Kathputli – Episode 04!

Kathputli – Episode 04!

Ohkay so, the story is moving forward & I hope the same pace is maintained till the drama lasts because the dramas that deal with the ordeals that the girls go through tend to get a bit slow & dragged at certain stage. I do have a feeling that there’s a lot more that the story has yet to offer, that’s why I am keeping my hopes high.

Ehtasham has decided that he is going to marry Mehru off to an office boy that works for him. He thinks this is the best proposal & option for Mehru because he has to get rid of her as soon as possible. Ehtasham thinks that by marrying Mehru off quickly, he will be able to prove something to Shiraz, whereas he is completely forgetting that the one who will end up suffering is none other than his own sister. I really really like Saira’s character, it is good to see that without crossing a line, she know how to take a stand for the right & that is why despite being aware of Ehtasham’s attitude & temper, she reasons with him, questions his choices & doesn’t hold back in putting forth her opinion in a hope that it might change her husband’s perspective & might force him to think things through. Saira thinks Mehru can get married to any eligible bachelor because she is a fine young lady but Ehtsaham thinks the otherwise. Saira’s idea of seeing Mehru as her sister-in-law was enough to show the feelings Saira had for Mehru & how much she felt for her but just because Ehtasham thinks that he will lose his pride & position in his in-laws, Saira’s brother as Mehru’s husband is not an option at all.

Mehru is finding it hard to cope up with what Ehtasham has done to her & that is why for the first time, she decided to rebel & do what her heart told her to. Mehru was not afraid of stepping outside the vicinity of her home because she wanted to take her mind off everything that happened & also because she wanted to feel what it is like to not follow the instructions of his inconsiderate brothers for once. Mehru went to Liaqat’s place with her friend & decided to stay back because her friend assured her that Liaqat doesn’t share this apartment with anyone. It was good to see that it didn’t take Mehru too long to realize that she chose to risk everything & put herself in trouble because her friend didn’t take her seriously when she said she had to return home by evening. Mehru realized that there was no thrill in being rebellious & she felt guilty because she lied to her mother for the first time. I feel for Mehru a lot, she has suffered enough pain & she is shattered but she is so used to the idea of being bossed around by her brothers that just a few moments of freedom made her realize that it wasn’t worth it.

Ahad is having a hard time because his father & brother aren’t ready to forgive him & they still believe that he stole the ring & also the money that his father had. Ahad knows that his mother went out of the way to help him & the way she still takes a stand for him can land her in trouble time & again because his father is too stern & misunderstands her & Ahad too, that is why he tells her to let him be her scapegoat, at least tjat would save her from the insults that her husband throws at her. Ahad decided to go to Liaqat’s place, whom he referred to as Zaid, which goes to show that Liaqat isn’t a decent person to begin with, that is why even his neighbors were concerned about his activities & decided to take a strict action against him. The way Ahad spoke to Mehru & judged her was enough of an evidence that he took her as one of those girls who Liaqat spends time with in his apartment, that is why Ahad mistook Mehru to be one of those indecent & immoral girls too as it was evident through his behavior towards her.

The preview of the next episode was shocking because looks like Ehtasham will do everything to disown Mehru & scrape her name out of his life. I am glad that the director is done with this aspect quickly because then the story will shift to Mehru & will focus more on how she will pick up the pieces to bring herself out of the misery. I hope Mehru empowers herself & learns to be self-sufficient & independent. It will be quite interesting to see that & I hope the director make it worthwhile. I must say, I am so glad to see a sister-in-law like Saira in this drama, it is refreshing to see that for a change that a sister-in-law, despite being married to such a rigid person, doesn’t mind going out of the way for her husband’s sister & has enough compassion in her heart to do everything that can help the girl who’s in pain & is suffering through a mental trauma. We need more sisters-in-law like these in our dramas please, because yes, it may sound surprising, but these sort of characters appeal to the viewers too. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Kathputli.

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