Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 14!

Good that the story is moving forward but not happy about where it is going. It may get rational but what I don’t understand is a bunch of manipulative skanks shown in this drama, I mean is it really necessary that everyone has to be manipulative?

All this while I thought Rehbar would avenge for going bankrupt but he seems to have forgotten about it quite conveniently. I thought Eeshal would soon find out that how her husband & in laws were treated on the day of Baraat but she never got a chance of it. Well I think if they show something of that sort it means that the things will eventually be told when it requires but surprisingly Eeshal never got to know of it. I think to make things secrets is quite lousy & all that not-telling-the-truth manner does not help either. I just want to understand does it really happen? Clearly our dramas these days are based on the ‘so-called’ reality so how is it possible that no one gets to know what’s happening in this drama, with them or with people around them?

Eeshal’s character was ONE positive thing in the drama but sadly it has come down to a point where she seems totally immature. I think she was good enough initially when she had enough of a mind to see things through but sadly she has stopped doing it. All I see is her whining & running to her Daddy for how she is growing out of that marriage. I don’t even agree with Arez for being rude to her because he knows where she comes from & he has expected & seen her do every thing be it dealing with her cunning in-laws or doing the household chores which she never did before but when it comes to her family, Arez is being mean & doesn’t want to extend the respect or be considerate in dealing with her or her family even though he knows Eeshal only expects that.

I quite don’t understand that in Eeshal’s home…does no one really hear the door bell? Because every time if someone comes or leaves, no one finds out about it. Eeshal already had a loud spat with Arez in her home but later when she was walking in the lawn, we saw the dumbest Eva come asking her when did she arrive. Similarly when Arez’s mom & sister came to meet her, Eeshal never showed up. I am wondering how big or sound-proof their home is, or may be they lack basic ethics to show up whenever a guests comes to their house.

I thought the decency of the show would stay intact but sorry Eeshal’s father & his plans are downright ridiculous & beyond anyone’s imagination. No father of a pregger’s daughter would plan something so hideous just because he detests the choices made by his daughter. It is just so not on. Even Arez comes across as a guy without spine because he knows his wife’s expecting & still he has left her to be on her own. Rehbar may be trying to patch things up between them but still it was useless given the rigidness both Eeshal & Arez have shown.

To me every single person in this drama looks like someone else’s puppet. Eva is Rehbar’s. Shoaib is Eeshal’s father’s. Soni’s mother is her puppet. Eeshal is also a puppet of her father. Soni’s a puppet of Sunny. Get a life people & show some minds of your own.

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Zahra Mirza

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