Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 10 Story Review – Mystery Solved

This episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho was mind-blowing. Khalil-ur-Rehman’s script has taken off for sure, Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan’s performances tonight were outstanding and tonight’s episode was brilliantly directed as well. The evolution of the characters has been the best part of this drama. Mehwish’s defiance, Danish’s helplessness and Shahwar’s manipulation was covered perfectly in tonight’s episode. Few weeks back, it was difficult to even imagine that a drama with literally three characters would end up being so engaging.

The first few episodes of Meray Pass Tum Ho were repetitive and confusing but it seems like it will turn out to be an interesting play after all. Even tonight, I couldn’t help but wonder what Danish’s background was but I must say that the way his present situation has been translated on screen, I am more than willing to ignore the lack of a proper background. The writer definitely has something solid to offer and Nadeem Baig deserves all the praise for directing every single episode so well.

This was the kind of episode in which every single dialogue, situation and even expression counted – the actors made sure that everything which was penned down on paper came alive on screen. It was another episode which kept me completely hooked. There wasn’t a single scene which was out of place or unnecessary. The way the mystery surrounding Shahwar and Mehwish’s meeting was revealed was also terrific. This was a really smart move by the writer since this meeting piqued the viewers’ curiosity after watching last week’s episode.

Meray Pass Tum Ho definitely has my undivided attention and this drama proves that an old story too can be told from a fresh perspective. Very often we see women fighting to keep their marriages intact in dramas but rarely do we see men doing the same. Danish’s attempts to make Mehwish stay and blaming Shahwar more than Mehwish is definitely something brand new. He is the one who wants to save this marriage while Shahwar is doing everything in his power to break it.

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 10 Story Review - Mystery Solved

Poor Danish

Tonight’s episode focused completely on Danish’s desperate attempts to make Mehwish understand that he was more than willing to forgive her, while the defiance in Mehwish’s eyes clearly indicated that she no longer loved this man with whom she had spent so many years of her life. Danish’s reassurances throughout this episode and his attempts to give Mehwish everything she once wished for had absolutely no affect on Mehwish. Those scenes covering how desperately Danish wanted life to return to normal were superbly done. While Danish tried hard to please Mehwish, he couldn’t help but mention ‘last night’.

Danish’s behavior when they went to the beach and the dialogues showed that he was more than willing to change himself even though whatever happened was not his fault! Danish’s character has been etched-out wonderfully and Humayun Saeed’s acting tonight was beyond impressive. Humayun Saeed nailed every single expression tonight – his expressions on the dinner table when Roomi made those remarks were priceless. Danish is fighting a losing battle, he picks himself up every time and fights harder than ever and even now he has faith that Mehwish will eventually go back to being her old self. Danish is in denial because he cannot bear the thought of losing Mehwish. At the same time Danish’s fears and his anxiety was translated impeccably through various scenes. It was also good to see Danish making a decision for a change despite of Mehwish’s narazgi and zid. He knows what is at stake and what the consequences can be if he allows Mehwish to work for Shahwar, he made that mistake once and does not want to make it again.

The phone call from the desk in the office was too cute, this was another scene in which Humayun Saeed’s expressions were right on point. Danish made the viewers feel for him every step of the way and this time around Humayun Saeed did not overdo the becharapan at all. Danish’s interactions with Rumi were also the highlight of this episode.

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 10 Story Review - Mystery Solved

Mehwish Has Made Up Her Mind

The ‘meeting’ in Islamabad was Shahwar’s way of ‘tempting’ Mehwish even more. He gave her a choice and it didn’t take Mehwish too long to decide what she wanted. It was sad watching Mehwish give in to the temptation so easily. Mehwish referred to Danish as ‘wo’ in this episode while talking to Shahwar – like he was the ‘other man’! The disconnect Mehwish felt after finding out how much Shahwar ‘valued’ her was quite obvious past two weeks too but tonight more than ever it was apparent that Mehwish felt nothing but ‘sorry’ for Danish. Right from the start it seemed like Danish loved Mehwish and Mehwish perhaps married him in the hope that he will give her a ‘good’ life. Mehwish has seen what it is like to be a rich man’s girlfriend therefore being Danish’s wife is just not appealing enough. Mehwish is so sure she deserves better thanks to two men who compliment her on regular basis. Mehwish’s ‘confidence’ in her good looks makes her believe every single lie Shahwar tells her.

