Ishqiya Episode 5 Story Review – Highs and Lows

The story finally moved forward with this episode and just like every other episode of Ishqiya , this one too had quite a few eye-rolling scenarios. There were also some developments which were likable. Roomi’s strong personality is definitely one of the most likable aspects of this drama but unfortunately she will be married to Hamza and that is when things will start going downhill. The writer has continuously used Siddiqui sahab’s medical condition as a majboori yet the viewers don’t know even now what is wrong with him. The introduction to the characters was given a little too quickly which is why some of these characters keep you guessing. The excessive use of background score and not enough situations to establish the relationship between some of the characters has been another negative aspect of the play so far. The viewers do not really know Hamna that well therefore it is difficult to relate to her family being ‘cool’ with her being a zinda lash!

Latest Developments

Tonight’s episode of Ishqiya opened with Hamza’s friend telling Hamna that she was responsible for the condition he was in. The first few scenes covered how desperately Hamza’s parents wanted him to be well. By showing all these scenes and this particular situation, the writer is building the foundation for the upcoming events. Few days back, Hamza’s mother was bent on marrying him off to Alishba but now she will be more flexible. Her dialogues suggested that she regretted her decision and will now do whatever it takes to please her son. That would make it easy for Hamza to convince his mother to accept Roomi as her daughter in law. Although, Roomi is supposed to be madly in love with Hamza but it is extremely difficult to relate to this ‘ishq’. Although her majbooris made sense but even then this track has not been handled properly. Hamza and Hamnah should have been given more screen time. The only aspect of their relationship which has been given a lot of screen time is Hamza’s madness. The way Hamna made her way to Hamza’s room in the hospital was definitely not relatable or realistic. Someone in a critical condition like that of Hamza is never left alone, unsupervised!

Ishqiya Episode 5 Story Review - Highs and Lows

Azeem finally was shown wondering whether Hamna was interested in him or not – better late than never! The conversation he had with his mother also revealed a little bit more about his character. His dialogues suggested that he was not a flexible person and he expected a lot from his wife. Since Hamna is used to ‘pleasing’ her father, pleasing the husband should come naturally to her! Azeem’s dialogues in the hospital when he was trying to console Hamna were also disturbing. So far, Hamna is just lost and is least bothered about her relationship with Azeem. Roomi definitely is the sensible one not only because her situation is different from Hamna’s but also because so far she is not a bechari in any way. Had Roomi been in a similar situation, she would have taken wiser decisions.

The men in this play are turning out to be a big disappointment. Azeem clearly is another one of those men who expect the woman to compromise. Even though Hamna and Roomi’s father overall is a sweet and gentle person but some of the expectations he has from his daughters make him a really typical character. This was a good opportunity for the writer to highlight the importance of a girl’s consent in marriage but the story seems to be going in a different direction. Hopefully, the wiser viewers can see just how unfair Siddiqui sahab has been to his daughter.

Ishqiya Episode 5 Story Review - Highs and Lows

Final Remarks

So far, the best thing about Ishqiya are the performances. Even though Hamna’s character is quite annoying and Hamza’s character doesn’t have anything new to offer but both the actors have been performing well. Hania Aamir is convincing as the confident and bubbly Roomi. Even though Roomi’s complete disregard of her sister’s ‘condition’ makes absolutely no sense. Similarly, Siddiqui sahab’s character is rather confusing but Shabbir Jan makes it worthwhile. The preview of the next episode showed Hamza recovering and executing his revenge plan! Not exactly looking forward to what is coming ahead but curious to see how Roomi deals with the entire situation. I can already see Hamza’s mother as the typical saas and Alishba as the woman trying endlessly to create even more misunderstandings!

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Fatima Awan

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  • Ye drama isi writer k likhay huey dramay ki copy hai. BB hee producers thay aur tabah kerdiya tha dramay ko.

    Hania Amir jesa role Areej Fatima ne kiya… Bubbly girl. Isi tarah main lead, jo uni fellows aur aik doosray se muhabbat kertay hain, ki shadi naheen ho pati aur larka (also named hamza) larki se badla lenay k liye us ki nand se shadi karta hai. Yahan behn hai. Phir us ka sara bubblypan khatam hojata hai.

  • I agree with your points, Fatima. I think I’m mainly watching this because of Roomi and how she almost terrorises the people in her life with her spirit and forceful character. I think Azeem is at his most enjoyable in his scenes with Roomi too lol. I’m absolutely dreading what marriage to Hamza can do to her.

    I too wondered if Hamza’s mum is going to be the typical saas especially since I think Azeem’s mother doesn’t seem to approve of Roomi.

    I did think this episode was a little draggy- but I think it’s mostly because I don’t get Hamna or why her family doesn’t seem to notice that she’s such an emotional black hole.

    Alishba needs to listen to her father. Blegh. Her character in particular is such a cliche. Can’t we get rid of these desperate, unhinged women in love who are up to no good?

    • Glad we agree Maya. Yes definitely Alishba’s character has been there seen that written all over it. Hamna is still a mystery and not an interesting one;)

  • You said it all Fatima. This what we were talking about while watching the play. I am also watching it for now to see how all these people behave once they are life partners. Aba’s bemari is such a convenience haha. Keep writing awesome reviews. Love them.

    • Thanks a ton for liking the reviews Shehla. Hena, glad we felt the same way while watching this episode. Keep reading and commenting.

      • About Abba’s bemari, i think they mentioned hepatitis, liver failure, possible need of transplant in future.. i think they did it inthe scene where parents were talking to each other and Roomi evesdropped

  • I think Siddiqui sahab mentioned in one of the episodes that his liver is shrinking and if meds don’t work, they will have to transplant which he can’t afford. I think writer deliberately made Siddiqui sahab’s character confusing or should i say that Hamna didn’t have the courage to say NO because clearly her father is not that strict. Writer made his character confusing especially for Hamna. Hamna’s situation is understandable but not likeable. Everyone will prefer a girl like Roomi who would have got out of this situation. Story is not new and in many ways typical to say the least. Only reason I am watching it because acting is so good. Idk but I always hate Gauhar Rasheed. I don’t like his acting at all. His face gives away his innocent acting. Anyways good drama for time pass.
    Brilliant review and points you made are absolutely correct

    • Welcome back Ahsan :) Thank you so much for liking the review and commenting, I missed your feedback.

      Let’s see what Roomi does when she is in hot waters.

  • I wonder what was the point of dragging hamza’s will he or won’t he survive situation. Everyone knows he will
    On another note who else thinks the actress playing Alishba looks like a discount Maya Ali?

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