Khalil-Ur-Rehman Explains Reason Behind Danish’s Death In Mere Paas Tum Ho

The star-studded drama serial Mere Paas Tum Ho has finally come to an end. The finale received a lot of backlash from fans for a tragic ending.

Khalil-Ur-Rehman Explains Reason Behind Danish's Death In Mere Paas Tum Ho

Khalil-ur-Rehman always ends his drama on not so happy note. The writer of super-hit drama Mere Paas Tum Ho has been criticized for killing the protagonist Danish played by Humayun Saeed.  The fans were completely devasted when Danish died and many people cried badly.

Khalil-Ur-Rehman Explains Reason Behind Danish's Death In Mere Paas Tum HoKhalil-ur-Rehman in an interview talked about why he killed Danish at the end. He revealed, “She(Mehwish) should not die, she must live and regret her whole life that’s the biggest lesson for her.”

Khalil-Ur-Rehman Explains Reason Behind Danish's Death In Mere Paas Tum Ho

Qamar also talked about Danish and said, “He is free after death. He could not go to another woman that’s why he died.”

Khalil-Ur-Rehman Explains Reason Behind Danish's Death In Mere Paas Tum Ho

Check out what Khalil-ur-Rehman has to say about Danish’s Death:


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  • Giving a person so much power that they can end your life is not strength of love it is weakness. She betrayed him so move on mister. Your son needs you. If he married that nice teacher she would have been punished that way. Just because Shanno died for him and he is regretting it now he wants every story to be a mirror image of that. He is stuck in that. Please move on and write something different. Your dialogue are good but logic is screwed

  • At the end roomi suffered the most, not mehwish. Yes she will feel regret but roomi has to live without a father to guide him and he might grow into resenting his mother for all of this. Would have preferred a realistic ending compared to this dramatic version. Where both mehwish and danish are co-parenting roomi and danish gets married to someone else eventually.

  • Only those can understand, who are blessed with true love

    ASHIQI Imtihan leytey HEY
    Ashiqoon ki Jaan letter HEY

  • Comments for Khalil ur Rehman

    “Woh mar gia, us ko mukti mil gaye”

    We say
    “Mar Kay Bhi chain na aya Tu kidhar jaein gay”

  • Sorry to say but Khalil Ur Rehman has made a diplomate ending to this play which wasn’t required.
    Just like he is clear about the fact such women do exist and seen such incidents he better came up with some real ending!
    In every second play he kills the hero no matter he done whole life wrong or right, hero will die! Disappointed!

    I know you had a huge pressure after getting storm response on social media that made you to change the ending….
    You could end it well by sending Danish back to Mehwish as this will encourage some group of girls to cheat and then go back to your husband as there is a chance of acceptance…. So this might put you on a very awkward position and so Khalil skipped it!

    Khalil could end it well by making Danish marrying Hania , leaving Mehwish burns inside and Rumi instead of living with biological mother he lives with step mom and wants her more, over her own mother…. so this situation could start a new debate that man always has a option to move on and if he’s being cheated he can never forgive!

    So he preferred to kill Danish!
    Not all fingers are same, same goes to this drama characters, not every girl is Mehwish and not every boy is Danish….
    There are people who forgive, who move on with a new interest and girls who don’t regret and keep going after other richy rich…

    And some learn lesson and live life like a mediocre!

    Khalil Ur Rehman needs to improve his ending, Danish hospital scene was so lame, he’s talking to his son after a heart attack…, dialogue were so lame and even when he had a heart attack he could have put some heavy dialogues but it was all flat that we literally regret watching all the episodes after Shahwar’s wife hits Mehwish….!

  • This drama was on top with 5 star when it started, but after the last episode I would personally give 1 star. If I would have been a producer or a director. I would have ended this drama buy getting Danesh married to a Teacher and Mavish would pay the price for betrayal and living with another guy for 5 months. Killing Danesh what did the director has proved so fare anothing, west of money and time, flop drama.

  • What else could be expected from a writer like, Khalil. Basically, this drama, from the first day was based on stupidity and BEGHAIRTI. So, the same thing Khalil wrote and showed till end. An un natural, khayali pulao love and faithfulness of men, which is really not a part of our society. Danish was such Coward that he could not bear the infidelity of his wife and die. Khalil usually portray his own family stories in his dramas. Lets wait when he reveals the real characters of this nonsence drama. Anyways, nothing was impressive to remember in this drama except, khalil once again famed the BEGHAIRTI……

  • Hamayun nailed his acting but I m dissapointed why to cry and die for the women who left u for a better option that she came back and regretted because shahwar didn’t marry her otherwise she was not pushed about u the logic was totally shit as he should have lived and married hira mani and looked after roomi why did he gave her impression that he’s nothing and given up on life without her grow up khaleel ur Rehman u have screwed up the end there are many examples where men leave and women survive where women leave and men survive u have ruined the end by killing him should him a weaker man its sad.

  • Breaking news: Mehwish marries Salman. He and his first wife were also good friends with Mehwish, so he thought why not????

  • Khalil Ur Rehman, its not your fault because your look itself is too depressing and doleful . Seems like a person who is fed up of his life and therefore portraying his very own desires to slake ( Bychain) soul LOL

  • Why is e everybody so focused on danish n Mahwish. The one who is really at a loss is Rumi. First half he lived without his mother & remaining half he will live without his father.

  • Mehwish jb gayi tw wo do takkay ki aurat thi or akhir mei aik mard itna bechara mazloom hogya k ussi do takkay ki aurat k liye maar gya??? Stop making foolish reasons k kyu mara danish ko…
    Jb mehwish hotel mei shahwar k sath ayi thi danish said to hania k thori daer beith jaen heart beat taiz horhi hai tw danish ko itna sukoon mila na tw agae ki life bhi usse shadi kr k reh sakta tha
    Or mehwish ko kya saza mili bhaee khalil sahab??? Uski aulaad or all his property mil gyi… Who is in loss??? Seriously bht bura laga hania k liye jo itna supportive hokr bhi is dukh ki waja bn gayi…
    Or aesa konsa nawuzubillahh wazeefa hai k danish agya tw ja nahi sakta?? Hur baat ka aesa mazaq bnaya hua hai… Seriously khalil sab next time ap apne naam py drama bnayiega main character mei or usko maaryiega… Then we will be happy k ” khalil ur rehman maar gya “

  • Khalil ur Rehman knows the pain of betrayal ,its unbearable, a person after betrayal if remains alive is actually not alive . Once u loved truly can’t love again. So ,to die naturally is blessing for person like Danish.

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