Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 19 Story Review – The Next Phase

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was more of a transition episode with which the story moved forward to the next phase. The good aspect of Ehd-e-Wafa right now is that all the boys are being given equal screen time. Dua and Saad’s scenes in the previous few episodes were truly impactful therefore I was waiting to see more of them. Saad it seems is giving Dua the time she needs to concentrate on her studies but it would have been good to see a little more interaction between the two. So far the biggest takeaway from this drama is how youngsters from opposite genders can help each other grow. We have at least 6 youngsters in this drama who are career oriented which is definitely a first for a Pakistani drama! At first just like everyone else I was also disappointed that all these friends were not going to join the army together but now it is good to see how different professions are being covered through their journeys. The new OST has definitely been a refreshing and much needed addition to Ehd-e-Wafa.

Different Journeys

This latest episode of Ehd-e-Wafa focused on the ugly side of politics and I must say that Shahzain did not take long to act on the advices given to him by his ‘mentor’. Saad continued to be the leader who would do anything to make sure that his team won. Shariq’s scene was confusing since he did exactly what he had been doing right from the start of his career. Ramsha has been working with him for such a long time yet she was surprised when he was not willing to take dictation. This development did not make a lot of sense since I didn’t feel that he was being personal but he asked valid questions regarding Shahzain’s academic qualifications. This entire development however showed that Shahzain was going to be the backstabber since he was told that would help him further his career. I must say that everything that Shahzain’s mentor said to him was written exceptionally well – meaningful dialogues which showed the dark side of politics.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 19 Story Review - The Next Phase

When Shehryar called Saad to tell him about the talk show for the first time it seemed like Shehryar was looking forward to a face off between Shariq and Shahzain yet later on his reaction suggested something entirely different. I must say that for a second even I felt for Shahzain because this was such a big insult and was left wondering if he deserved it. Later on however, he himself proved that he did not deserve to be friends with people like Shariq and Shehryar. These developments were definitely surprising and changed my opinions about these characters as the story progressed.

Saad and Gulzar’s scenes showed their fun sides yet again. It is always good to see that these two are still in touch and share their triumphs with each other. Saad and Dua’s scene in this episode was brief but it was meaningful. Although Saad and his father did not have a lot of screen time together yet the on-screen chemistry between these actors is simply remarkable – definitely one of a kind. The fact that their expressions are always on point whenever they either talk about each other or are together adds to the emotional value of their scenes. When Saad talked to Dua about his father, his concerns and feeling were easy to relate to. Ahad Raza Mir’s performance has been exceptional throughout even though in the firing practice scene his contouring and highlighting was a little too obvious. Saad is turning out to be my favorite character and at the same time I find myself rooting for Shariq and Shehryar. Rani also deserved someone better than Shahzain, his dark side is really off-putting and it seems like his political career is only going to make it worse.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 19 Story Review - The Next Phase

The Preview

The preview of the next episode suggested that Saad will leave for his first real mission and before going his dialogues suggested that something tragic might happen. Although I would love to see a happy ending to Dua and Saad’s love story but so far Saad’s leadership qualities suggest that he will take any kind of risk to make sure that he accomplishes his mission. The leaked BTS pictures of course suggested something different but right now it seems it could be a way to perhaps mislead the viewers. Shehryar it seems will clear the CSS exams and interview. The look on Shehryar’s face when Shahzain told him that he ‘helped’ him pass the exam broke my heart – I am pretty sure though that he is lying once again! Seems like Shahzain is going to practice everything he has been ‘taught’ on his friends even before he starts his active political career.

Final Remarks

Even though this episode was not as impactful as the previous two but overall it was the kind of episode which makes you look forward to more. What does the future hold for Saad? Will Shehryar believe Shahzain? Shariq has made it big in the media and it was great watching him get a better slot. It has been great watching these boys grow. Is there hope for Shahzain? It seems highly unlikely at the moment. Tonight’s episode was executed well and some of the dialogues were really powerful.

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Fatima Awan

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  • Thanks for a great review. Ehd e wafa is getting better and better. Shahzen’s hypocrisy was hard to digest. As you said he is practicing the advice his groomee gave him on his friends. Hope Shariq and Shehryar figure it out sooner rather than later. Saad’s scenes were heartwarming especially the ones with his dad. Without dialogues their expressions spoke volumes. Rani is cute she deserves someone better than Shahzen or maybe we might see Shahzen realize his wrongdoings and change himself that may be wishful thinking, personalities don’t change. Looking forward to the next episode and your review.

