
      Like always this was a perfect episode the direction was great and the performances of Soniya and Zahid, in that order, just fabulous!
      This series is a path breaking one with no “twist and trun and masala element” to make run for the trp race!
      Far better than the crappy we get to see like Thora as haq and Tum mere pass ho

    • I agree with you maria. The play is based on psychiatry, it has it’s own pace. It requires patience to watch such pieces of art. It’s beautiful the way it is.

    • Just read your review after i put mine up… im glad someone else sees all the clues and hints

    • Yeah Maria you are absolutely on right track…,and your and mine thinking s same here highly appreciated

    • I also think that Shakira is sameers biological mother because I guess she once said to sabeeha Kay aisa raaz Hain Jo abhi apko bhi nai pata and “ye raaz meray sath hi khatam houjayega” I think the secret she was talking about was about Sameer being her biological Son. And ehsan would obviously not want others to know that he raped Shakira…and maybe Akbar and Shakira both worked together at their place and the guy who saved the baby Instead of killing him was Akbar because he kind of knows everything from that time. So does this mean that old lady Akbar was taking care of was Shakira? They kind of resemble too. Shakira and that old.lady.

  • I agree with you.While they were suppose to be clarifying things by now, they have created more confusion. Maybe Akber had told half truth to Gauher. Ehsan might have abused Shaikra, took her child away. When Ehsan passed away she was hired by Sabeeha. By this time Shakira had some serious mental issue due to past and thus impact Sameer adversely. But then why did Sameer kept asking for his mother while Sabeeha would say she has left.

    • Yes P, they need to start dishing out the answers in stead of creating further confusions. The suspense element of the drama is great but now it’s being stretched a bit too much. Shakira being abused by Ehsan & she taking revenge on his son was the right way to go about it. Being a mother & doing this to her son, I am not too sure how to accept it.

  • Apt and accurate review. I somehow felt in last episode that shakira my be sameer’s mother cz akbar being the servant makes sense. This episode suggests the same. But my point exactly, why would she ruin her son’s personality? Means itna bhi kya badla lena k pagal hi kr de. Also, GOGo can go n meet akbar but cannot secretly meet her family or contact them. She is even not questioning sameer regarding this. Thankfully the preview shows she will eventually meet her family. Sameer knows about kashif and gohar and yet leaves her with kashif just to show donia around. So lame. Zahid ahmad was brilliant.

    • Please don’t forget that Shakira is a rape-victim who has been both physically and mentally traumatized; not only was she physically abused, she was also forcefully separated from her new-born!
      In an earlier episode she even mentions that “bheriye ka bachaa bhi tu bheriya hee ho gaa naa”. That was a very clear hint that she has been wronged by Sameer’s father. And the reason why she doesn’t want Sameer to grow up to be a man. She would rather that he stays her friend ‘Sameera’. All this was hinting that she herself is mentally disturbed in some way because of some traumatic incident in her past. I, for one, feel it’s unfair to expect her to play the perfect responsible mom owing to her trauma and feel that they’ve shown a very realistic depiction of her character.

    • Thank you A for your kind words. Yes, they hinted about the wheelchair ridden woman being Shakira where Gauhar recognized her after seeing her & Sameer’s picture, that’s when it made sense that she could’ve been Akbar’s sister whom he must’ve brought as a house help but now showing her as a mother is not the kind of development I was looking forward to. If they had kept it as a revenge plot where after being abused by Ehsan, Shakira tried to ruin his son’s personality, it would’ve made a lot more sense.

      LOL @ Gogo, yes, I have always felt the writer has treated this character as an afterthought because every single time her thought process is not covered. Hard to understand the sudden behavioral patterns of Gogo.

  • This drama has a different storyline Its moving to its end with a slow pace, however keeps the audience hooked. Now we got a hint that Shakira could be Sameer’s mother, whom he misses so much that he can’t stop thinking about her. Since his childhood he had been strictly punished when he was sent in the basement all alone. Poor child does not have anyone else. He wants his mother so Shakira is the only thought he had as a saviour as a friend.

    • Yes, they have established the fact right from the beginning that in a traumatic childhood, Shakira & her presence was Sameer’s comfort zone. He relies on her & the idea of Shakira being around him for repose & comfort. As twisted as she was, Sameer still sees her as a loving & comforting figure from his childhood, that is why he has imbibed her personality & lives her again & again to feel that warmth, affection & comfort.

  • Answers or not I personally really enjoyed the drama and don’t mind the slips of editing here and there ’cause the lead is such a treat to watch and Zahid Ahmed as Sameera oh my I can’t praise him enough. This is one drama that is has become so dear to me that I can overlook the flaws.

