Jackson Heights – Episode 16!

To be honest, I would’ve been so happy if this had been the 8th episode & I’d known that we’re now left with 8 more episodes. Yes, this episode was very interesting with a very nice pace but I now feel it has been very late & I also dread tuning to Jackson Heights next week because this has been the pattern of this drama. It will give you one good episode & after that the next 3 – 4 episodes would be slow & dragged. So, as per my ‘assumption’; (as we all have been assuming here a lot) 20th episode would be good. Anyways, this episode was good for sure & probably the first one that had my undivided attention because it was quite happening also the scenes were short & to-the-point too.

Finally, after 15 episodes we now know for sure that Jamshed has been trapping Michelle all this while but I must commend him for that because Michelle was a hard nut to crack & he succeeded effortlessly. I must say that specific smile of Jamshed was so evil because it carried a clear answer to all of our questions. Yes, it wasn’t a coincidence, it was all a plan of Jamshed but he has been very lucky, he found just the right person to use in order to achieve his goal, which was a permanent visa to Amreeka.

Yes, Jamshed has been mean & he has been plotting it since the day he arrived but the way Michelle opened up to him & told him the exact reason for her detest & hated for Desis, Jamshed started having some thoughts. May be he just wanted Michelle to do him a favour but I think he will eventually fall for her because he knows that Michelle doesn’t deserve to be deceived again. Anyways, coming onto Michelle, I really expected better from her. She has nothing but a baggage of bitter experiences & going by what she revealed today, her own uncle & cousin betrayed her, so how could she easily trust a young stranger? I don’t understand why Michelle was never seen asking herself a question like how could a young guy like Jamshed fall for a woman of her age? This is exactly why I find this script so weak that we have never seen an emotional quotient here. It’s just a basic on-the-surface sort of a story without any depth to it. We have such characters that aren’t in touch with their emotional side, which is why I have never been able to connect or relate to them.

Bhatti finds himself at peace whenever he discusses everything with Salma. Yes, he has confessed that he is getting used to her. Salma often reads between the lines but Bhatti always confesses his inner most feelings effortlessly. Even though it’s only Bhatti who speaks when they’re in a conversation but seems like Salma also loves spending time with him. It’s like he makes her forget her of the duties & responsibilities she has & with him, she is just a friend who is lending a shoulder to another friend. I was glad that it was their conversation at which the episode began but I am also glad that Bhatti found out it was Sikandar who tried to mug him. I loved the way he was being inquisitive about Salma’s husband as he couldn’t believe that Salma was living with such a dangerous person who does such sort of things for living. Bhatti exactly understood why Salma never told him anything because she had nothing good to share with him. It was good to see that he chose to be upfront about Sikandar because he wanted some answers. I think it’s another good thing that happened because now Salma knows that she can depend on Bhatti in more such ways than she had thought of.

The preview was interesting too because now looks like Bhatti will be on Sikandar’s case but sadly Salma will face the brunt. Cathy will be at her usual best because she will be bickering with Bhatti & Jamshed is going to get married & that was quick. I read an interview of Mehreen Jabbar where she spoke about a limited budget, I certainly understand but what I don’t get is, were they so short on budget that they couldn’t afford 2 – 3 options of night suits for Salma? She has only been wearing peachy/orange sleepwear throughout the drama, which really is, I wouldn’t say disappointing but…meh! Anyways, share your thoughts please.

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