Jackson Heights – Episode 12!

Ohkay so, this episode marks the first half of the drama & now we’re moving onto the 2nd half. I’d say after an interesting previous episode, I was expecting a lot from this one in particular because I thought may be the story has picked up the pace but I think it wasn’t supposed to be like that. Even though this episode had a lot of scenes too which revolved around the relationships that are evolving but somehow I still found it very slow.

So, Sikandar has lost all the money in gambling that he borrowed from Salma. I don’t know why but the blind trust Salma has on Sikandar really makes me question her intelligence. She’s a strong & independent woman, well she may not look like it but mentally she is as she’s dealing with so much harshness in her life so calmly but what makes me doubt her is that she knows what her husband has been up to & has even gone to prison time & again, so is it ohkay for her to remain oblivious of Sikandar & his activities? How can she trust him so easily that he asks for a good amount of money & she lends it to him just like that? Why isn’t Salma worried, why isn’t she cautious while dealing with Sikandar because that man doesn’t have a clean slate? I am not saying that she should be very alert (which sounds like a good idea) but at least if she would keep a check on her husband, it would spare her from some problems at least. I think Salma has already understood that her life is not a fairy-tale, so are we asking a lot from her if we expect her to keep her eyes open while dealing with Sikandar? I am not sure if we’d get to know more about her background & how she ended up at this stage but as much as I know her, I think she’s blameworthy for what has happened to her because Salma thinks going to prison is a normal thing, which actually came as a shock to me. I think this level of comfort, trust & assurance that Salma has extended to Sikandar has lead him to what he is now because he knows, he has Salma who’d take care of him & his family no matter what, so when he takes her for granted, looks like Salma likes being taken granted for as well.

So, there was some sort of development in Bhatti Salma track. Aliya obviously has been joking around lately about how they both are compatible & how they make a nice couple but as usual Salma takes it as a joke & forgets but it was somewhat good to see them depending on each other a lot more in comparison to how they used to before. Bhatti has started sharing his family issues & even confessed that he likes spending time with her, which is the case for Salma as well. She walks an extra mile to compensate for ruining his birthday, goes for a lunch break & spends time with him, which obviously shows that they now share a connectivity which they themselves aren’t aware of as yet. Even if it was a slip of tongue, Salma admitted that she was on a date & Bhatti used that opportunity to let her know how his heart has been skipping a beat lately whenever he’s with Salma. I think I’d like to see them end up together because they both deserve to be happy.

Hmmm, so Michelle goes out of the way to grab jalebies for Jamshed & still she gets awkward when he shamelessly flirts with her. What is she expecting? Obviously, she’s spending a lot more time with him & there’s got to be some strong reason behind it, so why is she trying to ignore what she has been feeling & what Jamshed’s been saying? He has given all sorts of signals to her & I think considering Michelle’s age & experience, she can clearly understand what Jamshed’s trying to say. Not sure if he is sincere or something but I still want to know what has gone into Michelle that she has taken a 180⁰ turn so quickly & is not how she used to be. Ohkay, if she was someone who didn’t get a male attention for years, her inclination towards Jamshed would’ve made sense but she just rejected a suitable proposal for odd reasons & then here she is, hopelessly falling for a guy she knows nothing about, so yeah, let’s see what happens to them.

I must say, as if Cathy wasn’t enough that Isabella has been introduced as a nightmare part 2 in Bhatti’s life. I really want to know what Cathy & Isabella’s issues are because every conversation they have with Bhatti end up with a taunt of him being an irresponsible, conservative Pakistani holding Pakistani values, which most of the times sound too forced & uncalled for. & oh, once again, Sikandar is trying to sweet-talk his way into deceiving Salma so that he can grab the money he has to pay off but I am sure Salma won’t resist in helping him as she’s on a trip of her own where she is in denial & thinks everything will sort out on its own if she continues to trust her conniving husband blindly. Let’s see what happens next.

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