Khalil-Ur-Rehman Slammed Saba Hameed And Urwa Hocane

Khalil-ur-Rehman called Saba Hameed dishonest and bashed Urwa for hurting him.

The cast of upcoming film Kaaf Kangna appeared in Morning at home show which is hosted by Nadia Khan. The film features Sami Khan, Eshal Fayyaz, Ayesha Omar and many other stars.

The famous writer Khalil-ur-Rehman also appeared in the interview. He revealed some of the major things. During the interview, he called Saba Hameed and Mehmood Aslam dishonest.

Khalil-Ur-Rehman Slammed Saba Hameed And Urwa HocaneMehmood Aslam and Saba Hameed will never be part of my project. I pray that I never have to work with such dishonest people. I have never seen such dishonest people in my life. Unfortunately, Mehmood Aslam took one lac more than what was decided. When  I threw out Saba and I needed him (Mehmood Aslam) and he said I don’t have any dates. He never called me and asked about how I was doing though we were really good friends,” Khalil-ur-Rehman revealed.

Here’s his clip from the interview in which he is talking about Saba Hameed:

Further, he spoke his heart out and shared how he suffered because of Urwa Hocane. The writer suggested that he had offered the role to Urwa just because of Farhan Saeed (who is his close friend) but working with her soon turned into a “scary experience.”

Khalil-Ur-Rehman Slammed Saba Hameed And Urwa Hocane“I have issues with whom I used to call my sister, Urwa Hocane. May Allah forgive her but I have been through a lot because of her. I have tolerated her because of her husband, he is my really good friend and he loves me. I believed Urwa admired me too and I had links with her family too. I had issues with her (during shooting) and I used to tell her not to do this but there came a time and I had to say goodbye to her. She was not even performing good and I have no problem in letting her go,” he shared.


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  • KRQ is such a hypocrite.
    First he makes a bad film then he slams legends for leaving it.
    He is only better as a writer, his film sucks and everyone will know KRQ’s direction prowess once his film is out

  • Mr KR, why are you being so lean hearted? Its like been like that in the film industry for years now. Commitment & honesty to profession have long left this field which is the very reason for the downfall of the once thriving industry. Many a bright stars were doomed because of this hipocracy.

  • And what about the pathetic song in his movie Kaaf Kangana where a women is dancing and all men including his son are watching.. What kind of pathetic writing is this? I did not expected this from him. Shame on all the writers and our actresses for doing such songs.. Also, again we have the pathetic story of Indian-Pakistan lovers falling in love..

  • Mr Rehman comes across very arrogant, extremely sensitive and mean. Itne gilley shikway? Remember there’s always two sides in a disagreement. Why is this man airing his dirty laundry on tv?
    I think it’s cheap publicity for his new film. Also laughed when he said he considered Urwa is sister. Beti kyun ni kaha, he’s certainly old enough to be her father.
    Maybe All the actors had good reasons to leave your project.

  • Ap aur apki family kis character kai log hai wo aap ne sadqai tumharai mai show kiya hain thats enough to judge ..
    I have never seen a pathetic man like u ..
    U have even do injustice to ur love shaano ..
    Aur aakhir episode mai dialogue maar kai khud ko paarsa bannai ki koshish kar raha tha ..
    Apkai har dramai mai udhair umar budha budhi kai gandai fahash dialogues ooper se in joro kai piyar mohabbat kai gandai qissai ..
    U have that talent to play with people emotions by twisting dialogues ..
    Psycho insaan kahi kai ..

  • I didn’t expect this item number song in Kalil ur Rehman’s movie.Also he shouldnt be so sensitive …if he is ok…let’s not expect too much from so many people he threw out of his film…he shouldnt have done that…and Nadia khan shouldn’t be discussing this issue on this platform…

  • KRQ is one sensitive lot who has the courage to speak and reveal the ugly secrets of society. Hes refined version of Manto who never got credit when he was alive but after his death.
    KRQ had the courage to bring onscreen the bitter truths of his family even. Keep up the good work KRQ. Haters are everywhere who would write against your observation but would not hesitate watching the porns. Ghairat brigade has always lower moral values.

  • So Firdous Jamal can give his opinions on Mahira and everybody supports him and says he can say what he wants. KRQ tells of his personal experience with working with some people and he is being told he is wrong.

    Why the double standards?

  • Writers are very sensitive & KRQ is a big name of Pak industry such words from her mouth wasn’t expected …Sad & Nadia should also not provoke him to know the reason behind that would add the grace to her work on national channel.

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