Jannat Se Aagay Last Episode – Review

Jannat Se Aagay Last Episode – Review

Pakistani dramas often fail to hold viewers’ interest until the end. There are only a few dramas that manage to captivate audiences throughout their run, leaving a lasting impression. Jannat Se Aagay was definitely one such drama. Jannat Se Aagay not only succeeded in keeping my interest alive but also left a lasting impact with its compelling storyline, well-developed characters, and exceptional performances, especially by Ramsha Khan and Kubra Khan. Although this last episode of Jannat Se Aagay was not as wholesome as I was expecting it to be, the drama delivered as a whole.

The drama skillfully navigated through multiple themes, touching upon issues that are extremely relevant in a world overpowered by ‘influencers’. This narrative encouraged viewers to critically examine the impact of influencers on societal values, individual aspirations, and the blurred lines between reality and the carefully ‘edited’ images presented online and on media.

Although the main protagonist was a Morning Show host, the story definitely transcended the conventional boundaries of its setting. Umera Ahmed utilized the backdrop of electronic media as a platform to delve into deeper societal issues, moral dilemmas, or the intricate interplay between influencers and those they are influencing. As the story progressed, it unfolded as a canvas with a larger, more meaningful agenda. Not to mention the fact that different Morning Shows on Pakistani channels failed us time and again by promoting regressive themes as well as materialism.

Whether it was the exploration of exceeding materialism in society at large or the struggles of individuals trying to carve their paths in the world, Jannat Se Aagay approached these subjects with depth and authenticity.

Jannat Se Aagay Last Episode – Review

Apologies and Realizations

The last two episodes of Jannat Se Aagay focused entirely on apologies and realizations. Jannat’s realization was shown gradually. Even with all the abundance and wealth, she always felt empty inside and was losing everything she treasured once. The flashback scenes in the last few episodes were much-needed since I always wondered how Nauman and Jannat’s relationship was before she became rich and famous.

Jannat’s character was beautifully etched out. Away from the demands and responsibilities of her professional life, her character consistently revealed a gentle and kind side. This subtle but impactful shift in demeanor, from work to personal life, served as an appealing element in the narrative, offering a glimpse into the private, more vulnerable aspects of her character. Kubra Khan’s nuanced performance breathed life into Jannat’s character. However, I felt as if Jannat was also ‘punished’ in a way at the end since the viewers were not shown her ‘happy ending’ or her new beginning.

Tabbasum’s journey was equally wholesome and definitely surprising as well. Her journey had a more gratifying ending than that of Jannat. I am certain the majority of the viewers were expecting her to be a Morning Show host but I am glad that the writer kept her track concise and meaningful. Had the preview of the next episodes not been so elaborate, many of us would also have anticipated her to speak against Jannat just as requested by Ayla. Ramsha Khan nailed her role from the beginning till the end. The highlight of the final episode was Tabbasum and Jannat forming a strong bond in the end.

Farooq’s mother was completely absent in the last 2 episodes. I missed her presence since Tabbasum owed her an apology as well and she was one of the most likable supporting characters. Tabbasum’s parents and siblings were to be partially blamed as well for burdening her with their demands; it would have been good if their perspective was shown in these last 2 episodes as well. Also, it would have been better if Jannat was the one who made the final decision instead of Nauman handing over the ring to her. Nauman’s character and his track were a weak link in an otherwise strong plot. He was nothing more than a greedy, good-for-nothing loser who did not entirely take responsibility for his actions right till the end.

Zara’s actions made little sense as well since she was not in a position to judge Noman for sinning differently! She was equally involved in this affair and seemed okay with Noman minting money from his wife for making the restaurant before leaving her for good. It would have been so much better if she left Noman out of fear or perhaps greed. I found it really difficult to relate to her actions in this last episode and whatever she did, did not redeem her character. Did this track even need so much attention? Noman being a greedy thief could have been bad enough.

Final Remarks

Jannat and Tabbasum’s journey was like a mirror reflecting the natural human tendency to yearn for more, often at the expense of losing sight of the blessings already present. This story served as a compelling reminder of the importance of limiting one’s ambitions and establishing personal boundaries.
It highlighted the potential consequences of unchecked desires aptly.

