Khaas Episode 18 Story Review – The Confrontation

Opening Thoughts – Full of Surprises:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas was full of surprises, some pleasant ones and some not so pleasant. This drama surely has grabbed the interest of the audience for all the right reasons because it is showing how healthy looking relationships can be so toxic & mentally drain the people involved in it. This subject has never really been explored in the past in such a detailed manner, this is the reason why Khaas has appealed to the masses & has garnered so much of popularity, despite the initial episodes not hitting the right note.

The Confrontation:

The best aspect of this episode for sure was Saba taking her parents into confidence & confiding in them for the first time. Saba actually has had enough. Saba has tried everything to make this marriage work but Ammar has not really understood Saba’s worth & importance in his life. Saba assured her parents that she has done everything but still this marriage is not working & she had no more reasons to hold onto this relationship which was draining her & taking away the confidence her parents had instilled in her. The first surprise of this episode surely was Faraz’s unexpected reaction to Saba’s claims. I actually thought that just like before, he will tell her that she was wrong but he didn’t & in fact he didn’t let Saba down by telling her that she still had his support. Faraz took me by surprise because for once, he did not question Saba & instead told her that he believed her. This was enough for Saba at that moment because this is what she wanted to hear after being mentally & emotionally abused by Ammar for such a long time.

Nida finally spoke about Saba & Fakhir’s alleged affair in front of her family. She couldn’t contain herself because she is unable to deal with the fact that Fakhir rejected her because of his love for a married woman. Nida was going to speak against Saba eventually so it was good that she finally did but unfortunately, the timing went against Saba one more time. The entire confrontation scene was done brilliantly with everyone not only being involved but also getting enough chance to speak whatever was in their hearts. Saba did speak about Salma & Ammar but just like Saba knew, Ammar manipulated the entire situation & turned it against Saba. Saba has understood the way Ammar’s mind works but still, she has not been able to counter that because she is not cunning like Ammar. Saba also had no idea that her friendship with Fakhir will be questioned out of nowhere, that is why she was caught off guard & didn’t really know how she should respond. Saba has been upfront & honest, she just speaks about things the way she perceives them & she actually expects that others will believe her but she is always proven wrong. Saba thought instead of questioning her, Ammar’s parents will question him about Salma but that didn’t happen because Saba’s honesty was overruled by Ammar’s lies.

Faraz did come to support Saba & question Ammar but after all that he heard, he left Saba alone to deal with this messy situation on her own. This was again something that was expected of Faraz but I still didn’t expect because I thought after his I’ll-be-there-for-you speech, he will stand by his daughter instead of chickening out, but he proved me wrong. Faraz was ashamed & actually thought that Saba could do something like that, Saba could actually cheat on Ammar. This goes to show that even though he feels for Saba, he still thinks Ammar is in the right. Faraz didn’t question Ammar about Salma but instead believed that Saba was actually involved with Fakhir, that is why he asked Kanwal to pardon his daughter’s mistake? What kind of a father is he? Faraz is not helpless, he can support Saba & Saba also can support herself even if she gets divorced but they have showcased the mentality of parents in a very convincing manner, where just for the sake of it, they don’t want their daughters to get divorced & instead expect them to stay in toxic relationships their whole lives. Saba has suffered enough & the only thing she expected from her father especially was to understand her but he proved that she was asking for too much.

Fakhir did feel something was not right but he couldn’t put a finger on it. It is good that the confrontation took place because it would now change the dynamics drastically. It was kind of stagnant seeing Saba & Ammar fight all the time so now it’s high time that the scenario changes. Ammar has promised Salma that he will get married to her, so it will be good to see Ammar paying the price for treating Saba with so much disrespect. Salma is just fascinated with the idea of getting married to Ammar but it is pretty obvious that Salma will not accept Ammar’s demeaning ways. She is not the kind who will put up with Ammar’s misbehavior.

Closing Thoughts – Brilliant Direction:

Overall, this episode of Khaas was very happening. I am relieved that the confrontation took place & things will change. I am keen to see how Ammar & Salma’s relationship will move forward, because they both are just wrongly fascinated but their bubble will burst soon. Everyone acted brilliantly in this episode as well. The direction of Khaas has turned out to be one of the strongest aspects of this drama. Danish Nawaz really has proved that he is a fine director & he can tackle serious scripts better than the comic ones. Danish Nawaz should take more scripts like these & direct them just the way he has directed Khaas. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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  • Very interesting drama. Confrontation was the highlight of this episode and it was quite intense and will be game changer. BTW, was Faraz actually there with other five at same time? Or one of the scenes were recorded later and merged? This is for the second time I have noticed this type of happening in Khaas.

  • True, Ammar is being very wrong in this relationship but I dont find Saba right anyway. She never formed a healthy relation with her in-laws while Ammar, even for his own selfish reasons, did form a cordial relation with Saba’s parents….the reason why I feel that no one is taking a stand for Saba while everyone is supporting Ammar – all of them have seen Ammar taking care of Saba as well as her family but this did not come from the side of Saba. If Saba would have spent time with the family then a lot of things would have come in Saba’s way and the situation wouldn’t have been so tough for her as she finds it now.

