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Javed Sheikh joins the movie Teefa in Trouble

Teefa in Trouble is an eagerly anticipated romantic comedy which has many fresh faces attributed to it. After going on floors recently, we got to know more about the Ahsan Rahim’s directorial dubut. Coincidentally, It is also Ali Zafar’s and Maya Ali’s debut movie.

The latest advancement on the set is that veteran actor Javed Sheikh has joined the cast and is playing the role of Maya Ali’s father.

Talking about his role, Javed Sheikh told the media that he is the female lead’s father and Ali Zafar is playing the role of his friend’s son. They were all close to eachother in “androon shehr” but now they have moved to Poland and hence the adventures begin as love navigates its way through cultural differences.

Well, the movie is certainly getting more and more interesting..