    • I have been all praises for Ishq Zahe Naseeb right from the beginning Fasiha & it has been the kind of drama that I have looked forward to every single week. After investing so much time in it, I don’t think I am asking for too much when I expect them to give answers & reveal the truth clearly. Zahid Ahmed is the star of this drama, I have stated that a lot of times.

  • Totally agree about the pace of the episode. It was undoubtedly very slow. And for Gohar, I think she plans to befriend Sameera so that she can figure out the reason behind her existence. I had read a novel named Gardaab and IZN seems to be very much inspired from it. Uss mein b the doctor used the same technique. He befriended those multiple personalities and inquired directly about the reasons that caused their formation. So shyd Gohar b yehi kry shayad
    Aur Zahra Baji aap nay note kiya k jaise jaise pace slow ho rha waise he ”main tabah hua” b slow ho rha :D And it went realllly slow in this episode. (Aur pehli dfa mujhe Yumna b achi nhi lgi IZN mein. It was boring)
    Allah aapko khush rakhay Aameen :)

    • Thank you so much Shorbaan, Jazak Allah & prayers reflected on you. :)

      LOL @ song bhi slow ho gaya hai, waqay hi I noticed it too but I am very happy they have stopped overusing it & in this episode there were some patches where there was no background music, which was such a good change from the usual noise pollution.

      Yes, the trick seems to be the right approach & it is working. It was obvious from the promos last week that Gauhar will deal with Sameer patiently & she will befriend Sameera to help Sameer directly but I so wish they had shown the progress. Flashbacks pe itna time laga diya but jo scenes matter karte wo dikhaye hi nahi.

  • Your article was quite thought provoking till the last paragraph in which one could see that you took this drama to your head. Just savour the method acting of Zahid Ahmad and Yumna Zaidi.

  • Thanks for the review as I can skip the episode. Maybe I might like it if I watch it but too busy. I think that’s the problem with most Pakistani dramas as they drag trying to get to 30 episodes. Happened with Cheekh and many others.
    Ideally almost every drama should end around 25 episodes.

    • You’re most welcome SM. To be honest, this episode can totally be skipped because nothing special happened. Yes, you can definitely watch some of Sameer/Gauhar’s scenes & last couple of scenes of this episode. :)

  • U need therapy for sure…this was like always a beautiful episode…this is a quasi phsycological/ human series not like the other sick mysgionistic series like Tum mere pass ho which gets a 4 star rating!
    If you are biased then u should stop reviewing this series
    And yes get a reality check and know some basics of rating series.
    And yes, I know you bann me from posting comments

    • Okay, I will definitely consider a therapy now that a random person who has judged me based on the review of a single episode of a ‘drama’ has suggested it. LOL!

      I am not sure where were you Vicky when I appreciated 85% of the episodes of Ishq Zahe Naseeb? & you say biased? Please come up with a different label Vicky because I have heard it so many times that it has no affect on me now.

      I am not sure why Mere Pass Tum Ho is being brought into the discussion. Two totally different worlds. Make no mistake, Ishq Zahe Naseeb has gotten an average of 4.5 Star rating, but I can not overlook the fact that few episodes have been duds & this was one of them. I am not sure why I was not labelled as biased when I was praising this drama immensely & continuously, lol!

  • The main focus in this drama on Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), and this is a fiction i think… We should wait till the end of storyline…. The writters are always doing the same, they create suspence and want to keep audience in excitement… Who is Sameer’s mother and what happened to her can still be answered in a different way from what the audience think about… This episode was banned previous week, so its not according to the will of the writer/director, therefore, its feel like boring… You can say the director was confused what to present and how to represent as original idea was banned…..
    Thanks for the review….

    • You’re welcome Faisal. I am not sure why you say that it was banned? I think it was not aired because the channel decided to air Hum Awards. Yes, I am definitely waiting for the answers & I am sure once everything will be made clear, it will be easier to put things into perspective. Overall, it has been a phenomenal drama with a few weak episodes & this was one of them.

  • Oh,but I must say,I really enjoyed the scene Gauhar doing Sameers make up.Both of their’s expressions were superb.

  • Now i get it why they kept playing ‘aai re aai nindia aai’. I was feelinh that you’d appreciate this episode as everyone enjoyed this one. I also disagree a bit. This episode was much better. Well, its my opinion. Shakira being a mother who is tortured in many ways, would do this to her son because its better to be sameera instead of a wolf according to her. I was a little confused about gauhars reaction, and there was discontinuity in some of the scenes.

    • Thank you Ali for sharing your disagreement with utmost respect. I am glad that this episode worked for a lot of the viewers. They have just started showing the humane side of Shakira so I am sure people will take some time to grasp it & understand everything. Gauhar’s reactions always seem out of the blue & sudden. They should’ve worked on her character a bit too.