    • That’s a different side to this situation but yes you’re right, however, I feel it was the responsibility of Ammar to make that happen. He dissed Saba & made her feel unwanted in her life, that is why she kept herself busy & invested her time in her friends & family. If Ammar hadn’t pushed her to the limit, Saba would not have only done everything that he expected her to do but also maintain a relationship with his family. Saba has always been cordial with them all but yes, she kept on trying hard to make things work with Ammar first but that never happened.

  • Ammar is becoming unbearable with each passing episode. The bias is so obvious and sadly, women end up being blamed for not being able to stay married. Faraz is an extremely weak father who is so easily manipulated. Saba is being ostracized and treated like a child- questioned by every single person. It’s been 18 episodes- I think they really shouldn’t drag this on and move forward with how Saba evolves from here on and takes matters into her own stride. Thanks for the review, Zahra :)

  • Wo to sab to teeekh but aap ne fakhir k khilaaf kunch bola ..
    Is bandai ne mera demagh kharaab kardeya hai
    Is jaisai lazy motai saand ne do bol aur ab yaha ..iski achi hair cut karwakai Germany bejwaa dai sath mai uska baba bhi baijh dai ..
    Saba’s mother should ask her daughter but uska kirdaar kuch dai he nahi raha ..

      • Ab ghussa nahi hai karlai is babloo se shadi ye bechaara “do bol ” se yaha sisakta huwa aaya hai ..

        Saba apnai shohar se tallaq laikar seedha motai sand kai pass chali jaayai .aur saand pai baith kar baaqi zindagi k sair karlai ..

        Faraz sahb i know heart attack ko akhri episode tak delay karta rahaiga .is ne bas apni beti ko ammar pai sawaar rakhna hai

  • Saba is culprit .Instead of telling her parents she talks a lot with Fakhir .
    This is big mistake of her .
    Not in our religion nor our society permits a woman to keep friendship with any man .and discuss personal matters
    More often in late night .

    • He is a devious and has manuplated her parents so they do not listen to her. She has 2 choices. Go crazy or talk to someone who will listen and understand her. Men get away with everything. when will this change that you marry an intelligent beautiful woman and then systematically destroy her but she should not turn to anyone for help. what he is doing is much worse.

    • She’s wrong but did it out of frustration. Still not allowed. Shayad writer us ghalti ki taraf bhee nishandahi ker rahee ho jo Saba ker rahee hai because Saba in start is cheez ko ghalat hee samajh rahee thee but got involved. Let’s see where it ends.

      • Agree with u urs !!!
        Kai agar shohar bewi kai sath aisa behavior rakhai ga to wo ammi abboo se baat karaingee agar ammi abbo bhi uski baat na sunai to to wo na chahtai huwai bhi koye maseeha dhoondhai gee is ka dil ka haal jaan sakai .aur aisai mai koye sahaar khud apkai pas chal kar aayai jahan aap zindagi kai bareek mor se guzar rahai ho to bai ekhtyaar insaan uska hath pakar leta hai ..saba ko chaheyai Wo Allah ki taraf khud ko mabzool karti ..aur uskai parents ko chaheyai apni bachi ki baat sunai aur sochai

        Aur uskai shohar ko chaheyai kai ghairat ka ubalta huwa paani pee lai ..i mean mar jaayai

  • Very disappointed with Faraz. At the very least he should have politely asked to take his daughter home and give her a chance to hear her side of the story. He should know his daughter well enough to pick up something is wrong instead of blaming her 100% instead of being completely blinded by his son in law.

  • Beautifully portrayed about our society what goes on behind closed doors . Parents not supporting because of society. Suffering of saba., male and female friendships questioned why?
    Excellent drama and a eye opener for alot of audiences .
    Cant wait for saba to regain her confidence restart her life and show ammar women are not weak 😁😁

  • Watching khaas is like watching my mother s life. My father use to put her in every awkward situation but she just comes out of it brutally insulted by every one. Still mom n we r breathing in this painful house. Saba is giving a lesson to my mom to take a step for herself. Pray for my mom.

  • Thank you for the review. I was not previously watching the show regularly. But now it has got my attention.
    Faraz failed as father. He should have enough trust on Saba that she would not such a thing. And what was Saba’s mom doing at home. She should have come to visit Ammar with her husband.
    Nida is her brother’s sister and mother’s daughter.
    This show has grabbed atte tionnof some many people. And I have seen people saying that joth Saba and Ammar are doing wrong since they fail to to differentiate between ammar-Salma and fakir-Saba relationship. They don’t understand Saba’s family and in laws are okay with friends from opposite gender.

  • i don’t blame Saba’s father because she does go meet Fakher & I saw her putting a balm on his feet in a review video, it may be all platonic but after her father heard about that what else could he say?

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