Khaas Episode 11 Story Review – Brilliant

Opening Thoughts – Brilliant:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas was well-directed & everything unfolded in a brilliant manner. It’s the simplest of details that can add so much depth to a situation, this is what Sarwat Nazeer excels in & props to the director for that attention to detail which has actually made Khaas worthwhile. Also, it is getting quite interesting to explore the characters of Saba & especially Ammar, it all is being brilliantly done!

Saba Has Hit The Rock Bottom:

Saba scored a golden opportunity of proving Ammar wrong by getting a job at his firm & Ammar couldn’t take it. For Ammar it was a slap on his ego because he wanted to make sure Saba obliges to his orders. Ammar doesn’t want Saba to do anything because that gave him the upper hand over her & to the world, Ammar could prove that his wife was nothing without his favors, she didn’t have an identity of her own. Saba’s job was basically against the image that Ammar had created & the impression he wanted to have on others that Ammar was taking care of Saba in such a way that she didn’t need to do anything. Controlling Saba actually made Ammar feel powerful & because Saba took that power away from him, Ammar couldn’t handle it!

Saba was dragged down yet again. She was made to feel like she was nothing & she did the wrong thing yet again. Saba decided to pour her heart out & she was faced with a bitter truth that she was just being ungrateful because Ammar was nothing but an ideal husband to her. Saba has no idea how everything has been going against her & she will learn it slowly & steadily. Facing constant humiliation in the name of marriage, losing a child & being blamed for pursuing her dream, this is the worst phase of Saba’s life but unfortunately, no one around her will ever understand!

Saba lost her child & Ammar was guilty that the way he manhandled her must’ve also been one of the contributing factors but then after seeing how Kanwal was speaking against Saba & making an issue out of the fact that Saba hid her pregnancy from them, Ammar felt at ease. That particular emotion of guilt that Ammar felt was portrayed brilliantly by Ali Rehman, like it was so obvious that he was feeling a little uneasy about what Saba was going through but because he thinks he makes no mistakes, he didn’t own it. Fakhir’s call on Saba’s phone is also going to create a problem for her later on because in Ammar’s family, Nida is a witness of the fact that Saba was in touch with Fakhir over phone calls. Right now it did not occur to Ammar but later, he will also use that against Saba!

Saba’s father Faraz saw what was happening but in stead of giving Saba a chance to explain herself, he continued to lecture her because despite having all the experience in the world, he could not see through Ammar & formed his opinion on the face value that Ammar showed to him. I liked how Farah seemed a little dethatched to everything that Kanwal said about Ammar & in stead she was concerned about Saba. Ever since Sonia came, she made sure to let everyone know about Ammar’s weird behaviour & attitude with Saba, may be that is why for the first time in stead of speaking against her, Farah was seen feeling for Saba!

Closing Thoughts – So Good:

Overall, this entire episode of Khaas was exceptionally well-made. In this episode I enjoyed reading the emotions that all the characters expressed, at times little details like these make things very intricate & interesting. I am glad that a drama that started off on a weaker note has now become so good. The acting has been brilliant as well. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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  • He has built an image of himself in everyone’s eyes. Other than his friends and saba no one knows who he really is. I knew saba’s father will react this way because he is very polite in front of him and he fires the bullets at him while putting the gun on saba’s shoulder and saba always did wrong by giving him the cover up job. Obviously people will start seeing his bad behavior but it will take time. More than Ammar his ego was hurt. You know what he should have married an uneducated and materialistic girl because she wouldn’t be in a position to hurt his ego. Ammar thinks that by just providing hus wife, it’s enough. Yes women are materialistic but they are not just materialistic. I think their feelings are the priority for them and after that they are materialistic which they should be. Ammar is a perfect example of those men who say they are liberal but they are extremely conservative and not in a good way. This episode was really engaging and i loved it. I guess i have started following it and i kinda accepted Ali’s acting and sanam’s voice…
    Really really great review

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