Shahwar is a manipulative and clever man who knows how to play his cards right. He realized early on that Mehwish is attracted to his status and wealth. Shahwar also comes across as a shady person, perhaps someone who derives pleasure out of  breaking marriages. Shahwar could conveniently have an affair with Mehwish but he has control issues, he wants Mehwish all to himself. I find it hard to believe that he ‘loves’ Mehwish because the way he talked to his wife tonight showed that he is showing Mehwish a different side of his personality. The writer has kept the curiosity alive by not revealing this character entirely. We have seen Shahwar interacting with Mehwish more than anyone else and we have never seen a side of his personality when no one is around. Mehwish trusts him blindly because the only man she has been close to is Danish – someone who never lies and is honest. Mehwish’s friend is suddenly out of the picture. She used to share every little thing with her but now she is nowhere to be seen.

The scene at the beach was one of the best tonight. Ayeza Khan’s expressions in this scene and her thoughts conveyed the message so well. Mehwish is not happy in this marriage any more – she has planned a future without Danish therefore no matter what he does now, it seems, she is going to leave him. Mehwish’s logic clearly is that she deserves better than Danish.

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 10 Story Review - Mystery Solved

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode had so many meaningful scenes which made this episode engaging as well as emotional. This episode also had the most brilliant performances by all the actors involved. Adnan Siddiqui has not only nailed the expressions but the look he sports in this drama goes so well with his character. Ayeza Khan and Humayun Saeed deserve a standing ovation for their flawless performances. Nadeem Baig’s direction definitely gives this drama an edge.

Eagerly looking forward to the next episode. Do share your thoughts about this latest episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Wow, simply outstanding episode and your review is kind a pizza wala treat sister. The mystery of hotel finally unfolded and the way they showed from both perspectives of shehwar and ayeza was totally convincing. So doubts proved true about that particular scene.. well i really felt for Humayun he has nailes the character.. just wow. Roomi ufff so cute, i am afraid he will suffer the most… shehwar is not what he is showing to mehwish. The way he was telling her key Bacha hai usey toys chahiye shows his psyche that he doesn’t value relationships.. he just wants to own them.. on the other hand, i think he must have trapped his first wife for business and he got that now fed up of her so next prey is mehwish.. khalil rehman kya banda hai, uffff. Telephone scene was so touchy.. excellent episode and aapka ek dum jhakaas boley tou bindaas review sister.. dialogues ❤❤❤

    • Haha thank you for the mazedar comment Waqar. Yes! totally agree with you bro. Humayun was amazing, chaa gaye Danish bhai. On point observation Waqar, that is exactly what I thought when he said he will offer Danish money and bribe Rumi too – I think Mehwish has met her match! Haye, loved that scene, so cute.

      Thank you so much, loved your comment too, dil se!

      • Thank you sister. For giving us quick review.. while watching episode i was constantly thinking about review key it will be witty.. and it is. Kudos to for running such digital platform. More power to you all sister..

        • You’re most welcome Waqar. Thank you for all your support. I really enjoy the discussions on this thread because this drama gives all the readers so much to talk about.

          • Haha. We must promote peace and respect along with stock of laughter.. stay blessed and keep smiling always…

            P.S: i have not shared it before but it needs courage to share that i have seen such thing in my family with my brother… so i can relate myself and my family to the situation of Danish easily.. mazay ki baat hai ghar waaley are not watching this drama but me. It is really hard situation..

    • The mystery of hotel is not unfolded … did she go to the other city just to sleep in a silk night suit?

