Kashf Complete Cast and OST


It is a story based on an extraordinary life of an ordinary girl Kashf. Her life is shaped up because of the dreams that she dreams which cloud her nights and continue to bring miseries to her during the day. Kashf doesn’t quite understand why is it that everything that she dreams ends up turning into a reality.

Slowly the word has started to spread & it is adding more to her predicament because she does not deem herself qualified enough to be in such a position, however the Qari Sahab assures her that she is rightfully blessed. Kashf has now understood that her life going to be far from the normal, this is why she has let her fiancĂ© Wajdan know that she doesn’t have happiness to offer.

Kashf is a unique story with a new concept. It deals with the subject which has not been explored before. Danish Nawaz’s skillful direction gives Kashf the treatment it required to make an impact and Hira Mani gets to give one of the strongest performances of her career so far. This drama is definitely worth the audience time.

Kashf Complete Cast and OST

Introductory Details

Writer: Imran Nazeer
Director: Danish Nawaz
Producer: Momina Duraid Production
Channel: Hum TV
Airing Date: April 7, 2020
Day: Every Tuesday
Time Slot: 8PM
Genre: Melodrama & Mysticism


Hira Mani
Junaid Khan
Samina Ahmed
Waseem Abbas
Munazzah Arif
Lubna Aslam
Shehryaar Zaidi
Saleem Mairaj
Hajra Khan and others


Singers & Composer: Hamza Akram Qawwal, Taimoor Akram & Abdul Akram
Lyrics: Shah Hussain


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