Jinns drive Sahir Lodhi Crazy- Watch Video!

Do you believe on the existence of unseen bodies with supernatural powers? If you do not, then Pakistani morning shows can be a good source to make you believe that there actually are. It was only a few days back that Sahir Lodhi conducted an entire show on the theme and adding much to that, he even shared his own experience where he encountered the presence of him (an unseen power).

Sahir Lodhi explained his experience in front of a scholarly panel and said that he and his assistant Raja. Who takes care of him, has experienced some unnatural moves in their lives. The first time it went into notice was when Sahir asked his assistant to make his LCD go on AV mode and when he was about to sleep, the mode changed to its normal telecast, though he didn’t had its remote.

He also mentioned that when he went to washroom, the lights got off themselves and the moment he came out, they glowed again. The same happened again and again.

As his third major experience, it was Raja again who was a joint witness of this. It was when he parked his automatic car in parking making Raja sit in car while he went out of it for something. On his return Raja, horrified with what has happened, told him that the car mode changed itself from Parking and the car started to move it.


As been written in the Holy Book of Quran, Jinns do exist and there are thousands of people who feel them, see them and even talk to them. However, believing on your real Lord for help and safety is all what you need to do to fight against their harmful deeds because just like every other being on earth, their Creator is none other than Allah.

So, do you think that unseen forces are following Sahir Lodhi everywhere? Do you have ever witnessed anything similar? Feel free to share your experiences.

God Bless You,

Nida Zaidi


  • Rashid Nazir Ali

    This man sahir lodhi can do anything for fame and ratings.

  • yumna khalil

    jin k pass or koe kam nhe ho ga jo is k pass he jaye ga…….:P 😛 😛

    • Lawangeen

      shaid wo unko paristan ke koi pari samj raha hon aur bad mai Tv per es secret se parda utay k wo ek pari te jin ko wo ghalti se jinnat samj raha tha..

  • Tariq

    drma baz hay jhutta

  • Shoaib

    wash room light on /Off…….aisi jaga refrigerator hota hai Sahir bhai …..kuch hosh ker ….

    • nida_zaidi


  • sam

    pta nahi yeah such bol ry hae ya jhoot but ita to paka sub muslims ka belive hae k jin hae or un mae achy bhi hae or bury bhi…..bs allah sab ko apni amaan mae rekhy amen sumeen

  • Lawangeen

    wo person muslim nahi hosakta jo jinnat per yaqeen na rakhta ho….hamra mashora faqt athna hia thora kam peya karon….aur 5 time nemaz para karon sab jinnat bhag jain gay.

  • sidz

    hehe honda accord 🙂

  • hoorya

    jinn ko b yehi mila tha 😛

  • Bullhay Shah

    Koe jin Sahir ka peecha nahin kr raha–Sahir apnay caretaker sy “care krwana” chhor kr iss gunah sy toba krain to Shaitani taqtain uss ka peechha chhor dain gee!!