      • it was revealed in this episode that they did sleep together. He tempted her and she gave in. She went to his room and told him she wanted to take the relationship to the next level. How much more do you need? lol

      • M. Shehwar tempted her and she gave in not long afterwards. Aik cheez hoti hai “reading between the lines” ya harkat nigari ki baat karein to “seeing between the scenes.”
        They pretty much said and showed everything without saying or showing anything. (This ain’t Hollywood where everything has to be explicit, and while I respect cultural differences over what can and can’t be shown, I like it this way)

  • Agree with every word. Fatima you did justice to this episode by viewing little details and elaborating on them so sensibly that it helped me see some of the happenings from a new perspective. Good reading a well written piece of writing on this platform. Mehwish is headed towards disaster. She will regret her actions and decisions but then it will be too late. Hoping Danish will not take her back. I am going to read all your reviews of this drama.

    • Thank you so much Saman, your appreciation means a lot to me. You’re absolutely right about Mehwish and yes, don’t want Danish forgiving her and take her back when and if she takes the decision to leave him.

  • Aur aakhir e kaar mehwish ne faisla kar hi liya k wo agle station per hi utar sad for danish roomi and herself wo station ho sakta hai uskey liye aakhri station hi sabit ho aur agli train shaiyed manzil tak pohcha hi na paye aur derail ho jaye yaa kisi brige se hi gir kar darya burdd hojay. Who cares.Disloyality cheating aur izzat ka sauda all for wealth gold and glory…mere khudaya. Not the least how crooked,mean, devious and deceptive shahwer proved to be. Very disturbing episode of MPTH really. Rest you said it all Fatima, thanks

    • Kya baat hei aap ki bilkul aisa hi hei – akhri station is so right. Yes, true it was really sad.

      You’re welcome MR, really enjoyed reading your comment.

  • This was way too disturbing. They should not have showed that she cheated on him and then was completely casual about it at home. Not an ounce of guilt was found in her looks, instead she just seemed annoyed with danish. I think this is too unnatural. After all mehwish is not shown as an evil woman since the start so for her to do such a grevious sin then be casual about it is not digestable. Too much modernism for my liking!

    • To some extent, but she has been feeding that how badly shehwar is being treated by his wife, similarly she is also being pampered by the same guy for being underrated by danish… playing with emotions is too powerful to drive someone crazy or mad easily… this was what have studied in psychology

    • Yes, the concept and the drama is bold. It has all been shown convincingly, no cheap thrills and commercialism involved in the execution, thankfully.

  • Your reviews are spot on In the beginning episodes you were a bit harsh on the slow pace but I guess this is how the director glues the audience to the drama with excitement graph of ups and downs. What a brilliant acting by all the 3 actors especially Humayun Saeed who is the best as always

  • your review was spot on it was a brilliant episode, what makes me laugh is that monty says the same thing every time to Mehwish.

    i’l have to wait a few weeks to see the next episodes but the good thing is that I will be able to see them together, I will also miss ur lovely reviews too

    • Thanks a ton Shameem. Yes, he does but his compliments never meant as much to Mehwish before as it did in this episode, as if she was looking for ‘validation’ for her actions.

      Awww thanks a lot Shameem, I will wait for your feedback.

  • Superb review on spot
    I must say that this story was same old one but writer, director and actors made it engaging thats why we are stilled hooked to this serial. Really felt bad for danish, he is so much in love with mehwish k jantey howey bhi anjaan baan raha hai. She said that she don’t want to carry this relationship but he still tried to normalize everything. Also I felt for roomi, danish ny bilkul sahi kaha k bachy raat ko sukoon sy soty hein k subha un k maa baap unko chor ky nhi jayein gaye. The separation between a couple affect their children the most.
    Humayun Saeed, Ayeza and Adnan Siddiqui all of them are doing good job. Waiting for coming episode.

    • Thank you so much Ome e Nida.

      You explained Danish’s feelings so well. Yes, those dialogues about Roomi were so beautiful.

      Keep reading and commenting.

      • I think that was some major foreshadowing when Danish brought Rumi up. I don’t think anything can convey the message of this show better than (a) whatever poetic justice awaits for Mehwish on the new train she’s boarding (kahin ye us ka akhiri station to nahin? :P Khalil-Sama has a penchant for killing off important characters so I’m not ruling that out until the last moment), and (b) the plight of Rumi.
        (a) reinforces the message while (b) draws the viewers’ sympathy, and obviously packs potential. Rumi will be deeply scarred to know that his mother just left him out of lust for wealth and it would shock him, as it did us, if he ever came to know that she didn’t shut up a billionaire cad talking about – effectively – bribing a child (“woh jis chiz pe hath rakhega use mil jayegi”).

