Junaid Jamshed’s sons release videos in his memory

Remembering Junaid Jamshed is one of the few things we will always do together as a nation, specially in Ramzan. He was a constant on TV for many years previously during this month and not having him around this time makes everyone want to listen to his lectures and naats and nasheeds. It is comforting to be able to hear to his legendary voice. which was his hallmark and his claim to fame in many ways throughout his life.

However, his voice is not the only one thing that will resonate all over the world, but his other legacy, his children are also determined to commemorate their father in every way possible. His older two sons have already started reciting his naats in their own unique voices, so similar, yet so different to their dad’s.

The first video is of Taimur Junaid Jamshed’s Tabeeb-U-Zaman. His voice and his persona will transport you to another era .. of fathers and sons, of Muslim legacy, of life in general that goes on, no matter how many of us depart our worldly abode. It is a bittersweet video, makes you remember a man who left us too early and introduces you to a son who has just started continuing the journey and has done very well despite the burden of high expectations he has on his shoulders.


This second video of his second son, Babur, who in Junaid Jamshed’s own words was his closest confidant and most attached child. He is reciting “mera dil badal day” in a voice that will remind you of Junaid Jamshed and his early years when he was finding his place in this world and his voice was raising him to heights that he was unaware ever existed.


Mehwish Mansoor