  • I truly agree with you Zahra as I too found this episode very boring and unnecessarily dragged . The editing was very messed up and I couldn’t get any clue where the story is being pushed although it seemed very interesting in the early episodes.

    • Thank you Nosheen for sharing your thoughts. Yes, the only thing that’s clear is humanization of Shakira, which is fine but the rest of the scenarios didn’t really have any flow. They should’ve given utmost attention to Sameer & Gauhar’s relationship but that seems to be treated as an afterthought.

  • I’ve been following reviewit for a few years now and i dont really comment lol, but this drama is truly one of a kind that has me hooked and i really want to share my thoughts.

    i found the episode to be amazing, i can understand why pacing can be confusing to some, but it’s actually one of the things i like about this drama?? usually in desi dramas they tend to show everything happening, all the 56 different sides of the story lmao and everyone and their khala’s reaction to it so it’s refreshing to see that like real life, not everything is always shown in detail.

    gauhar’s change in attitude could be explained by her finding out that sameer actually has a very difficult to treat disease, she started to sympathise with him more. As for the closeness and ice-breaking, i dont think wasn’t necessary, since the first night of their marriage, ‘sameera’ has gotten to know gauhar, even though ‘she’ treats her cruelly, gauhar still probably has to see ‘her’ every night lol.

    Sameer and Gauhar have already grown close in their own unique before their marriage, when she was employed by him and had the guts to speak up to him, when he helped her out with jahangir, and the whole acid incident, she even took him to the mazaar place too, so i think they did grow close and comfortable with each other, although it could be expanded upon and explored more, i prefer they dont make romance the focus of the story, rather keep it mental health, trauma, and healing, like it already is.

    Now finally about Shakira, im seeing a lot of comments here and on yt that keep frustrating me shfkjfhjskfkh

    firstly im not sure if shakira is actually sameer’s real mother?? because last i remember it was a lady named sureya?? or am I imagining things lol someone please correct me if im wrong, but wasnt the lady, sameer’s biological mother, the woman akbar was taking care of in the old age home, wasn’t her name sureya??

    now assuming it’s actually shakira, and/or shakira is sameer’s real mother, im seeing a lot of people say “how can she be his mother if she’s psychologically damaging him and ruining his personality? omg how can a mother do that? how can we empathize with her if she’s a mother ruining her son’s personality??”

    where do i even begin on what’s wrong with that,,,,,,,

    firstly, shakira was abused, and if sameer is her son, and a result of that abuse, then it would be no surprise, if even as his biological mother, she harmed him mentally. I dont think people realise that shakira wasn’t mentally stable either?? i know the main focus of this drama is sameer’s mental health, and i know everyone is sympathising with him because of it, but where is that energy for shakira lmao?? she suffered too, and actually she suffered much more than sameer, she was probably so mentally unstable she didnt even realise that she’s harming her own son, that’s sadly how it is for some real people who grow up with mentally ill parents. She hated sameer’s father for abusing her and had such a deep hatred for men that she hated how this child she instinctively had a motherly love for, was male. and that’s why she tried to make him a girl, her friend, even if he isn’t her real son, i think that makes the most sense.

    Shakira at the end of the day didn’t do all of this willingly, she was an extremely disturbed person, and she found her solace in sameer, who she ended up scarring psychologically with her toxic affection. I think she is the biggest victim in this whole story, im glad they’re humanising her because she doesn’t deserve to be painted as a villain.

    oof that’s all, im really looking forward to the next ep, i wish the updates were bi-weekly, it’s hard to wait one week, but it’s worth it! Hope we get more answers and jahangir stops being annoying lol

    • Good to know that you decided to comment on Ishq Zahe Naseeb. The only justification of the woman being named as Surraya Begum could be that Akbar while getting her admitted to the old age home must’ve changed her name deliberately so that Sabeeha can not trace her. Because they have repeatedly shown Akbar being worried about her safety as he dreads the fact that Sabeeha will harm her. So, for security reasons he must’ve changed his name.

      Secondly, the question of where’s the energy for Shakira where people are feeling for Sameer & not her? For the longest time, like till last episode, they did not show anything about her. It was in this week’s episode that they showed the backstory & gave an insight into what went wrong in Shakira’s life & the reason why he was like that, so I guess everyone deserves the time to grasp what is being shown. When they can take the time to reveal everything, the viewers can also take the time to grasp & accept the reality.

      Ishq Zahe Naseeb surely is a unique drama & it has been tackled intelligently for the most part. Obviously, no matter how good a drama is, there are always some loose ends & plot holes, which can be spoken about & it’s perfectly fine.

  • That’s exactly what I thought when they showed Shakira with the baby that she could be his mother.