    • You’re most welcome Asma. So glad you are watching this one, I value your opinion. Yes, I really hope that he mends his ways.

      I will wait for your comment too. Keep reading and commenting.

  • It has been a breath of fresh air to see progressive and goal oriented young people in this drama. I hope after showing the dirty side of politics we can see how a young not so educated politician can still bring a positive change….maybe he can make amends and decides to do something right instead of following the contorted political advice.

    Thanks Fatima for another good review.

    • Yes definitely! Truly refreshing. Yes maybe! Let’s see how their journeys unfold in the upcoming episodes.

      You’re most welcome Shabnam, keep reading and commenting.

  • Thank you for your review. This drama really shows reality. How educated and talent people like Sheryar and Shariq have to struggle and fake and uneducated people take into governance of he country. Shahzain did not even spare his friends from his hiprocay. He will be influencing Shaheyar too now, but it’s good that at least one of them (Saad) will be away from his evil plans. I found that firing scene of Saad bit weird. Otherwise the drama is going good.

  • This episode worked for me, covering all in very convincing manner. It’s even good that Shahzian is not positive, and he is well presenting the worst side of contemporary politics. He’s sort of “Shahd (honey) ki daldal”. This title was given to one of our politicians in Musharraf era. 😉

    Shariq is best as political show host. Saad continues to impress with his performances in Army. I was moved to tears when he was given trophy by his Chief Guest Father. That one minute scene with OST in background was simply amazing.

  • Idk but i found Shahzain’s behaviour a little childish. Plus it was hard for me to digest that he did exactly what his mentor told him just after one meeting? He is usually an angry man and just after one meeting he was a changed man. OKB’s attire puts me off and his acting is so so. After watching this episode i feel story doesn’t have much to offer. There are little developments but some just misfire means they don’t have much impact. Maybe shehryar becoming a beauracrat will add something to it.
    Brilliant review and good drama. New ost is awesome

    • I agree Ahsan, OKB is really stiff, definitely the weakest link and his expressions don’t help! Yes love the new OST. So glad you are watching this one Ahsan. Thank you for liking the review and for commenting.

  • Good review Fatima,. It was a nice episode, and all the tracks were well balanced. Im liking Shahzain turning negative, the story is becoming interesting. But I felt what Shariq did was not correct, a true friend should guide his friend when going wrong, and when he knows that his friend is a jaahil, then to insult him like this and provoke him is a stupidity.
    Saad and Dua love story is the best part of the serial. Rani is also enteraining now, in the first half of the serial I didn’t enjoy her comedy, found it forced.

  • The whole conversation between Shahzain and his ‘trainer’ starting from ‘yeh shehr e aqdaar nahin shehr e iqtadar hai yahan pyar nahin PR Chalta hai’with it’s play on words and the hard facts behind them was mind blowing. The last scene with the father and son gave me a huge lump in the throat but the conflict between the friends wasn’t as convincing only and only because of Osman Khalid Butts limited expressions and wooden dialogue delivery. Mustafa Afridi has written the gray character really well but it’s been portrayed very poorly by Osman. I can’t help but imagine how a more competent actor like Bilal Abbas would’ve totally elevated the whole proceedings. All in all another great episode

  • Hi Fatima, i enjoyed the episode and your review as well. My fav parts from your review are; Saad-Gulzar touch point, Mentor’s teaching of dark politics, saad’s leadership qualities & possible tragic ending, Saad-Dua track, Shariq’s over react at interview, Shahzain’s quick learning from Mentor and applying on friends, but i think he genuinely helped for Shaharyar for job, that’s what friends do and i am sure he loves Rani, but only tease her.

    • Hello Aamer, thank you for reading the reviews and for commenting. Yes, he loves Raani but he has a big ego. I seriously doubt he helped Shehryar, his character is seriously twisted.

  • Thanks for your great review! Another wonderful episode that was enjoyable. I am fearing for Saad’s future as well.

  • Great review as always. My favorite parts were your thoughts on Saad, Dua and Gulzar. Ehd-e-Wafa has become really entertaining. Plus, the new OST is awesome.

    The whole week, I kept hoping that the preview was misleading and Shahzain didn’t actually get Shariq fired and I’m so disappointed in him. At least Shehryar will realize his game soon. The firing scene gave me goosebumps. At least Saad’s senior told him off for taking such a risk.

    It was, as you said, a true reflection of our political system. Hope Shahzain will mature and actually make a difference.

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