Javed Sheikh Talks About The Bond He Shared With Umer Sharif

One of the prominent host of Pakistan Nida Yasir lately hosted a special show in the memory of Umer Sharif.

Nida Yasir took the senior actor Javed Sheikh on call during the live show. Javed Sheikh while talking about his bond with legend Umer Sharif, mentioned that “Me and Umer Shareef were old friends. We used to perform in theater together, in fact my first role in theater was written by Umer Sharif. When I was going to give my first performance in theater, Umer Sharif was the one who stood by my side, gave me courage and helped me through out my performance.”

“We used to spend a lot of time together, from playing to having dinner together, each and every moment we spent with each other is worth remembering. I met Umer Sharif one week ago before leaving to Turkey, I had no idea that he’ll leave us too soon. There can be no one like our legend Umer Sharif”, added Javed Sheikh.

Sara Imran

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