Jimmy Khan Reintroduces Electric With “Madame”

Jimmy Khan has brought music and fashion together. The fusion that he has brought forward is what we can almost never forget. This time, after a long wait, he has come up with a new Electric song “Madame”.

Talking about his venture into music again, Khan said:

“For me, now that I think about it, it’s hard-hitting to know that people expect something from you. At one point, when nobody really knew me, there was nothing. Madame is a song with which I’ve ventured into a completely new dimension, and what I enjoyed the most, is that it is something that was not expected from me. I’m not trying to alter myself to expectations.”

“It’s not just a transition, it’s a dual role on purpose, and something I’ve added onto my wagon from what it only used to be. I’ve also indulged into commercial, mainstream music now, which is off the brand ‘Jimmy Khan’. I write for myself, but I do commission work as well.”

Madame was written a year ago, but wasn’t released due to some reservations. Clarifying his stance, he further said:

“It was a composition I worked with my very dear friend and lyricist, Danial last year and while writing it, or even when you’ll hear it, it could be very generic; it could be about anything. I honestly wasn’t in the mood to release it right now, but when Zain took it to the studio; played the electric guitar, he wanted to rearrange my sound as well and it was very interesting, the direction he wanted to take it in.”

Jimmy Khan is currently working along the lines of releasing a new album in the near future. We wish him all the best and believe that he will revive the pop music scene once again.

Kainaat Maqbool