Khaas Episode 14 Story Review – Very Interesting

Opening Thoughts – Very Interesting:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas was again very interesting but didn’t make much of a progress in the entire story. However, the episode did end on such a note which was probably going to be one of the defining moments of Saba & Ammar’s relationship. I am impressed that the drama that did not make much sense in the beginning has now turned out to be such an interesting story where such problems are being shed light upon which are always or often taken very lightly in most of the cases. The credit once again goes to none other than Sarwat Nazeer for picking up a complicated yet simple plot and turning it into such a brilliant story because these things need to get addressed too. I am glad that even though this drama is about mental & emotional abuse, the director has not made it totally on those lines, rather has balanced it out perfectly. This is what I love about Sarwat Nazeer scripts, they are never preachy or one-dimensional & even very serious subjects are always tackled in such a brilliant manner.

Ammar Is Cheating On Saba:

Nida was trying hard to get to understand Fakhir a little more. She also tried hard to leave an impression on him, which would result in him getting impressed with her but Nida being young doesn’t understand that one-sided liking or love does not mean that you are going to have a mental compatibility with the person you like. Nida hasn’t actually understood that she is not someone who can make Fakhir happy. Nida is nice, she is innocent & she is clean-hearted but she is not someone who can make Fakhir love her. After spending time with Fakhir, Nida has started to see that he is pretty serious & reserved, he doesn’t talk much, so not sure why is she still trying to chase after him. It is sad that such a nice girl like Nida will soon get behan-zoned but then, this will obviously turn ugly & put Saba in trouble because Nida will blame Saba eventually.

Saba was trying to make things work with Ammar, she was at least a little happy that after the accident, Ammar has changed. Saba thought that she could do with this kind of behavior of Ammar where he wasn’t demeaning or insulting her continuously but she had no idea that things changed for a reason. Ammar has become emotionally invested in Salma, therefore he is trying to keep Saba happy so that she doesn’t really question him much.

Salma has started to meet Ammar a bit frequently. Ammar likes the attention that he gets from Salma & even though they both are not giving words to their feelings, they both actually can sense that they still like each other. Ammar actually has made such contacts that get him out of complicated situations in an unconventional way. Ammar dealt with Faraz’s property dispute too & now it was made clear how he did that. Ammar framed Sajid & made sure that he is gone for good. Ammar actually told Salma that he was not going to let go off him easily, firstly because Sajid assaulted him & secondly because he obviously had to get Salma out of that situation to make an impression on her.

The most interesting part of this episode was Javeria’s call to Saba. Javeria knew that this would disturb Saba’s marital life a lot but then she could not see Ammar cheating on Saba. Javeria knew exactly what is happening between Ammar & Salma, that is why she made sure to let Saba know before it is too late. It was nicely shown that Javeria didn’t want to put Ammar in such a position because he is her friend too eventually but because she saw the kind of person Salma is, Javeria had no reason to not tell Saba. Javeria was insulted by Salma & she realized that Ammar was cheating on Saba because of a self-absorbed person like Salma, this is what pushed Javeria to have a conversation with Saba to let her know the bitter truth. Saba had already pleaded in front of Ammar that she could not share him with anyone, especially his ex-girlfriend but Ammar made it very clear to her that he won’t stop meeting Salma. It was good that Javeria’s call came after Saba had this conversation with Ammar because it immediately put things into perspective for her. Nida also felt a little strange that Fakhir was being very friendly & frank with Saba, this did put Saba in a little awkward situation but she covered up. Nida will eventually find out that Fakhir has feelings for Saba or may be that he was in contact with her & then she will report it to Ammar obviously.

Closing Thoughts – Well Executed:

Overall, this episode of Khaas was again very interestingly executed. I have said this before but I will mention it again, I really like how the feelings of all the characters are surfacing for each other in such an effortless & decent manner. Saba thinks about Fakhir here & there but then that’s all there’s to it. She has realized that Fakhir understands her that is what has affected her emotionally. Nida is trying hard to let Fakhir know what she feels but she is too shy & even then, her feelings seem genuine & her attempt of coming closer to Fakhir, innocent & not desperate. Salma & Ammar obviously are on another level but still, even they have not openly spoken about what they feel for each other. This drama is really nice. All the actors have fitted their characters perfectly. Waiting for the next episode. Oh! I must say, after watching the preview of the next episode, I realized why I enjoyed this episode so much, it was because there was no scene of Faraz in this one. He will show up with his annoying approach of not disturbing Saba in the next episode. How odd is that he doesn’t even believe in checking up upon his daughter. Anyways,please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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