Jackson Heights – Episode 26!

Haha, this drama has come to such a point where now we are bound to enjoy its episodes because deep down we know that it’s going to end pretty soon & this is the reason why I believe this episode was good as I know that they are wrapping the story up but I must say, the idea of this drama having 24 episodes was excruciating but to see it being stretched till 27 episodes is awful & I am still not sure if it ends next week or not! I can’t stop wondering what an amazing drama it could’ve been if they had wrapped it up within 16 episodes but all we can say is; *sigh*

Ohkay so, any guesses about what Michelle’s favourite song these days must be? & yes, you guessed it right, it’s ‘Vay Main Lutti Gai Aan’ (I got robbed, looted & what not) LOL! Now ask me if I felt anything for her when she broke down? Nope, I didn’t because even then what she said wasn’t making much sense because seems like she knew what she was doing but she still was ready to take a leap without thinking much about what she was doing with her life. Michelle said she herself heard the messages Jamshed’s family left for him but no matter how mean or selfish Jamshed might be, Michelle seemed equally selfish too because despite knowing that Jamshed’s grandmother has passed away, she didn’t show any signs of distress & was absolutely happy & ready to go ahead with the marriage plus why is it that just when she actually found out about his scheme, she decided to rub his Naani’s death & his family’s messages on his face? I am not saying that she should’ve confronted or fought with him before she received that call but at least she could’ve spoken to him about that subject & could’ve asked the reason for which he was hiding the news of Naani’s death from Michelle because before Jamshed got exposed, Michelle seemed completely normal as if she never learned about Naani or felt something odd about him hiding the truth from her? I was amazed that even after so much had happened, she was still questioning Jamshed if she was a soft target or not? I mean woman, you just got fooled & you’re still in a denial? You got a clear cut answer & you still feel the need to ask those questions? I liked her conversation with Rizwan afterwards because she admitted that she falls short on brains & I couldn’t agree more but no matter what happened & even though Michelle’s khuwab of becoming a baby bride was ruined, I must say she (read Marina Khan) looked absolutely delightful & elegant in that simple white dress which I really liked as well.

Really sad about Naani’s death but then I knew it was coming. Bhatti’s life has become stagnant & more than that; purposeless. He struggled so hard to get a green card but he was unable to because he couldn’t afford to stay in the US due to his mother’s condition, then he left everything for Salma but he couldn’t get her either & that really makes me feel sad for him that all of a sudden looks like he has lost everything & he can’t undo any of that.

I must say it was a relief seeing a smile on Cathy’s face because I was pretty sure that she was incapable of experiencing the specific emotion of happiness but I am glad that she proved me wrong. Cathy actually loved Bhatti & that’s why even though she knows he never loved her, she still wants to see him happy as she knows what his mother meant to him & how special Salma must’ve been for him because of whom he left everything as he just wanted her to be by his side & he just didn’t give importance to anything else when it came to this decision. I so wish that now when Salma has found out so much more about Bhatti & his ultimate love for her, she sits down with Daddy’s girl Imaan & puts forth all the facts in front of her. Well, even though I feel something for Bhatti & Salma after this scenario, I still can’t get over the fact that Bhatti gave 25 Grand to the goons that too not for Salma but for Salma’s shohar Sikandar!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! As far as I remember, when Cathy asked him about paying the lawyer, Bhatti Sahab said he’d have to save $1500 & he will do it later so I’m having a hard time digesting the fact that he paid such a huge amount because as much as they showed us, Bhatti had so many expenses to take care of so I really don’t think he ever got a chance to save so much for himself alone?

So, finally, Rizwan was hell bent on not eating botis of Jamshed’s valima so instead he figured a way to turn things around which could possibly allow him to have botis of his own valimay ki dawat & hurrah for Rizwan, he was able to save the day, so good for him but I must ask, why is Jamshed so awfully evil & badtameez? All Javed did was give him the news of his Naani’s death & instead of mourning over her death, he misbehaved with him? I mean what has he achieved in life & what has he done so far that gives him such an edge to be so rude to people? Ohkay, I get it, he was just trying to cover up his anger, frustration & his own disappointment on himself for not being able to be with Naani when she was on her death bed but phir bhi itni badtameezi? & because of that attitude, later when he was crying buckets, I felt like pouring that on him because he deserves to drown in that chullu bhar paani anyways!!! So, there you have it; my take on this episode of Jackson Heights so please share your say & pleaseee make me happy by telling me that the next episode is going to be the lasttttt!?!?!?! Phuleeeeeeeeeez!!!

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