Jannat Se Aagay also shed light on the far-reaching impact of media on the collective mindset of society. It showed how the information spread through various media channels could shape opinions, influence attitudes, and contribute considerably to the collective consciousness. At the same time, it conveyed that the choices made by individuals in selecting and engaging with media content significantly contribute to the overall impact and influence of media narratives.

Umera Ahmed’s signature style was easily detectable in Jannat Se Aagay, spiritualism is one of her favorite themes which she adds to most of her scripts. Gratitude constitutes an important part of religion and Tabbasum’s ending in particular highlighted its importance. With the exception of Farooq and his mother, every other character in the drama was more or less drawn to materialism, desiring more than what they possessed.

Jannat Se Aagay had a slow start but it turned out to be an exceptional drama with great entertainment value. It will also be remembered as one of the few dramas on Geo which did not overstay their welcome. The narrative was unpredictable throughout and the human-like characters made it relatable. Had the writer and producers used the enticing formulas in the first few episodes, this drama would have been more well-received by the audience. The focus on Jannat’s character and show made perfect sense but it was unfamiliar territory and these episodes were slow-paced therefore even I had a difficult time warming up to Jannat Se Aagay in the beginning. Once it took off, there was no looking back!

The fact that Jannat Se Aagay picked up pace later on impacted its ratings. It is also highly unfortunate that such quality content did not get the attention it deserved from the viewers. All those viewers who gave up on this drama after watching the first few episodes should definitely give it another shot.

Jannat Se Aagay may not have been picture-perfect, but it undeniably offered an entertaining and meaningful experience, delivering a well-rounded package to its audience.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and insights about the drama and its last episode.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Perfect review… this drama is my.most fav drama in last 2 yrs after humtum. Zara’s character was not handled well.as u mentioned..that was a big flaw…she was behaving innocent and betrayed..he was taking jannat’s husband and had problem with her things….

    Farooq was another weak link..talha’s performance was too ott…..his crying was unbearable.

    Kubra gave best perf of her career. Ramsha also excelled agn in a difficult role ..both were amazing

    Starting few episodes we’re slow and I thought this will be as slow as alia.. but it really picked and remained perfect till the end…supern drama overall.

    Fatima..pls review every week..and also I.was expecting Neems last episode review….that also was v good..but couldn’t be classic.. I wouldn’t call jannat se aagey also.classic..but really one of the best in recent times where most of the dramas are not.good.

    • Thank you Tiger. It’s good to hear from you. Yes, it was one of the best for sure. I was not well, actually extremely unwell and that’s why I couldn’t review Neem’s last episode. I watched it and loved the ending, it was wholesome. Neem had so much going for it but they stretched it unnecessarily. Mawra Hocane was brilliant in both Neem and Nauroz. I agree with you about Farooq, the crying was annoying, I guess that had a lot to do with the direction as well since the crying scenes were prolonged, liked him in the last episode though ;)

  • Thank you for the nice review. Jannat se agay is an amazing drama and loved the apt ending. Kubra Khan and Ramsha Khan both did great in their roles. Loved their performances and their characters Jannat and Tabassum.

    The weakest characters were Noman and Zara. If Noman was a good person, really caring husband and son how did he turn into a mean husband, fraud, thief, just because his wife started earning more than him and gained popularity. He shouldn’t have been shown as the perfect husband when they were not rich, there should have been negative traits in him then too. Zara was having an affair with Noman, taking expensive presents, left her job, dreaming about the resturant, she knew fully that the money belongs to Jannat. She should have left Noman now as he is rich anymore. Zara’s tears and redemption seemed meaningless.

    Farooq was a good person but cried a lot in certain episodes. So much crying made me lose interest in his character. Yes his mom was completely missing in last 2 episodes as you have mentioned it would be nice to see her too.

    Tabassum’s enthusiasm to work, to continue to work after marriage and help her family financially was good. The part when she started cheating and stealing was wrong. Showing in the end that be happy with what you have is good but if she wanted to work and provide for her family financially it was not wrong.

    Jannat’s journey was shown really well. But it seems like she was the nicest person and suffered the most at everyone’s hands. Other than her mom no one was sincere to her, at one point or another had used her.

