Jo Bichar Gaye Episode 10 Story Review – Taking Up Arms

Jo Bichar Gaye has to be the most underrated gem on television right now. Every week it literally jolts the viewers to the core; showing those dark times which are perhaps somewhat of a ‘mystery’ even for viewers such as me who have studied history for years! The separation of East Pakistan has to be one of those painful topics which aren’t talked about a lot in mainstream media since even to date the causes are debatable. While on the one side Jo Bichar Gaye shows the military and political situation at the time, it also focuses more on the human aspect which makes the characters relatable and the journey emotional. Jo Bichar Gaye is such an apt title as well, the more I think about it the more I find myself appreciating the writer/s for coming up with this title. The honesty with which the story and emotions have been covered is beyond impressive since the writer has shown how terrified the military men were at the time and also the fact that the establishment miscalculated certain situations. Even today, historians question if this tragedy could have been averted had the people at the helm of affairs taken the right decisions at the right time.

Even though I have read so much about the separation of East Pakistan, watching this tragedy unfold on screen has an impact like no other. I could honestly not have imagined being this involved in a drama covering the tragedy. Team Jo Bichar Gaye deserves tons of credit for a job well done. The director Haissam Hussain has created the right kind of atmosphere for each scene. The leading men are heroes who are not perfect; you understand their failure to deal with the situation and realize why things got so out of control. Also, the writer has shown how the locals were exploited by those who wanted power and control.

Taking Up Arms

Tonight’s episode of Jo Bichar Gaye covered the military aspect of the movement more than anything else. Haroon became a victim of a movement that he thought was meant to protect him and others like him. I couldn’t help but wonder why Rumi allowed him to go to the university, given the situation. However, he was the face of all the collateral damage which is most often inevitable in war especially when it is a civil war such as this one. The writer has convincingly shown how those running this movement had motives different from the ones few of the other people such as Rumi and Haroon identified with. They used young people to their advantage and turned their backs when they felt they no longer needed them. Propaganda is an important tool during the war and here we see it being used to the maximum. Wahaj Ali has done exceptionally well as Rumi, it is the kind of role which truly gave him the opportunity to showcase his amazing acting skills. The scenes covering how Rumi desperately looked for Haroon and later on tried to escape with him couldn’t have been this powerful had Wahaj and Fazal Hussain not acted so brilliantly. Fazal Hussain was also extremely convincing in the role.

Jo Bichar Gaye Episode 10 Story Review – Taking Up Arms

Captain Farrukh’s worst fears came true one by one in this episode. He was one of those few officers who predicted early on where this movement was leading but he did not have the decision-making power. He is a young man who is in the middle of this conflict and is getting to see first-hand how things are changing yet there isn’t much he has been able to do about it. When you see through this drama how weak the military is getting with every passing phase even with all the manpower and gunpower, you realize why it ultimately surrendered. The final scene of this episode was the most impactful, those dialogues said so much about the state of affairs at the time. While the higher-ups were focused on preventing more damage, officers such as captain Farrukh were trying to understand how and why did the situation get so worse!

Watching each episode of this drama is like reliving these days which we have read about in books multiple times yet perhaps never understood the human cost of this tragedy and the havoc it played with those who were directly involved in it. I found myself feeling everything all these characters went through even though some of them put up a brave face, the underlying fear has been such a dominant element in all the recent episodes. This drama has encapsulated the lack of trust and fear of your own countrymen like no other.

Final Remarks

With this episode, the story took a more tragic turn than ever. The previous few episodes set the foundation for everything we witnessed today convincingly. The writer, director, and actors deserve tons of credit for breathing life in every scene. Talha Chahour, Wahaj Ali, Adnan Jaffar, Fazal Hussain, Rana Majid, and Fahad Hashmi truly stood out in this latest episode. This episode was just as emotional and reality-stricken as all the previous ones. It is truly sad that this drama is not getting the attention that it deserves. I did not even find out about it until two episodes had already aired because I hardly ever watch Geo dramas and most importantly because there was barely any mention of the drama on social media! While Geo goes out of its way to promote dramas such as Aye Musht-e-Khaak, it has done the bare minimum to promote the drama. Even Maya Ali did not go out of her way to promote the project. I won’t be surprised if so many viewers, such as me, who do not tune into Geo don’t even know that this drama is on air! It is unfortunate when such projects do not get the viewership they deserve.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Fatima Ji,

    Tons of Thank You!!!
    So nice & kind of you to have reviewed….