  • Mehwish and Danish are playing a game with Shahryar. Husband wife duo is going to loot the rich man, IMO…..remember, they both have desired for the luxuries of life. It will be interesting to watch how that will unfold.

    • Danish’s desire was to make Mehwish happy, so may be he would go to the lengths to do it also, I think at this point the story can go either way.

    • That isn’t spectacularly likely right now, but who knows… The trailers never hinted at Danish being anything but a “sharif” kind of character. I do think he may try taking a few “sweeteners” at his office to get Mehwish everything she wants (but in vain). Also, the trailers dropped a strong hint at Mehwish and Danish confronting on adversarial terms, complete with the lines, “Aurat fitratan bewafa nahin hoti, aur jo bewafa ho, woh fitratan aurat nahin hoti.”
      I think Mehwish will seriously leave Danish, but someone else will enter Danish’s life as a comforting character. Perhaps this someone may also help Danish work on his own character flaws (remember how he overreacted about the black sari around E02-03? And how he sometimes says things without thinking – case in point: “dalali” – that certainly hit others where it hurts?).
      Bottom line, though, the writer has a reputation for unexpected twists, so fingers crossed…

  • Great review but I have a question why you reviewed this episode little late compare to previous one’s

  • OMG , this episode was mind blowing every scene , dailogues were perfect . Fatima you are doing justice with this drama , awesome review totally agree with your review.i am enjoying the way adnan saddique is trapping mehwish . Romi is too cute after a long time we are enjoying the dialogue and acting of a kid ,otherwise mostly in dramas the dailogues of a child is too mature.mehwish acting in this episode was too good .humayun is the main attraction of this drama .superb-review👍

  • A Very well crafted Review Fatima .I must appreciate your reviewing skills .As far as the Episode is Concerned I think it is bit unnatural that the marriage survived for 7 years and now it took only 7 weeks for any man to break it .But yeah this is the Human Psyche that if you trigger them on the correct spot they become vulnerable and thats what shehwar has exactly done .He knew what Mehwish craves in her life and he played accordingly .
    But I must say the ending of this drama will be huge lesson for Girls in our society and it will have a lasting impact.Good (Y)

    • Thank you so much Rehan Khan, I am really enjoying reviewing this drama and these reviews come straight from the heart. I used to think so too therefore I can totally relate to that but like you said it doesn’t matter how long they have been married since sometimes a person can sadly go completely off track when someone like Shahwar comes into the picture. Mehwish never fell for Monty but Shahwar’s affection it seems is like a dream come true for her.

      • Exactly , And it hurts alot when only one person does everything he can to save the failing relationship ,Relationship is Mutual and if one wants to leave the other should understand that holding it too tight will only hurt him more .

        • True Rehan, It’s not easy to let go of someone you love so much and can’t think of living without. It is good to see Danish fighting to keep Mehwish, definitely something I can relate to much more than those talaq talaq talaq scenes!

          • Yes I strongly Agree to it ,Sometimes it really hurts when you think a life without someone you love even if its for a day .But I have Learnt 1 thing in life that you can not beg or force someone to stay with you if they really care about you they will find atleast 1 reason to stay back with you otherwise sometimes letting go is far more beneficial then holding on too tightly .Tears :(

          • “Aqal badam khane se nahi dhoka khane se aati hei” Haha, that one’s #NotedToBeQuoted

  • Gr8 review , I also found this episode to be the best till now, and it will get better. Still I feel the proper background would have made the earlier episodes also more believable. Anyways I could totally understand Danish;s situation and Mehwish’s reaction. She has made up her mind, and now doesn’t want to waste time, she wants Danish to be angry and throw her out. She knows that Danish is not the kind of person who will hit her, but still she is trying to trigger, and also wants an excuse to break the relationship, but Danish loves her so much that she is trying his best to save the marriage, its all very relatable and Humayun and Ayeza have done a gr8 job, I felt Ayeza stole the show in this episode.
    The only thing Fatema, that annoys me is when Danish keeps on saying.. kyunki mere paas tum ho, now that’s been repeated too many times and makes you feel that even Danish feels that she is extraordinary beautiful and a priced possession, and he is inferior and just lucky to have her. It doesn’t seem that she has the good qualities to be loved, so why is he so crazy after her, just for looks, that makes his character a little weak in my opinion.

