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Kathputli Episode 18 Review – Beating Around The Bush!

Ohkay so, a lot of twists & turns were introduced in this episode of Kathputli, but I am not sure if they were necessary because the characters have stopped making sense & that happens to my biggest peeve while watching any drama. Everytime I watch Gohar Mumtaz & his wife, I am always left wondering how good it would have been if they were not apart of this drama or their coverage was limited because they are not doing anything good in the story anyways. Also, I don’t think it is fair to Farhan Ahmed Malhi that his face is not a part of this title while still being the main lead, whereas Gohar & his wife, despite being supporting characters are seen embracing it as if they had a very important role up their sleeves.

Honestly speaking, I feel Ahad & Amna are justified in making assumptions especially after learning the truth that Shiraz & Mehru were related before. Amna did know about the fact that Shiraz & Mehru were cousins but she was justified in feeling cheated because of the way Shiraz was keeping things from her. On the other hand, Ahad’s reaction was natural, because he was learning things about his wife from a stranger & it was imperative that he had to be shocked.

Mehru & Shiraz returned & where they should not have wasted a single second in explaining things to their spouses about their little trip, they ended up beating around the bush, which was so nonsensical. I found it a very poor & forced execution of the twist to drag things where Mehru & Shiraz didn’t even bother about Amna & Ahad’s feelings while completely missing the point that they owed their spouses an explanation. Mehru however did try but by then Ahad was not in a mood to listen to his wife which I felt was Ahad’s mistake. I don’t really understand when Mehru finally decided to tell Ahad the truth, why didn’t she start off by talking about her mother because that would have given Ahad some perspective & enough patience to listen to her entire confession while giving her a benefit of the doubt. Mehru started telling Ahad the tale of her previous engagement with Shiraz which was uncalled for. Yes, she wanted to come clean & she wanted to be honest, but why did she speak about the relationship that didn’t exist anymore first & not about her mother? While watching that scene, I kept on wondering how long it would have taken Mehru to blurt the truth about her mother’s health? Where I did feel that Ahad should have listened to his wife, I also felt that he was pushed to the limit because he already saw that Mehru was lying to him before this adventure too, so he had no courage left inside to sit through that conversation.

On Shiraz & Amna’s front, things were just as bad but what made things ugly was Shiraz’s attitude. On one hand Shiraz said he was protecting Mehru, but on the other he was keeping Amna in the dark & not only that, he was being insensitive towards her feelings, so how did he expect his wife to react when he was not in a mood to tell her the truth? All this while when Shiraz was questioning Amna about why she checked his phone, I was getting irritated because he could have used that time in explaining things to her in order to calm her down & to make her understand that she was doubting Mehru for no good reason. I don’t understand how long it would have taken Shiraz to explain it to Amna that the relative of his who was hospitalized was none other than Mehru’s mother. Shiraz ended up threatening Amna with a divorce, only because he failed to explained everything to her while she was right in demanding an explaination for his weird behavior. Shiraz said he didn’t want to do anything to cause a dent in Ahad & Mehru’s life, so why was he being so unreasonable? Honestly speaking, I thought both Shiraz & Mehru will be wise enough to understand that hiding things would only cause troubles for them but they chose to waste time in speaking on the lines of riddles, without even bothering to solve them!!!

Well it was good that Saira found out the truth about her & Ehtashaam’s medical report but what seemed even better was that Saira chose to confront her husband for all the lies that he had told. It was actually quite amusing that the toughest looking guy like Ehtashaam had no guts to even stand a single confrontation & it took such a toll on him that he ended up getting paralyzed. I think this should be the beginning of the wrap up where Ehtashaam will realize his mistakes after getting such a harsh reality check & I hope the way the director has intelligently dealt with the script so far, he won’t drag things further & will curb the misunderstanding between Ahad & Mehru ASAP.

Overall, this episode was good. The drama has remained quite interesting so far, so I hope it ends on the similar note too. It is actually quite amazing that the writer has given us so many heart warming moments through Mehru & Ahad. It was actually sad to see Ahad suffering but I hope Mehru gets a chance to explain herself before it is too late. Sanam Chaudhry & Farhan Ahmed Malhi have made this drama a very interesting watch, not only the characters that they are playing are good but their acting is on-point too & I commend them for that. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Kathputli.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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