Ishqiya Episode 1 Story Review – Mad Love & Limitations

Ishqiya’s first episode was pretty decent and even though it seems like the story doesn’t have anything new to offer but this was definitely the kind of episode which kept my interest alive. All the central characters were introduced with utmost clarity in this first episode – which was great especially considering the fact that I have watched enough dramas lately in which the families of the central characters are most often introduced later on. While Feroze Khan and Ramsha Khan are playing the kind of characters they have played in other dramas too before, Hania Aamir’s character it seems might be different from the one she played in Anaa and Titli. Also, I honestly feel that Hania Aamir is an amazing actress who brings out the nuances in her characters exceptionally well. All the actors involved performed well, the background music at times was annoying but overall this first episode was fast-paced and engaging.

Written By: Mohsin Ali Shah
Directed By: Badar Mehmood
Produced By: Big Bang Entertainment
Channel: ARY Digital
Timings: 8pm on Monday

The Title and First Impression

When I searched Ishqiya on Google to find out about the cast, that is when I realized that there was a Bollywood film with a similar title too. I am not sure if this is a coincidence or not but it would be great if our producers can be a little more creative while finalizing the title for their dramas! After all there are so many different options! I am going to admit that I watched this first episode with the least bit of expectations especially after watching the highly disappointing and OTT first episode of Jhooti. The fact that I managed to sit through this episode without questioning the cast and the presentation in general was reason enough to take it up for reviewing until something better comes along.

Ishqiya Episode 1 Story Review - Mad Love & Limitations

The opening scene wasn’t impressive, my first thought was whether a university would allow their student to wear shorts on campus. Apart from that the background score made the whole scenario more filmi than fun. As the story progressed and the characters were introduced, there was more clarity and even though Ishqiya seems like another story which will revolve around relationships but this first episode was definitely more interesting than the opening episode of Jhooti which was all over the place. There are some clichéd but definite conflicts in the plot right from the beginning and if handled well it would be interesting to watch how all the characters handle these conflicting situations.

The Characters and The Story

Ishqiya’s story revolves around three different families and four main leads. Thankfully the conflict in this story isn’t one which involves class difference. Hamna (Ramsha Khan) and Hamza (Feroze Khan) are madly in love. Hamza is in a position to show this ‘madness’ since he has no problem with openly confessing his love for Hamna. While on the one side Hamza is shown as an angry young man with a romantic side, on the other hand he is introduced as a genius – someone who does wonders in his studies even though he does not fit into that studious student stereotype. Although that sum he solved on the board didn’t seem too difficult but it did imply that he was a good student. Hamza’s father (Khalid Anam) is really cool and the entire atmosphere in his house is completely different from that of Hamna’s. The contrast between the two households was quite apparent from all the scenes shown in this first episode.

Hamna has a sister Romaisa (Hania Aamir) who has a personality very different from that of Hamna’s. While Hamna is in love and afraid to disclose that secret even to her sister, Romaisa is more than happy living her life which is quite carefree to say the least. Romaisa is shown as a happy-go-lucky young girl who trusts her father completely with her future. Hamna on the other hand is set to be engaged to Azeem (Gohar Rasheed) by the end of this episode. Hamna and Romaisa’s father (Shabbir Jan) is strictly against love marriage therefore Hamna does not have the courage to tell him about Hamza. At the same time, she does not talk to Hamza about the proposal because she is scared of how he might react to it. Everything happens too quickly and Hamna’s worst fears come true.

Ishqiya Episode 1 Story Review - Mad Love & Limitations

The conversations and situations through which all the characters were introduced in this episode were for the most part convincing. It was easy to connect to the situations. The scenes covering the family life of the main leads were more entertaining than the scenes which were shot in the university. Having said that, the university scenes were important because they showed the intensity of Hamza’s feelings for Hamna. This part of Hamza’s personality will probably play an important role in creating an even bigger problem in the upcoming episodes. Hamza gave Mir Hadi (Khaani) and Adeel (Gul-e-Rana) vibes but I really hope that his character does not get too dark.