    The mystery of hotel is still not completely solved, there will be more flashback scenes I guess, to make it more clear.

    • Hotel scene is almost clear, I feel they did have a relation and that’s the reason they were in their night clothes, when she said she wants to get down from the train it means that they went ahead, they cannot make it more expensive obvious than this

    • Thank you so much tiger. I feel that MPTH dialogue shouldn’t have been repeated so many times in the promos. Danish is in love with Mehwish and love is blind!

      I think it is solved completely.

    • it was revealed in this episode that they did sleep together. He tempted her and she gave in. She went to his room and told him she wanted to take the relationship to the next level. I think this was quite expressive without showing any vulgar scenes

  • What a deadly combination now with storyline getting stronger+powerful dialogues+ briliant actings+awesome direction. This drama is treat to watch on weekend and that even without any commercial break!

    I am extremely amzed to see wonderful acting/expressions of Ayeza, and finds her at another level now. She is quite brilliant as Mehwish & so is handsome hunk Humayun as her spouse.

    The presentation of this drama has special soothing effects and addition of classical music takes the execution one notch high. Promo of next episode hints at more intensity coming week, waiting for it.

    تم نظر اٹھا کر بات کرو تو میں سر اٹھا کر بات کر سکوں

    Dialogues are already KRQ copyright material!

    Enjoyed watching episode, followed by this detailed review.

  • Thanks for the excellent analysis of the episode.
    My bit of different opinion.
    I may be the only one, but I find Aiza Khan’s interpretation of Mehwish as always cold and stony. Her expressions don’t change. Even with her child. Is she supposed to have just a one track mind? One dimensional?
    Humayun Saeed is superb, of course and the child is excellent.

    • I think Ayeza needs to work more on her voice and dialogue delivery, specially when shee keeps asking silly qustions to Shehwar, — kya matlab, who kaise,….etc she asks questions as a small kid who doesn’t understand anything, only Shehwar is making her do everything.
      This is the first episode where Ayeza was actually good, for sure she was not perfect in previous episodes.

    • Thanks a ton Pacifist.

      I agree, I also mentioned in the previous reviews that she has underplayed the character but I liked Ayeza’s performance in this episode. The lack of proper background also makes the character one dimensional – there are times when you wonder where she is from, what kind of a background, why is she so lalchi, why did she marry Danish.

  • Great episode, the dialogues are outstanding. Fantastic acting by all 3 actors. I listened to some interviews this week about this drama and time and again it is said Danish jaisa mard hota hai.

    Watching this episode made me think if there are men like this, then maybe some marriages would have been saved it a man would have reacted like this.

    The way he is trying to deal with the turmoil in his life, showing so much love to Mehwish is really amazing. Kis miti ka bana hai. Romi said your not even saying Mehwish you are spending too much, and he replies ab nahi kou ga. He offered to make dinner, put butter on her toast and all the time he knows what she has done.

    This blaming shahwar is a new way of looking at this situation. He thinks Shahwar must have won her over with his money and status. He thinks she is impressed because he can’t give her these things, however he believes his mohabbat is his strength.

    And to be fair, it really is. How many women watching this drama wish their husband was like Danish!!

    I find it ironic that Mehwish tells shahwar not to smoke but she can’t smell it on her own husband!!

    And she has finally told him, that she wants to leave, and that she can live without him!! Danish’s face was like a puppy! And still he was trying to persuade her to stay so pyar sai!

    It was good that he couldn’t help but mention ‘last night’ as otherwise he would seem super human. Obviously he must be hurting inside, and her response was just so callous. Uufff sorry keh tho diya. Mehwish is becoming so hard hearted!!

    The writer and director have shown the shift in her personality so well. Today she referred to her lovely home as a flat, shehwar us clearly impacting her thoughts!

