Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 3 Story Review – Family Over Love

Opening Thoughts – Same Old Same Old:

Ohkay so, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was strictly alright. I now feel that the real story will actually kick start when Sameer & Gauhar’s path will cross because so far what we’re seeing isn’t something new & doesn’t have much of a wow factor. No doubt about the fact that the director’s approach towards each & every scenario is different but it boils down to the point that we have seen all of this before & the only new aspect is Sameer’s split personality, so I am sure that is going to be quite an interesting thing to see & explore.

Gauhar & Kashif Chose Family Over Love:

Gauhar’s brother Saleem accepted Jahangir’s proposal for her. Even though everyone in the family was not convinced, not even Gauhar’s parents but Saleem basically saw this as a financial deal because it was giving him the freedom from the debt of Qayyum & he availed it. Jahangir is quite a character & even he lives in a bubble just like Gauhar to actually think that he is someone super special, a sought-after bachelor sorts. Jahangir’s scenes provide some sort of comic relief but I am not sure if that’s the right kind of mood that this story in general requires.

Bushra wanted to make sure that Gauhar gets to be with Kashif that is why she asked them to get done with the Nikkah. Bushra’s main motive was to unite Gauhar & Kashif but then part of her was ready to face the brunt of having her wedding called off because being a practical person that she is, she kind of had an idea that Kamran wasn’t emotionally or mentally strong enough to stand by her side. Bushra was taking the risk which would’ve cost her wedding, but she was fine by it as far as it meant seeing Gauhar happy with Kashif.

Kashif was ready to get married to Gauhar because he has loved her with all his heart but then he couldn’t really take his mind off the fact that he had a responsibility of his sisters & he was their guardian. Gauhar also couldn’t bring herself to be selfish especially when she has seen Bushra being selfless & kind to Gauhar all her life. Gauhar accepted Jahangir’s proposal & Bushra also couldn’t get in touch with Kashif. This was something that kind of left both Kashif & Gauhar in the dark, they both felt guilty but they both still didn’t know that they backed out & didn’t fulfil their promise. Kashif didn’t come because he decided he couldn’t turn his back on his family & Gauhar didn’t either as she didn’t want Bushra to go through the humiliation of having her wedding called off. It was good that they both just didn’t find out the reasons behind their decisions but then, they were on the same page. May be later in life they will find out the truth but for now, they will continue to blame themselves for breaking the promise.

Closing Thoughts – Waiting For The Fireworks:

Overall, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb didn’t really do much. I am now eagerly waiting to see how the story will unfold once Gauhar & Sameer will come in each other’s lives because I am sure that’s when the fireworks will happen. I think I will get to form an opinion about Sameera/Yumna once the true identity of this character will be revealed but for now, she looks strange but rightly so because that’s what this entity is all about. Sonya Hussyn, Sami Khan & Jinaan Hussain have been brilliant. Khalid Malik is doing a wonderful job as Jahangir too. I wish the story kick-starts soon because so far, it’s hmmm…alright. However, the dialogues in this episode were really nice. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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  • This story is different. The scene of running away and turning back was shot brilliantly. I think this show has extreme potential

  • I too am looking forward to seeing how & why Sameer & Gauhar meet & marry, after all Sameera doesn’t want him to get married

  • I agree, the episode was ok. Really waiting for the Sameer/ Sameera track to take off. I am probably wrong, but I think Yumna is a jinn, that Sameer can see and obviously has an attachment to. I think at night she ‘takes over him. He was probably an easy target for yumna to ‘attach’ to, since as a child he was full of hate aftee his father ‘re married.

  • I am a big time fan of writer Hashim Nadeem. In this drama he wrote screen play and not based on his novel.. he involved in making as zahid khan told in discussion before 1st episode.. i knew it will be blast.

    Remember the lady who was at shrine and read Gauhar’s hand and just keep moving with that..

    Split personality scenario of zahid khan will come with big surprises as he introduced this type of character in his novel Abdullah..

    Hashim Nadeem’s every scene and sentence has a story behind.

  • لا تعلقی کی وجہ بتا کر جدا ہونے والے لوگ منافق ہوتے ہیں وہ زندگی میں رحم اور واپسی کا راستہ کھلا چھوڑ جاتے ہیں۔
    Episode was strictly ok but then i heard this dialogue and i was extremely happy. Yes they are taking it little slow but treatment of the director looks like that he is trying to say this is not very important and don’t be really serious about this situation because this is not what it’s really about. I think sami khan for a change should stop doing these type of roles. His role in khudgarz was really really good. He is really good but it has become boring watching him play same roles over and over again. I was never a fan of sonia Hussain but i think her acting is now growing on me. I was kinda happy to see her doing this role. Preview of the episode was enticing. I think sameer’s servants know that sameera comes out of their boss. These days i am a big fan of Yumna. Whenever i see her in any drama, i start to pay attention to her acting and in this drama whenever she comes on i smile a little for no apparent reason. I think this drama will kick start from next 2 episodes. I feel they should have taken 1 less episode to show us this Kashif-Gauhar story. Thank God after sometime i watched hero and heroine who choose family over love because recently everyone is running to get married.
    Good drama and brilliant review

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