Sadaf Kanwal Proves Her Sass In Na Maloom Afrad 2 Teaser

“The Gypsy Soul Will Sing It Down In To You” – and ‘Kaifo Suroor’ will make sure that you can’t breathe the whole time. On Aima Baig’s voice, Sadaf Kanwal’s exotic moves will take you to the realm of sultry appearances and haute looks, signature to Na Maloom Afrad.

In the teaser of the movie’s item song, Sadaf Kanwal has taken our breaths away:

Though the whole figure can’t be clearly seen, it is quite apparent that the physique and those pouted lips definitely belong to Kanwal. With few moves and utter grace, Na Maloom Afrad has left us guessing for what already it has in store for us. The whole song isn’t out yet, but we wish to see the standard and the bar it is going to set for the music in Pakistani industry.

But, once again, people are questioning the industry as to why it is so heavily influenced from that of across the border? Let us leave the defending to the producers and directors of NMA 2.

Kainaat Maqbool

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