    • Seriously Azi, there are people exactly like Danish. The way Mehwish behaved in this episode and the way Danish handled it, and is still trying to save the marriage, its all real and natural. In this case Danish will fail, as to save such marriages u need more family members to support Danish. in such situations, what happens is that you have already made up your mind and u want to leave for a better future, and you mind will not like to see anything good in your husband as you want to believe that the other person is much better. So u need someone else to open your eyes, other wise you go ahead with wrong decision and later will regret.

  • This drama is complete copy paste of Hollywood Movie “Indecent Proposal” … infact the movie is way far better n beautiful then this drama.
    It’s subject n concept is not for Pakistani viewers.

  • Thanks for the review Fatima! This episode was truly brilliant in every way. Shahwar finally succeeded in having his way with Mehwish. Danish continues living in denial and thinks that he can forget that night- he is too afraid of finding out what actually transpired and is trying to cover up and move forward. I found it amusing that Mehwish felt Danish found out too quickly- she wanted to continue her affair in private and once she was satisfied that everything was the way she had wanted, she would leave Danish and move on. I think the mystery behind Shehwar’s wife is going to be the game changer. Does he really have it as bad as he portrays? Clearly he’s a womanizer and his dynamic with Mehwish is going to change down the line. It’ll be interesting to see how their equation evolves.

    • You’re most welcome Kanwal, so good to hear from you. So true about Mehwish – she was dying to go to the office so that she could get on with the affair! Yes! Mehwish is probably going to see his ugly side after leaving Danish.

  • Nice review as always Fatima!!
    Waiting for hira’s entry as rumi’s teacher…I guess she’ll come after their’s going to be interesting to see her as mateen sahab’s daughter!!

    • Thank you so much LFI. It is always great to hear from someone from across the border. Looking forward to seeing how things unfold in the upcoming weelks.

  • Salaam Fatima,
    Great review, I am just laughing at some of the questions that are being posed to you. But it is an interesting drama. I am just wondering why not just a place in Karachi? Why they had to go to Islamabad. Their chances of being caught would be reduced 90%.

    • Waelukum Asalam Farah, thank you so much. So good to hear from you after such a long time. I think Shahwar was testing Mehwish – he wanted to see how far she will go. If she was willing to tell such a big lie to be with him, she would be willing to do more! He is a clever man. He probably wanted her to get caught.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • To Mehwish station par ni balky aurat k Mayar se neechy utar gai… Danish is in denial and probably doesn’t want to hear anything. I would say wake up bro. It’s quite an achievement by this team to make this drama so interesting with just 3 characters. Performances are really on top notch. Nadeem baig just knows how to get performance out of someone. His direction was really awesome too. Absolutely fantastic review Fatima g…
    PS: Review buht late upload hoty hain. Any particular reason?

    • Thanks a ton Ahsan. Truly appreciate your feedback and I must say that you were right about this drama after all ;) I posted the review 2 hours after the episode aired. Couldn’t you see it on the website?

      • I don’t know Fatima…i kept checking but it didn’t show up…it showed up almost 20 hours later and this has been happening with me for at least a week…Same is happening with Alif and I can’t see Ehd e wafa’s review which you might have already posted

  • Mehwish is gonna leave danish….enjoy shahwars wealth….then shell come across shahwars real character and aggressive side….i thnk hes infertile and cant have kids. ..then she will miss danish and roomi alot….and she will catch shahwaar cheating wth her….at the end she going to repent and cry but daish will move on wth roomi and a new wife…..

    • I don’t know why you have the impression about him being infertile (Did they drop any hints that I’ve missed?), but I certianly think the other points are likely – M. Shehwar has a dark side that his wife has seen. I have a hunch that his wife is not to blame (as he repeatedly says and as even Anoushay has mentioned) for their strained relations. The other point about cheating on her is also accurate – jo dusri keliye pehle ke sath bewafai kar sakta hai, woh teesri keliye dusri ke sath kyun nahi? That’s something I always think whenever I read a news story about these affairs and all.
      Hmm… Missing Danish and Rumi? That’s interesting. Perhaps M. Shehwar’s dark side could make that happen, but then again, if she could forget them and leave, perhaps not…

  • I think in the end Mehwish will be back with Danish.
    And its not going to be easy for Mehwish to be with Shehwar, I feel Shehwarar’s wife will make their life hell.