    Brilliantly, written as always.

    You are right, it is the most under rated drama on TV screens today.

    Dramas like Joh Bichar Gaye form a cult, and this drama surely is a “Cult Classic”

    It is amazing to see talent of the highest calibre and quality on display, in Wahaj Ali, Maya Ali and Talha Chahour. The supporting cast is equally a power house of skills and creativity.

    Director Haisaam Hussain…. whatever he does is worth its’ weight in Gold… Brings magic and more on the televison screen.

    There is one more documentary online, which is a must watch….

    Seperation of East Pakistan, The un-told story by Mr. Javed Jabbar. On

    Don’t miss this one….

    Thank You so much Fatima Ji, for reviewing Jo Bichar Gaye…. I owe you a favour.

    Looking forward to your reviews.

    Thank You and Regards,

  • Thank you for reviewing Jo Bichar Gaya. Agree it is a hidden gem, I started watching it after 5 episodes were already aired. It is simply amazing.

    I had been worried about Haroon all week, having watched promo last week and couldn’t bear to watch some scenes in today’s episodes. A drama that takes you with it to a different world, you feel a part of that world and relate to every character. I agree all the actors are phenomenal in their roles and have breathed life to the characters.

    Looking forward to the next episode and your review.

  • Yes Fatima, I agree. Geo tv did them dirty by not promoting this gem of a play. This is the only good play Geo has but because it is a private production they didn’t promote it like their other idiotic plays & telefilms urghhhh.

    This episode like last one was action packed. My heart broke into a thousand pieces when I finished watching it. I was having palpitations long after it ended. All those people who complain our tv doesn’t make good action thrillers should watch JBG.

  • Classic review as always, Fatima! Thank you so very much for reviewing Jo Bichar Gaye. I agree with each and every point that you mentioned. On a more poignant note, I can’t help but draw parallels between Jo Bichar Gaye and Dastaan especially when its the same director who directed both the plays. I see shades of both Hasan and Salim in Rumi. Like Hasan was the passionate freedom fighter in Dastaan, Rumi is the same in Jo Bichar Gaye. But just as Hasan underestimated the cost of freedom, Rumi also did the same. As for the similarities between Salim and Rumi, both were used by those having ulterior motives. By the time both Salim and Rumi realized this, it was too late. Also I can’t help but drawing parallels in this episode of JBG and the 8th and 9th episode of Dastaan. The tragedy is strikingly familiar…….

    Haissam Husain is a master at creating period sagas and Jo Bichar Gaye is giving Dastaan a tough fight…..that, I believe, is the biggest compliment for Team Jo Bichar Gaye as Dastaan is a timeless classic.

  • Jo bichar gaye,it is the first time true aspect of east pakistan fall is showed.until now we had BBC propaganda about 30 million bengalis killed by pakistani army. But that was actually impossible. When pakistani army surrendered out of 90 thousand prisoners only 26 thousands were soldiers.theu could not have gone on mass killing rmpage of crores of is absurd and a lie propagated by then russian journalist who have this figure nd DAVID frost of BBC propagated it.most of the killongs were done by mukti bahini.and Paksitan army only retaliated to save themselves or other people in danger.and to stop the mutiny.this play should be sent to bangladesh india and other western countries too.BBC should apologise to pakistan for defaming its people and army.actualy they should be sued for misreporting. When mujeeb asked tajuddin how many bengalis were killed he said ,”me ne giney to nahi leken shyd 3 lakh mare hon.which was alredy an ecaggerted figure which turned to 30 million by david frost and russin journalist.history should be rechecked.and palistani version should be promoted and propagated.

  • Thank God u r reviewing JBG… I m turning towards ur site after Alif… During this whole time U always missed my fvrt plays… Specially I Dil Na Umeed To Nahi…

  • The best production ever I have seen based on truth
    Everyone in this serial is doing excellent
    The separation of east pakistan is like a healed wound but the pain is still there
    I will request Govt to declare Yum-e- Ahsas on the date of military operation So that our young generation remember this
    We need this because we cannot
    Repeat third time 1947 event

  • Thankyou so much Fatima that reviewers like u have recognised the fact that how magnificently the makers have depicted the fall of Decca in this series.this serial is simply flawless!!!

  • I feel Rumi took Haroon into the organization so that he could use him to show the professor that Haroon’s family is nationalistic and sincere to the movement. This was Rumi’s way of trying to keep the family safe because he had been terrified of their safety ever since they marked the house.

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