    But then I remembered the time when Sameer’s maid showed some family pictures to Gauhar. And told her that “this” was his mom and “this other woman” was his governess.

    But wait…as you said, Sameer could have been born out of wedlock.

    Which means he wasn’t the son of his father’s first wife either.

    But Akbar always talks about his sister as the wife of Sameer’s father. How she wasn’t rich and they weren’t allowed to meet.

    So it’s two different women.
    One is wife. One is abused.
    There is A baby (or are there two?).
    Akbar never said his sister was a governess; he always mentioned a wife.

    This is just TOO confusing.

    Anyways, about your review, it’s spot on.
    I was just talking to my friends earlier today about how this episode held no significance and this is just NOT how I expected Sameer’s future/path to betterment unfold.

    I hope this drama doesn’t do to us what Cheekh did.
    It would be a huge disappointment to see another drama start on a high and end too basic.

    • Thank you so much Laiba. I am glad we felt the same way. This episode definitely was insignificant with unrelated scenes which did not really do much. Yes, they did not show the 2nd picture that Gauhar showed to Noorah, but I think Ehsan must have lied that his wife is actually Sameer’s mother whereas in reality, he is Shakira’s son so obviously Ehsan could not reveal the gruesome secret that he actually abused his maid & had a baby.

      In last episode, Shakira says to Sameer ‘tu bhi apne baap ki tarhaan behriya hi hoga’, something on those lines so yes, Shakira had Sameer after Ehsan raped her. I think!?!

      I am glad you also feel that they should stop with the hints & reveal the story, it actually is getting quite confusing.

  • If it were on real story so how they could change?? So dont put your leg between the writer’s story… Hahaha

  • I think your review is unjustifiably quite harsh towards a well packaged and paced episode. The makers have aptly and convincingly shown the personality development of each of the lead characters keeping the element of thrill and suspense intact. This is a kind of subject that requires a relatively longer flow to grow over the audience as without that this won’t be acceptable to the audience as they won’t be able to relate to it. Everything from the top notch performances and production values, brilliant and unusual narrative and perfect background score make this show at par with the western series and shows on online streaming giants discussing such complex subjects. This is not a run of the mill kind of script that could be dealt with in a couple of episodes.

    • Trust me Sam, I myself am a fan of this drama & have looked forward to it every week. I have praised it continuously but yes, this episode did not work for me. I totally get your point of view but yes I don’t need convincing because I myself believe that direction, storytelling, script & acting seen in Ishq Zahe Naseeb have been amazing. I think 24 episodes is a decent number to reveal the story, they have wasted quite a few episodes in between with unnecessary flashbacks. About time they reveal the story.

  • I like the drama, but the editing has been poor from day one. And this episode was nothing different.
    I am also getting bored of Shakiras same old scenes. Ialso thought that probably Shakira and Sameers mother is the same, but that is strange as he is in love with Shakira.
    I hope they start winding up soon. But I think it will take a long time. According to the predictions, Sameer mare ga tau Kashif ae ga..aur abhi Sameer ke marne ke tau koi chance nahin. Actually I would like Kashif and Gauher to come together as a normal couple.

    • Yes, the drama has been amazing but the editing has been one of the biggest issues. As I have heard, they have changed the ending & now Sameer won’t die & I don’t think he should. Kashif & Gauhar don’t have anything left, no feelings, no connection. Yes, they are now stretching, they should start wrapping it up.

  • I have been reading your reviews for a long time .. first and foremost well done for all your reviews… 2nd I predicted the story line a few episodes back, Shakira is Sameers mother. Ehsan raped Shakira and then took the child away… Sameers step- mom bullied Sameer as she needed to be in control and I believe even though she knows the truth she believed the version Ehsan told her… to obviously justify the appearance of this child that Sameers mum ran away.
    As for Shakira she is Akbars sister and it could of been that Shakira knew that Sameer was her child but aswell as being her child he also has Ehsans blood in him. In the previous episodes she snaps at Sameer for being like his father. Now for Shakira damaging Sameers mental well being, it may just be that Shakira’s own mental health was disturbed and especially as she does not want Sameer to be a man ( like his father) so she puts lipstick on him etc.. i think that is the justification. Sameer as the fortune teller woman said is most likely to die,or get admitted into a mental health hospital after finding out all this info. I just cant predict what will happen to Donia maybe a car accident? But i do agree this drama started off amazing but the last few episodes they seem to be deliberatly keeping the suspense up it doesnt seem to work with the natural story line. But thats my prediction

  • I’m very late to the party ik but dying to discuss this and none of my friends have watched it yet :p
    The lady in the old home is quite old. Shakira was much younger than Sabeeha in the flashbacks. Surraya and Sabeeha seem to be of similar age. So I think Surraya and Shakira are different :s

  • >