Jackson Heights – Episode 14!

Chalain jee shuker hai, finally the drama is picking up the pace & the episodes are coming across as a lot better than the previous ones. Even though, I still have an issue with how things are unfolding between Jamshed & Michelle, rest of the tracks are doing just fine.

It really surprised me that it only took a few days for Michelle to come out of her shell that she was used to for so many years. It only took a few sweet-talks from Jamshed & Michelle forgot all about those boundaries that she set around her? I have no issues with their relationship & even their age difference doesn’t matter but what matters is the missing depth from her story. I think it would’ve been a lot better if they had shown what her ex-husband did to make her so bitter & what she faced all these years that made her so isolative? If they had shown some sort of transformation in her emotions like what allowed the flamboyant stranger to sweep her off her feet; I think that would’ve made a lot more sense. One day they weren’t talking & the next day; they’re holding hands & strolling in a romantic park; all this makes it look like the scenarios have been flipped & there was neither any flow in the scenes nor any growth in her feelings, in fact there weren’t any feelings to begin with & they’ve been forced point-blank to fall for each other & have no other option.

I didn’t see the necessity of Nadir’s call to Jamshed as well. Why was he acting like he was guilty or something because Nadir & Asma took that decision without worrying about Jamshed for a second, so they should just stick to it now. Why did Nadir feel that he owed some sort of an explanation to Jamshed, whereas he on his own was pretty sure that Jamshed wasn’t his friend anymore? Jamshed’s blunt & honest reply to Nadir for the first time revealed that he has been hurt a lot more than he expresses & maybe that’s why he has stopped thinking from his heart & has now adopted practicality in life.

Another shock that I got in this episode was the way Cathy behaved after she saw Bhatti & Salma sharing a conversation over a cup of coffee. Why is it that all of a sudden Cathy’s acting like an over-possessive ‘wife’ because otherwise, she has been very practical. has always been indifferent to her husband & it’s more like she has pretty much grown out of this relationship. Once again, they never showed what Bhatti did to tick her off. They never really showed Bhatti & Cathy spending a good time together or having a normal relation like any other married couple, which is why Cathy’s reaction didn’t really seem justified. Cathy’s on a trip of her own where now she has started to dread that if Bhatti gets the citizenship, he will walk out on her. Does this mean that she never really bothered to care about him just because he was an illegal resident & she knew he had no escape & now that when there’s a chance that he might become an American national, suddenly she has started to have some sort of a realization that she needs to work on her marriage? I don’t think there was a need of showing Cathy as so shallow that her husband’s immigration status affected the way she treated him.

Finally, Salma managed to salvage herself from further loss & this way, she saved our eye-brows from rising too. Just in the nick of time, she overheard what Sikandar was saying to Kashif & understood where he was getting with the whole ‘zewar check karwa lo’ act. For a change, it was good to see her standing up against Sikandar because it’s about time he reaps what he sowed & more than that, it’s about time that Salma realizes how she’s being played upon. Sikandar is despicable, there’s no questioning in that but the way Tai Jee shows her deep concern for both Sikandar & Kashif, knowing their dirty moves is also detestable. Sorry to say but Tai Jee is just a hypocrite who doesn’t leave an opportunity to belittle Salma & Imaan but has always been overprotective of her son despite knowing how he always falls short on morality. Yes, there was a moment where Salma once again tried to convince herself in denial that she might be misunderstanding Sikandar but thankfully, Aliya saved the day.

Just when we thought that their paths might never cross, I see something of that sort happening in the next episode where Sikandar & Kashif will try to rob Bhatti & then I feel somehow Salma will get involved too. Seems like the drama has hit the right track & pace, so hanging in there to watch what happens next. Share your thoughts as well.

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