      • I don’t know if they dropped any hints (I don’t watch BTS interviews and all until after the show) but I’m totally with you on that: I think M. Shehwar’s caused the bitter relations with his wife, perhaps due to his anger issues or his flirty approach. Or perhaps because he’s the “everything has a price” type.

        • Jayadeep I watched only one show and they didn’t reveal much about that in it but yes I do get that feeling too, he is definitely not the kind of man who would work to keep a relationship intact since he is always trying to ‘buy’ people!

      • I would like to know what you think Anoushay had been up to. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will, but I think M. Shehwar was calling the shots and pulling the strings from behind the scenes when she was busy with his “sifarish” (to use a polite word) to Mehwish.

  • Wonderful review as usual👍. My God, MPTH has turned out to be an ‘explosive’ sort of a drama!! Every ep has something different in store for us and I must say this serial keeps engaged throughout 👏👏 Finally, the mystery of the hotel room got solved and Mehwish has made up her mind to get divorce from Danish. It was really painful to see Mehwish, blinded with greed, hurt feelings of an innocent soul like Danish😰😰. What a splendid episode ❤️❤️

  • Great review Fatima & you covered every angle with great precision
    The case of PINK NIGHTY is finally solved!
    Shahwar was finally able to reel Mehwish in & this stupid girl went in hook line & sinker. I am a little confused at Mehiwish’s blatant defiance of her actions. Infedility in a middle class background is a BIG deal & for her not to feel any remorse is not natural. Maybe coz she’s morally corrupt from the beginning so this one step doesn’t shake her up.
    All the actors were superb in their performance. I was watching this episode around midnight but couldn’t tear myself away to even yawn😄
    Script is powerful & direction excellent. Not a single flaw in this episode. Looking forward to the next one!

    • Thank you so much Gullo for liking the review and for commenting. Haha pink nighty and the twin room;) Mehwish always did things her way, remember all those times when she never informed her husband that she was going out. Therefore, I am not surprised at all, lrki baaghi ho gye hei because of Shahwar’s support.
      Yes! all of them are performing brilliantly and definitely the drama is really engaging.
      I will look forward to your feedback too Gullo.

  • Review on point as always. KRQ has a vision. He molds his thoughts into words and these actors have made it possible to recognize what he wrote. I am impressed by ayeza khans performance particularly. Humayun adnan both are loha manwane wale actors. Amazing. I wasn’t so much into this drama but now it catched me FA.

    • Thank you so much AH. Yes, he most certainly does! His dramas take time taking off but once they do they are absolutely brilliant. True AH, like them all. Same here! Wasn’t too impressed in the beginning but now I am hooked!

  • This drama is the best thing on TV and your beautifully detailed, microscopic review is the best thing on the internet. Tbh…almost half the fun of this drama is reading your review afterwards…like a must-have sweet after dinner. You spoke my mind…much better than me. Keep up the good work 👍🏼

    • Awww thanks a lot N. I feel the same way about these discussions here, I look forward to them. You appreciation means a lot to me. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Mashkoor Naqvi

    Adnan Siddiqui has claimed in a vedio that Shehwar in his opinion was not the antagonist but I disagree with him. He is the person who has been conspiring to ruin life of married couple having a cute son. Shehwar’s comments about toys importance for children have truly exposed his mean mindset. History of his relationship with his wife is still shrouded in mystery. But the way she has been living away from her shows he being a worthless crook. As he play is heading towards its last episode it has captivated the audience by its storyline, screenplay, dialogues and above all performances of all leading characters including Humayun, Ayeza,Adnan and last but not the least the boy who is playing the role of Rumi.

    • Really? I am surprised to hear that. I don’t watch interviews etc because I like watching the drama and making my own interpretations. Appreciate your feedback.

  • Can u plz just tell me which brand dress Ayeza wear in the pic when she made her mind to go the blue one

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