    I am glad the drama was not stretched and ended at the right time.

    • Thank you so much Asma for sharing your thoughts here. Totally agree with you about Noman, Zara and Farooq. I always felt that the male characters in the drama never had much going for them. It was Jannat and Tabbasum’s show, they were strong enough to carry it on their shoulders even with the weakest male characters that lacked appeal altogether.

      I agree with you, Jannat deserved better, wanted to see her smiling in the last episode. And I absolutely hated it when Noman said kharcha deta rahu gi!! Matlab paise wapas kr du bhai us ke kharcha na du LOL!!

  • Also want to.add abt Gauhars perf..he isna brilliant actor but his performance was not upto the mark in last 2 episodes..far from convincing. Tabassum was not shown to be too much embarrassed..she also should have apologised a lot….U can’t put all the blame on Jannat’s show.

  • Thank you for an honest and insightful review. JSA is among some of the most thought provoking and meaningful Dramas that I have had the good fortune of being a part of.
    To me it was a well rounded off finale – logical, understandable and meaningful.
    Funnily enough, I too missed Farooq’s mother in the last episode…. as a viewer sometimes you forget you are a part of it. You simply see yourself as a character too. Shabana was the only one whose moral compass and gut instinct was on point and she & Farooq perhaps suffered the most through no fault of there’s. I too would have liked to see how Tabassum redeemed herself with her mother in law 🙂
    Nevertheless, it was the magic of Umera’s writing, Haseeb’s direction, the strong support of producers Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi, the brilliant camera work & production value of a great crew and stellar performances by Kubra, Ramsha, Talha and the entire cast, that has made JSA a product that will always be relevant….. that’s what turns a product into a classic!

    • Yes, we missed seeing you in the last two episodes. You have been part of so many amazing dramas and this one is a classic. Thank you

    • Most welcome :) Thank you for reading the review and for sharing your insights here. Loved your character and performance in the drama and missed you in these last two episodes. Shabana was definitely the most likable supporting character in JSA.

  • Fatima, I was waiting for this review. You are the only person who did justice to this drama by understanding it fully. The entire experience would have even more pleasurable if you reviewed it every week.
    I read here that you were not feeling well. I hope you are feeling better now. Wish you good health so that you can write more often for us 😊😊
    Coming to Jannat Se Aagay, my feelings are the same as yours. The ending two episodes should have covered the other important supporting characters as you rightfully mentioned. I was so annoyed with Farooq for the entire run of the drama but seeing him happy was surprisingly the best part. Jannat cried too much in this last episode. I wanted to see her in the end working and fulfilled on her own.
    Keep writing for us please
    Thank you
    Stay blessed

  • Hello Fatima, I recently visited Reviewit after a while and came across the reviews and comments. I learned about your mother’s passing, and I’m truly sorry for your loss. May Allah reward her with Jannat ul Firdous, Aameen.

    I experienced the loss of my mother nearly a year ago, and the pain still lingers. I understand what you must be going through and commend your dedication to your work. May Allah help you heal fully.

    Similar to many others, I discontinued watching Jannat se Aagay a few weeks after it premiered, mainly because of the repetitive content. Later, I stumbled upon clips of the show on social media and decided to tune in once more. I am so glad I did because I literally found myself waiting the entire week to watch these episodes. The essence of the show revolved around Jannat and Tabbasum’s journey and what an unforgettable journey it was! Kubra Khan and Ramsha Khan truly surpassed expectations with their performances. The concept was entirely fresh, from the characters to the storytelling approach.

    What did not work for me was the treatment given to some of the scenes that prolonged without significant development. Like you and others here mentioned Noman’s track and character was not the strongest point of JSA. All in all it was undoubtedly enjoyable, so much so that I’m considering a second viewing.

    Thank you for the comprehensive and accurate review.

  • What a drama! Both plays ended which i used to watch. Now what? Mein and Mannat Murad. Don’t use brain if you want to watch these shows just to kill time.

    • LOL true! I am going to miss JSA and KP. Mannat Murad gives some comic relief given, like you said, dimagh ki baati band ho ;) Mein is unbearable! Jaisay Aapki Marzi is way better in terms of engagement value.