Final Remarks

Sadly enough, like always ARY has summarized the entire plot on its website. Therefore, we know exactly what is going to happen in the next few weeks. And once again I regret visiting the website to get information about the cast and for the teasers! All those viewers who don’t want spoilers should not visit the website.

While watching this episode I kept on wondering why Hamna could not share her secret with Romaisa who seemed quite ‘cool’. It would have been good if the writer answered this question instead of showing that Hamna just didn’t have the guts to do so! Also, why couldn’t Romaisa see that her sister was not happy with the proposal and that she was worried.

Some of Romaisa’s dialogues were hilarious and I enjoyed her cool and cute attitude. The parents’ characters were interesting too since they were not one-dimensional.

The preview of the next episode showed Hamna’s father pleading her to safeguard his honor and her meeting with Azeem suggested it would just be added pressure.

Did you watch the first episode of Ishqiya? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Your observation is on point. I study at the university this drama was shot in and they don’t allow us to wear shorts!

  • ap ne apnay review main kaha k jhooti fist episode was disappointed nooooo it was so amazing specially iqra aziz acting is amazing but pata nahi ap log ary k dramo say jealous q hotay ho 12. 0 to jhooti first episode ki trp aye hai
    agar ye hum tv k drama hota to ap log pir isko amazing boltay

    • Hmmm but isn’t ishqiya an ary drama too. Or Fatima ny abhi mere pass tum ho bhi review kiya wo bhi ary ka hi drama tha. Boht sary log ary k dramas nahi dekhty q k ary apny dramas ko over commercialise krty hain. Mei bhi srf wohi drama dekhti hu. Or upr se sary dramas k characters completely black and white hoty hain k weird lgta hy. Bura itna bura k koi had nahi or acha itna acha or majboor k bndy khid ko majboor smjhna shuru ho jain.

      Ary bss young generation ki attrntion capture kr rahy hain with dhair sara masala really.

      • Sidra first of all ARY is the most watched since last 9 years continuously… Aur ARY k mostly dramay achay hoty aur aur ARY apny har dramay mei content strong rakhy hain…aur Ziyada tar kuch different aur issue basef laty hain like Surkh Chandni,Damsaa,Cheekh,Kaisa Hai Naseeba,Dil Mom Ka Diya & many more while Humtv dramas are like cup of cofee where’s everyone like tea on the other side GeoTv dramas are shits all are indian type sazishi dramas

  • I am not too sure about watching it. The writer has written film Chpan Chupai, which I enjoyed a lot. His drama Yaar e Bewafa was also good but he has written Aesi Hai Tanhai too :/ So, I am going to read your reviews for 3 or 4 episodes and then I’ll decide. Good Luck reviewing it :)

    • That’s interesting Pakistan Po, Aisi Hei Tanhai’s execution was worse than the script IMO…too commercial and sensationalized.

      Thank you so much for reading the reviews, truly appreciate it.

  • The story isn’t unique, so I appreciate that they got right to it instead of taking a few episodes to set the drama up. For the most part the characters seem likeable- especially Hania’s Romi. We barely know her, but I already want everything to work out for her. Hania’s very good at playing cheerful and open characters. I did wonder why Hamna didn’t share more with her sister as well. There’s an interesting nuance to the characters- I don’t necessarily agree with the girls’ dad for instance, but I get where he’s coming from? There are more shades to his character than those typical ‘zabardasti ki shaadi’ hitler fathers.

    One character I have reservations about is Hamza, lol. I feel too old to appreciate the ‘angry young man’ hero shenanigans. I have an impulse to take Hamna far away from him because while she’s full of optimism and love, all I can hear is warning sirens, lol.

    • Yes, same here loved Romaissa and totally agree with you about the dad too, balanced characterizations with the exception of Mir Hadi oops I mean Hamza LOL!!

