Karb – Episode 3 & 4

Hello everyone.. I hope you have been following karb. These two episodes have collectively taken the story somewhat ahead. After a lot of drama, Hamza is also in love with Hania and now they are on to the next step of fighting Zalim Samaj to get married.

Aina’s wedding has brought Hamza and Hania really close. On the offer hand, Hania’s ammo jan has chosen a millionaire cousin of her daughter in law, Faisal for Hania. He is shown to be a very rich man but certainly does not have a personality to match :) especially the way he is free enough to come to his cousin’s house daily. Hania has zero interest in him but all her family has already started treating him as son in law. She goes out with Faisal to buy gift for Hamza, but Faisal has fallen head over heels for her.

Another interesting thing we got to know was that Alia is also in love with Hamza, she even has his picture hidden in her diary which Hania was just about to discover but Alia came back& snatched it before that moment. Hania spends ages shopping for Aina’s wedding. Nothing seems good enough to her, and yet when she showed up at the wedding, not an ounce of preparation was evident. If this was the attire she chose, I wonder what she did from shop to shop :) to find this to wear at the end :)

She hides the present she bought for Hamza in his drawer and then hides behind the cupboard when she sees his coming. Predictably, he finds her there and goes crazy angry. He scolds her and to be honest, it seems well deserved, but she leaves the function in tears and the scene is witnessed by Mahnoor who and Aina then finally conclude the reason and intention behind all this silly behaviour by Hania. Hamza overhears that he is so much loved and that makes him think and day dream about Hania. He apologizes to her and both of them are engaged in mafi talafi when Faisal arrives to take Hania home.

Hamza’s family decides to ask for her hand for Hamza but he rejects which is heard by Hania and for the first time in four episode, she speaks sensibly. And that does away with whatever last bit of resistance Hamza had in her heart. And he confesses his love for her. Hania’s mother is resisting this proposal with all her might but Hania is determined. She lands up in the hospital, so now her mom has no option but agreeing. She can’t let her beloved daughter get harmed, even though she is very afraid of Hania’s future, knowing how she has raised Hania and how less off are Hamza and his family than them.

So this play also has wedding bells sounding soon. One thing that bothered me was that these dramas are making marriage a pretty casual issue for this generation. Just like Alvida, here also the marriage is taking place because one party has his or her heart set on it. Makes you wonder if this really is a gudday guria ka khel now. Hamza, for all his maturity and practicality could not comprehend that a girl as emotional as Hania might not be as much in love with him as she happens to think. Without any understanding or common interest, they have just decided that they are in love. Let’s see how it goes for them :)


Fatima Awan

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