Kabhi Kabhi # 26 – Druggies Ka Khandaan!

& yes, once again they proved me right, this drama is left with nothing to offer & they are just stretching it to keep the prime slot of Fridays filled with some dirt, you know something-better-than-nothing sort of a thing.

I practically don’t have anything left to say about this drama because there is absolutely nothing that needs to be covered. I am amazed at the number of episodes Kabhi Kabhi is dragged to even though the story stopped just around 15th episode & that’s it. Rest are just the petty details which are being covered. This time around they covered Eeshal’s addiction next time I am sure they’ll be covering Ali’s poop.

Finally, Dad has made a comeback & he is once again in action to protect his half-mad child Eeshal. While listening to his conversation with Arez all I thought of was k ye uncle jab bhi muh kholenge kuch bura hi bolenge & I was just so right, he now thinks Eeshal is under a magic spell that’s why she is not in her senses anymore. Matlab koi tukk banti hai? He has reached the age of pata nahi kya but still he lacks basic sense, he needs some pills too. Oh boy! Things people do when they are bored & Kabhi Kabhi is a result of Samira Fazal’s boredom. I still can’t get over the fact that this drama once upon a time began at such a different note & look where it has gotten to.

Eeshal has become a sleeping-pill addict as if we weren’t aware of this secret by now & they took around 3 episodes to reveal the detail. I think the director & the editor were sleeping too while making this play, hence the delay.

Eeshal in her drug-pan allowed Arez to take Ali with him. Least bothered about Ali but I just couldn’t get over the fact that the scenes were just plain annoyingly long. Sunny literally repeated 10 times that he just gave Eeshal a single pill, he gave Eeshal a single pill, he took care of Ali, he took care of Ali, he took care of Ali, he took care of Ali. I swear I was waiting that if just one more time I hear him say this, I will hit a spare sauce pan hard on his head because I know the pan would get deshaped but it won’t have an effect on this empty headed loon. & I was holding a knife in my hand to chop Soni’s lambi zuban if she opened her trashy mouth once again. I am thinking if Eva had to attain the intelligence or some IQ just before the end of the drama so why was she shown as a dumb corpse with limbs in the beginning? Koi tukk hai?

What good did Sunny do to Eeshal after marrying her? What good did Eeshal do by giving birth to Ali? What good did she do by leaving her father’s place? What good did Arez do by divorcing Eeshal? What good did Arez do by marrying Eeshal? What good did Samira Fazal do by writing this piece of garbage & what good did the director do by directing such a hideous play? In short what good did they do by making Kabhi Kabhi? If they wanted us to waste our 26 weeks, they should’ve just told us like that, I’d definitely & happily had preferred watching a BLANK SCREEN for 1 hour than watching this torturous nightmare aur jo peechay wo a jati hai YE KIYYYAAAWWW HUAAAWWW JOOOWWW KURBATOOONNN MAI something something, I feel like telling her CHUP KARRR MANHOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep Cursing (the drama-makers),
Zahra Mirza.

Zahra Mirza

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