Jackson Heights Episode 25 – Comfortably Dumb!

Chalo is drama mai aur kuch mile na mile ye jawab to zaroor mil gaya ke Maria Michelle ki hi saggi behan hai kyunki wo usi ki tarhaan bewaqoof aur kam-aqal bhi hai. I really thought she will knock some sense into Michelle after she will hear the truth from Rizwan about Jamshed but too bad, she also got tricked into believing that apparently Rizwan is up for no good & Jamshed is Michelle’s well-wisher. If Maria’s doubting Rizwan, she should doubt, blame & question Michelle first for being friends with such a bad guy for so many years. As far as I remember, both Michelle & Rizwan have known each other for 15 years & oh boy, it only took an incident of 15 seconds to turn Michelle against her best buddy? Why didn’t they show that Michelle still tried to give him a benefit of doubt or on her own she tried to re-evaluate what might’ve happened by at least giving a thought to another possibility? Why is Michelle so comfortably dumb? I must commend Vasay Chaudhry for coming up with a bunch of stupid characters who’re mentally challenged, one after another & the best thing about this script is that they don’t cease to surprise us with their stupidity because just when we think they can’t be more stupid than this, they prove us wrong in the very next episode so for now I really am enjoying this element of ‘stupidity’ in Jackson Heights & now I have pretty much understood the purpose of this drama & script; which is to show that people become STUPID with the passage of time.

I am glad that there were a lot of scenes of Imran & his family because I forwarded those as I knew they were up for emotional atyachaar & I wasn’t in a mood for that. I really want Naani to wake up & meet her son who has come all the way from Amreeka to see her & that’s all that can be said about their track. I really can’t imagine how one-dimensional all these characters are, like why do they always show one side of theirs? Imran’s bhabhi was mean, is mean & she will be mean no matter what but like why is that? The problem with Jackson Heights’ script is that all the characters will only have one side dominant in their characters & nature; if a person is good, he’ll be toooooooo good & if a person is bad, he’ll be tooooooo bad & surprise surprise, if a person is ‘stupid’ (which most of them are) he’ll be tooooooooo stupid.

Chalo shuker hai, Salma ko zubaan to lag gai but abb kya faida? I mean when she has pretty much settled there, she should accept it because this is what she chose for herself & this is what she inflicted upon herself, so why is she on a taunting-spree these days? She is clearly unhappy with Sikandar & his mother, so why is she making sure they know about her feelings because she looks stupid as they know she’s not going anywhere, so her rants & taunts won’t really make a difference in their lives as she is still taking care of them & the household expenses, so her taunts don’t really matter, what matters is that she is making a fool out of herself by saying ke mai jaoongi bhi nahi but rahoongi bhi yahin wo bhi na khush ho ke!?! & is it just me or Imaan’s coming across as a very irritating girl who’s acting like a toddler daddy’s-girl that too at the age of 15? LOL, I mean PHULEEZ!!!

Jamshed, I have a good idea, appne valimay ke khanay mai se 2 – 3 botiyaan Rizwan ko bhi de dena, because Rizwan really doesn’t have a life of his own & he is sooooooo eager to prove that he’s got one, which clearly isn’t the case. Like, how much humiliation is he ready to deal with when it comes to the matter concerning Michelle? Rizwan bhai, appki dost pagla gai hain, so when she is ready to jump in a deep pit, why are you trying so hard to stop that because YES, I know you’re a good person & trying to be a better friend but trust me mere dost, it looks like you really have got no life of your own, so you better search for one & leave the jumping to Michelle because burhapay tak anay ke baad bhi aggar kisi ko aqal na aye to us banday ka phir Allah hi Hafiz hai & oh, how stupid was that India Pakistan ka match dialogue was, LOL! I couldn’t stop laughing at that, like seriously jaisay Michelle na ho gai koi Match ho gai. LOL! Anyways, share your say about this oh-soooooooooo perfect episode please & yuppie, the preview of next episode hinted that it might be the last episode, which I soooooooooo am praying for!!!

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