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“Kambakht- My next Film Has a Market”, Says Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi, a man who has proved himself as a capable film-maker and an adorable actor, is now all set with her next film venture, Kambakht, after the considerable success of his earlier projects, namely Mudhouse and the Golden Doll. While talking about his New project, Abbasi revealed that the film holds a quality humor, making it as an special ‘edition’ of the comedy films that are produced in Pakistan.

Although Hamza Ali Abbasi, beside been an exceptional film-maker, is a an actor by nature too, despite of his good looks and sensational personality has casted Ahsan Khan and Shafqat Cheema for the lead roles.

The Story revolves around the lives of two friends, who found themselves to land up with similar circumstances, although been belonging to two different worlds. Shafqat Cheema is going to play a role of a boy who is shown as a victim of Social regression, on the contrary to which, Ahsan Khan would represent the lifestyle of a city boy of Islamabad.

As Hamza hopes, this film will target a mass audience, attracting people of all ages, of all social classes. What makes this project different from the previous ones is the fact that Hamza has invested a lot more than that he did on Mudhouse and Golden Doll. Since his debut, Abbasi has always come up with something new, as cheaply as possible. Even the last project was based on the budget of Rs. 25,000 only. How strange is that!

Kambakht, the movie has also a privilege that the story has been written by this talented hunk himself. According to Hamza, “This Film has a Market”, shows that he is hopeful for a huge success.

Let’s see how things turn out to be for Ahsan Khan as the audience is looking for something new from his side. Best Wishes to Hamza Ali Abbasi for his upcoming projects,

Nida Zaidi

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