Jeevan Daan: An Intense Collab Between Saba Qamar And Shuja Haider!

A single word explanation of the collab between Saba Qamar and Shuja Haider is that the video is simply “INTENSE”. Our society has diverged from its path long ago. With the issues of patriarchy, oppression and abuse so common in the society, we have finally started talking about it. Shuja Haider and Saba Qamar have also come out with a video highlighting all these flaws in our society. Saba as always has done her part t perfection and Shuja’s voice makes the experience more emotional. The child actors in the video have done a fabulous job too. Here is the video of Jeevan Daan:

Previously we saw Saba and Shuja working together on the title song of Baaghi and this time it is Jeevan Daan. It is an intense experience and ends on a positive note coated with hope and courage.

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Pakeeza Dar