  • Assalam o Alaikum Fatima. Thank ypu so much for the review. Meine ap k review k bd drama dekha hy thora sa. Hania ka character mujhe sb se ziada acha lga. Hania boht piyari lg rahi hy ma Shaa Allah. Aap ny iss pyaar k sadke nahi dekha? I know writer ki wja se sb hi dry huy hain mgr abhi tk boht acha lg raha hy or yamna as always nailing her character.

    • Waelukum Asalam Sidra, you’re most welcome. Mujhe bhi Hania ka character sb se ziada appeal kiya. Ji meinay dekha woh bhi and I think it is super cute. Yumna tu hei hi kamal ki actress. Ab dekhei kahani agay kese le kr jatay hei. Wo rishtay walay scenes buhat hi funny lagay mujhe first episode mein.

    • Hi Riya, Trust me, I would love to but we can only do 2 reviews therefore I would much rather review a drama that’s worth watching.

  • Will watch it after papers. Aapi dua keejiyega mbs bachaaney waaley key liye papers achey ho jaaye. Allah aapki dua qubool farmaaye jo aap meray liye bolengi Allah ko. Aameen

  • Lovely review. I’m glad that you’re reviewing something even if I’m not completely on board this ship yet. The first episode was nice and fast paced too…in a good way. I really liked the Siddiqui family and am glad that a father who doesn’t approve of love marriages is not shown to be a monster. Hamza’s family also seems nice but feels a bit forced like his personality. Hamza and Hamna scenes seemed lackluster and had a deja vu quality to them. I loved Romaisa though, her scenes and dialogues seemed natural and just…kinda flowed. I completely agree that Hamna not sharing her secret with Romaisa is unconvincing or wasn’t shown convincingly enough. The drama has potential but if it’s going to dive into the dark realm of revenge and miserable-life-after-marriage then I’m going to take a step back.

    • Thank you N. Same thoughts! I also really liked Romaissa and the family. Yes, same here LOL!! I am only going to continue watching and reviewing it if it stays interesting, if it takes the Anaa road then I am out;) I am glad you are watching this one, will look forward to your feedback.

  • Aoa FA! I watched the 1st episode with least expectations just like you but i must say i liked it. Especially hania’s character. I’ve watched feroz and ramsha like this before but the character of hania was a little different. I just want to know more about her personality. She looks chill, true, and responsible too. You reviewed it so im definitely up to this one until it turns unbearable like many others.

    Apt review.

    • Aoa AH, how are you doing? I am glad all of us here feel the same way about Romaissa (can’t call her Romi just yet haha!). Yes, interesting character, different from Anaa, let’s see.

      Thank you so much for reading the reviews, for liking them and for sharing your views here, appreciate it.

      • Alif ki pace ese hi h fatima. Or yhi iski Khoobsurati h i think. Ap double episodes dekha kren ek bar mn. 19 ho chuki hn wese. Or ab story untehai interesting ho chuki h.

      • How much ever i know the choices of ur mam, i dont think alif will be v great for u..and i have read the novel so i knw the finishing also .
        Atleast not satisfactory ending…

  • Genuine question are pakistani universities set like they show in dramas? It seems like from what I’ve seen the universities in pakistan have a similar structure to an American high school where there is a principal, suspensions and rules regarding clothing. Here in the UK it is much more relaxed. We have a Dean and vice chancellor of the University that no one ever sees, you can dress how you want and you can even skip classes because at the end of the day it isn’t compulsory as you pay for the degree. You also can’t be suspended from the university and instead be removed completely if you undertake any criminal activity. We also don’t get shouted at by our lecturers.

  • You must watch Bollywood movie Ishqiya starring Naseeruddin Shah, Vidya Balan and Arshad Warsi. It’s a beautiful movie. ‘Dil to Bacchha hai ji’ sung by Rahat Fateh is special. It’s a must since I can see the kind of story and direction you like. Highly recommend.

  • Hi, i was looking forward to this drama. Ramsha & Hania are great actresses. But as mentioned already, Ramsha & Feroz seem to have played similar roles. I really can’t stand Feroz sorry, his character is too wild..khaani comes to mind…so I’m giving up. He’s really put me off otherwise was looking forward to seeing Hania again ☹️