Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 22 (Kab Khatam Hoga?)

Oh My God! This drama deserves all the bashing & no sugarcoated, courteous response. What was the story that we began with, does anyone remember? Neither do I!

There was practically nothing, absolutely nothing, totally nothing happening in this episode but just to make an episode out of thin air they dragged the scenes, where one was boring than the other. I think this piece of writing is a result of a time when the script-writer was bored herself. Hence, the disaster.

Sunny got married to Eeshal. I mean c’mon being cousins all their lives, everyone knows what the other is capable of, ohkay, keeping all the sense aside, even Sunny got married to her but why did he put up with an act before & why is he spoiling it all for her again? Didn’t he admit that he wanted her all his life & now that he has gotten her, why is he being insane?

Is there no sense of morality or shame left to hit our TV screens? Where the ex-nand is ready to get married to her ex-bhabhi’s current husband once she gets divorced & gets married to her brother again. Wallahi, this mess is huge & burdensome. Do the writers really & actually think that we want to see Halala happening in our dramas now? Is this where we have stooped to, is this how much we have run out of ideas?

I have never said this before but I wish someone hit a fry pan or a sauce pan on Sunny’s empty head. I am sure the sound would resonate proving the emptiness of it. All his over-acting with his phone & torturing Eeshal & Eeshal bechara-pan was puke worthy & Arez, this guy either needs to book a ticket & go to the moon, to be smacked by the aliens. Does he really think he can undo the mess & all that harshness after getting married to Eeshal AGAIN? What did he do to her being married to her before that he intends to do it differently this time around?

Out of no where the grounds of Halala are being established in this drama & sorry to say I thought Eeshal could’ve done better. I thought she was the intelligent one, the independent one, the I-can-do-it-all one & how come she ended up becoming a shuttle between the two guys? Can’t she get divorced again & borrow some money from her rich Dad & settle anywhere else, support her child & live life peacefully? I mean the glimmer in her eyes after the proposal from the ex-husband was sickening. I know I know, everything’s fair in love & war – there’s nothing wrong in Halala but the writers need to understand the intricacy & wisdom behind this act before rather than maligning it with their unrealistic approach towards it.

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Zahra Mirza.

A token of advice to the writers: Next time if you guys feel you’ve run out of ideas, contact us & we’ll do the brainstorming on your behalf! ;)

Zahra Mirza

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