Kashf Episode 14 & 15 Story Review – Emotional Struggles

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Kashf focused on the emotional battles that Kashf was fighting on her own. Although in her family, Kashf is made to feel like she is the decision-maker but the reality is completely different. This is something that Kashf herself knows but because she feels so strongly for her family members, she finds it hard to not share her fears & inhibitions with them. The story of Kashf may seem one-dimensional but at this stage, it has been established that it is more about the shifts in behavioral patterns of the people Kashf is surrounded with, which is what makes it a very interesting watch.

Kashf’s Emotional Struggles

Kashf found herself in an awkward situation when she foresaw what might happen with both Irum & Ashi. Kashf also has seen that Matiullah will try his best to harm Imtiyaz’s family & their business. However, because the lady who was sent by Matiullah got exposed, Kashf & in fact, nobody else is ever going to imagine that eventually, everything that Ashi & Irum will face will be a revenge plan devised by Matiullah.

The highlight of this episode for me was how Kashf figured everything out on her own. She also started second-guessing herself because she too believed that maybe not all of her dreams materialize but she was made to realize that although there was a possibility of that happening, she should focus more on the fact that the dreams she sees do end up turning into a reality. This was enough for Kashf to take a stand to save her sister from ruining her life but then again, at this point, Kashf is merely a provider for them & nothing else.

It is unfortunate that nothing that Kashf says or does has any effect on her parents or sisters because, for the first time in their lives, they all are at this stage where they are thinking independently about themselves. This also goes to show that the financial ease also creates an emotional divide & a gap between the close-knit families, because they move past the stage where they all are in the same boat & share the same struggles. Ever since Kashf’s family has started seeing the financial ease, they have turned a blind eye towards her. This too is something that Kashf has foreseen but the way the writer has developed the story & has brought it to this stage is commendable.

In these episodes, it was also elaborated how Kashf’s family was now only concerned about what she could do for them financially because even when she shared her dreams & her concerns related to Irum’s future, none of her family members paid heed to it. It is ironic because her father makes money on this particular ability of hers but when it comes to their own personal matters, her dreams hold no weightage. Dilshad too has become aloof to Kashf’s feelings. It was interesting to note that Dilshad did show her concerns to Kashf & made her feel that she was going to be there for her but eventually, their conversation again became related to all the demands Dilshad expected Kashf to fulfill. I must say, props to the writer & the director for keeping it very subtle but even than painting the picture with clarity of how the attitudes have completely changed.

To be honest, I did not expect Ashi to do something like this – inviting Aqmal into her room behind her family’s back. Ashi has a right to choose her life partner & she has a compatibility with Aqmal but this was a bit unlike her to behave with such immaturiy. However, this goes to show how desperate she is that she has stopped thinking about right & wrong & just wants to show Aqmal that she is more than willing to get married to him. Ashi & Irum are pretty much living in the bubble but in contrast, Kashf isĀ feeling anxious because she can sense something is not right.

Another dream, another reality – Fayyaz passed away & Kashf had already told Wajdan about it. Although it was a tragic incident for their entire family, it was still an eye-opener for Kashf to know that she should have faith in her dreams, therefore she should at least do something to prevent her sister’s life from getting ruined. It didn’t surprise me much when I saw the changed attitude of Irum, she was the one who used to feel a lot for Kashf but then again, she is in love, she is immature & therefore, she won’t believe Kashf till she will eventually face the reality that she was warned about.

Hira Mani should be extremely proud of herself for doing justice to a character like Kashf. Each & every emotion has been portrayed with such clarity that you can’t help feel for her. Kashf is all alone & it is unfortunate that there’s no one who is ever going to understand what she feels. Although she does have Wajdan but he too will succumb to the pressures. It’s not just the battles that Kashf has to fight related to the personal affairs of her family members, she is now being made to do things that she does not agree with, such as handing over taweez – this is something that is taking her inner-peace away from her. The way Kashf asked that woman to pray for her forgiveness was enough to show how guilty she felt for doing something she knew was wrong but then again, she knew it was going to bring in the money her family is in need of. After seeing all this, I wonder if her family will ever understand or realize how much Kashf has done for them? What she went through to feed their desires? I would love to see that & I hope the writer makes that aspect of the story worthwhile, but at this stage seeing her do all the heavy lifting is saddening.

Brilliantly Executed

The story of Kashf continues to impress & it keeps on getting better. The overall tracks & progress have been tackled brilliantly but what I actually enjoyed a lot more was seeing minute details which shed a light on how things have changed in Kashf’s household – gold earrings of Dilshad, her new and improved clothing, the change in their meals, the way Kashf ate her food which showed that because her father made her sit in Asthana for long hours, she became quite hungry. Subtle expressions of Wajdan noticing how Zoya was trying to impress his parents by going out of the way, these minute details add a lot more depth in every situation which makes every scene interesting enough to keep you hooked to it. It also shows the skillfulness of Danish Nawaz as a director who has paid so much attention to detail.

Hira Mani definitely has been carrying this entire drama on her shoulders & all the actors who are playing supporting characters too have contributed a lot in making it a complete package. I really enjoy Dadi’s scenes, it is actually cute that her character has been used to bring some comic relief in an otherwise very intense & grim drama. Kashf is a complete package & I can not wait to see what’s in store for us. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Kashf.

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