Ishqiya Episode 6 Story Review – The Proposal

The story moved forward with this episode of Ishqiya. Unlike the previous few episodes, tonight’s episode had a few developments which were long overdue! The writer intelligently used Hamza’s accident and his silence to change his mother’s thinking in particular. Now, we can finally move on to the next phase of the story. This drama would have been far more entertaining if it was fast-paced. The excessive use of background score doesn’t help either! Tonight’s episode overall was engaging and logical. The superb performances by all the actors involved have been the most appealing aspect of this drama so far. The story so far is quite predictable but I am hoping that it won’t get as dull as it seems like it is going to be. Hamza’s father will definitely prove to be an even more refreshing addition to the show once Romaissa gets married to Hamza.

Progress In The Story

Hamna and Azeem finally were shown talking to each other like a husband and wife should! Hamna also seemed to be more comfortable around Azeem. At the same time, she kept on praying for Hamza and also made sure she visited the hospital. Hamna is perpetually confused and just when she finally decided to move on, Hamza came to her house with the proposal. So, Hamna now is back to being the zinda lash she was before. Finally, someone in the house questioned her about what was going on in her mind.

Hamna’s mother was always shown noticing her whenever she looked unhappy and tonight finally she asked her why she was being like that. Hamna evaded the question but clearly her mother realizes that something is wrong. Hamna’s mother’s dialogues about the respect and love she will get from them even after she gets married were good but these parents too are just as confusing as the daughters! I find it really difficult to relate to the fact that such parents won’t allow their daughters to choose their spouse – which doesn’t essentially mean having an affair!

Ishqiya Episode 6 Story Review - The Proposal

Romaissa continued to live in her own world. Later on, when Hamna was talking on the phone with Azeem, Romaissa’s antics made sense but when Hamna came to call her she looked like she had seen a ghost yet no one really noticed her expressions! Even after her mother told her to come to the kitchen, she sat there frozen!

The Proposal

After staying silent for so long and probably after a lot of contemplation, Hamza decided to take revenge from Hamna. The second he came up with the plan, he had an evil smile on his face. The way Hamza’s family went to Hamna’s house with the proposal also showed how easy it would have been for Hamza to marry Hamna if he had the time. He is clearly someone who knows how to have his way. He is sure that Hamna betrayed him and deserves to be punished. This would mean that he has a negative streak because otherwise, he wouldn’t be so happy executing his plan.

If Hamza had asked his mother to go with him to someone’s house with a proposal before the accident, she most certainly wouldn’t have obliged. Although, the accident played an important role in changing her mindset but even then Hamza’s recovery was given more screen time than necessary. Hamza’s scenes with his family in this episode were heart-warming. The actress playing Hamza’s sister’s role is also playing her part well.

Ishqiya Episode 6 Story Review - The Proposal

Final Remarks

This was another episode of Ishqiya with some really good performances even though some of the actors didn’t have a lot of dialogues. The characters annoy you at times but the performances never fail to impress. So far, the actress playing Alishba’s role is the weakest link in the play. The preview of the next episode suggested that these marriages will not be taking place anytime soon. Hamna vows to do whatever it would take to make sure that Romaissa does not get married to Hamza. She will obviously succeed and Hamna will have another reason to feel guilty! Waiting to see how Alishba will react to this latest development ;)

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Fatima Awan

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  • My problem with this drama is that I’m constantly aware of why any given scenario is happening in the drama. Hamza’s accident softens his parents especially his mother to let him marry as he wishes. Hamza’s recovery took so long so that it gave time for Hamna and Azeem’s relationship to be on somewhat steady ground, and so on and so forth.

    There wasn’t enough Rumi this episode, although I’m expecting her to make a typical Rumi entrance in front of her in laws! I was thinking though- Hamza’s family was aware that there was a girl in his life, so they’re probably assuming that he and Rumi have been sneaking around and she has no idea.

    • Yes, Hamza’s family thinks Romaissa is the girl he loved, therefore, tons of misunderstandings and even more confusion coming our way.

  • LOL @ zinda lash. Poor Ramsha Khan, must have been difficult to make that face for all those weeks. Fatima I agree with you about the performances and I know what you are trying to say about Romaissa’s life after marriage. Let’s hope we don’t have two zinda lashs then LOL. Anyway, I think even with these problems, this drama is better than Muqaddar. For the first time I don’t like Madiha Imam and the bejor on screen jori reminds me of the drama Bashar Momin. Faysal Qureshi’s talent wasted.

    • Haha totally! I also have a feeling we might have two in the future but still hoping that I am wrong. I am glad we agree Agha. You are right, although I really liked Madiha Imam in Baba Jani but not liking the fact that she is FQ’s love interest in this one. Not too happy about FQ’s accent in the play either, sounds fake.

      Appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • Great review I’m not watching this drama but still i read your reviews because they are brilliant. Have you decided which drama will you review after ehd e wafa? Muqaddar or Jhooti? Which Special episode was better Meray Paas Tum Ho or Ehd e Wafa?

    • Thank you so much Sami, you’re always very kind. Neither Muqaddar nor Jhooti, sorry. I will be reviewing Sabaat. Hope you will be watching it.

      Definitely MPTH – no competition there!

      • why you didn’t reviewed the special show of ehd e wafa? and what do you think about Faisal Qureshi’s acting in Muqaddar?

        • Because I couldn’t sit through it, it was badly managed, visually disappointing and Sarwat was not fit for a live show. Which makes me wonder why they went live in the first place. I watched a few episodes of Muqaddar and I must say Geo needs to stop showing these leading men who are rich and they kidnap girls – it is a norm now.

  • Hye Fatima! Hope you are doing good!
    I am here to ask did you watch Ehd e Wafa’s special episode? What did you think of Sarwat’s hosting? 😂

    • Hey there, how are you doing Pakistan Po. I am doing very well, thank you.

      Haye what a sawal sir ji haha! Sarwat’s hosting was so terrible and that show was so lifeless that I couldn’t sit through it for more than 20 minutes. Zara Noor Abbas’ earrings and the sounds they made every time they came into contact with the mic was sonay pe sohaga. MPTH special show was way ahead of the game – naql ke liye bhi aqal chahyeh.

  • I hope you know that I’m not stalking you…I’m just here, minding my own business, reading the comments…on a review…of a drama I don’t watch…cuz I liked your EeW review so much. That’s not stalking right? Ok I just read (not through stalking) that you’re going to review Sabaat? Thank you God. Cuz I’m not watching anything ajkal and have put all my ‘hope’ eggs into the Sabaat basket. Ek toh I’m loving the new pairings there…also I loved Mawra in Aangan and am hoping she’ll perform well again (not a daasi watcher or fan or stalker). Also I adore Sara Khan’s jet black, uber silky, dead straight hair. So get ready to reply to my amazing comments to your stalking-worthy reviews…not that I’ll ever stoop to stalk.

    • haha, the cutest comment ever. No, my friend, you are not stalking me. Love your comments, I feel like I personally know you after reading these comments. Yes, Sabaat looks promising, the story it seems will be different and fresh casting. So glad you will be watching it too, will look forward to your feedback.

      Don’t stop and please you’re not stalking.